Saturday, December 5, 2009

John Williams Interview…

“There is no way to save the current system…”

Evidently John knows basic math! Yes, I agree with him on that point, our monetary system is in a terminal phase, debt backed money is destined for that outcome from the start.

The question then becomes, can we transition to a new system without crashing the global economy. I used to answer that it was not possible, much like John Williams. However, I now see a way to make the transition without taking decades, I’ll be laying that out pretty soon, I know I’ve been saying that for awhile, thanks for your patience. The point here is that the NEED FOR CHANGE IS REAL. It would be nice for people to understand and push for real change BEFORE the end game arrives!

Williams sees the end of our currency through hyperinflation… we are going to have a wild ride regardless of the path taken. Worth a listen, this interview is about 30 minutes long.

John Williams interview, mp3

Link to King World News

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