Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nathan’s Foundation for Freedom’s Vision on Two Beers with Steve…

This 50 minute interview with Steve Patterson discusses some concepts of money and our economy, setting the stage for people to understand the plan we are about to present. The next show up will be a conversation with Bill Still, and then we’re going to present the outline of Freedom’s Vision shortly there after.

I’d like to thank Steve for spending the best part of his Sunday working on this. He feels strongly about helping our economy and I certainly appreciate his efforts, he’s a great guy.

Speaking of great people, we have a website for this movement coming, several volunteers have taken the reigns to help create what will be a dynamic site to act as a home to the American Party and will act as “Swarm Central.”

Two Beers with Steve interview: Foundation for Freedom's Vision

And here’s a link to Steve’s site, he has some great interview guests, I hope everyone visits and supports his site: Two Beers With Steve…