Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Obama – “It is in our vital national interests…”

I simply cannot remain silent on this issue. Mr. Obama ran on a platform of ending the war in Iraq and bringing those troops home. When pressed about being soft during the election he did promise to send more troops to Afghanistan, but certainly did not mention or make it sound like we would be ramping to 100,000 troops or more and that they would be staying there likely his entire term, now guaranteed to be at least an 11 year war. And, there’s still no definitive exit strategy, still no explanation of what VICTORY is or what it looks or even smells like.

President Obama has a terrific team of speech writers and is terrific at reading off the teleprompter, I definitely give him credit for that. To me, he sounds like the official mouth piece of the central banks. Here, he is falling back on many of the same old tired, but tested reasons for us to continue waging a completely unwinnable, undefined war, one that is sucking America’s resources dry seemingly without protest.

While our military is unquestionably the most powerful in the history of the globe, and our soldiers honorably and ably execute the tasks they have been given, WAR is really WON through having a moral purpose and by executing a STRATEGIC plan. If our strategic plan is national bankruptcy, then man oh man, are we executing that strategy brilliantly.

And it’s obviously not just Obama who has us headed in the absolute wrong direction, no, he is a late comer to that. Both Republicans and Democrats have forgotten what war is all about:

Mr. McCain, what exactly does winning look like? What are our objectives? To capture the most poppy seeds? To get Osama Bin Laden? To bomb a new way of thinking into the hearts and mind of the people? To spend money we don’t have thus enriching the already rich military industrial complex? What exactly, again is the THREAT to our national security? Are you going to tell me AGAIN that “if only you know what we know?” Pleeese give the world a break from the insanity and get back to understanding the relationship between freedom and security. You will NOT find security by spending more money than you have, it’s that simple. Failing to learn that lesson has brought down many a country, our politicians appear to be hell bent on doing so to the U.S. These additional troops alone said to cost an additional $30 billion per year!

How exactly does that spending (I say conservative estimate), fit into trying to contract the budget deficit that the Administration says is our economic goal? Am I the only one who sees the insanity in spending more money than the rest of the entire world combined on “national defense?” If everything in life is a balance, then our spending is anything but in balance. My warning is simple – bankrupting our nation will eventually render us defenseless.

The military is terrific, but they work on behalf of the true strategic thinkers. I heard Obama, in person, describe how he was the one with the clear strategic thoughts and that he was going to end the wars. Then again, he also got up and said that he was going to hold the people responsible for this economic crises to account. He said that he was going to limit their bonuses - all very fine speeches at the time that they were read from the teleprompter.

We must secure our nation AMERICA! That means not bankrupting ourselves. We must fight wars because they are JUST, not just because! War must serve a strategic goal. Sorry, I simply do not buy the mantra that “we must fight them over there or we will surely fight them over here!” That type of thinking is fraught with danger, not the least of which is bankrupting one’s self. Remember, what gets you into an accident is NOT the accident you see coming, it’s the one that blindsides you! We are wearing blinders now as a nation.

When we enter wars, we must spell out exactly what winning is and how we are going to achieve each strategic goal. We must then set about actually doing it and remove ourselves once that goal is achieved. What we are doing currently is a huge disservice to the fine men and women in uniform. They need leadership that wields their power wisely, not leadership that bows to corporate private interests.

Sorry, but I just don't buy the bullshit. This has nothing to do with "WINNING." People who believe in a strong national defense are being suckered into a path of economic ruin. This chasing of security will result in nothing but heartache and an eventual loss of FREEDOM.

If you don't make the connection soon between our debt backed money system, the central bankers, the politicians, and the profiteers of the military industrial complex, then the backbone of all our retirement plans will be shining the gold plated toilets of the banking elite.

Chalmers Johnson - Military Keynesianism (2003):