Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We Won Again! The Secret of Oz back for sale on Amazon…

Once again with your help, we have won another small victory. Amazon was flooded with your emails and comments demanding that Amazon straighten up and fly right!

This morning Bill Still was able to get in a phone conversation with a representative who informed him that his account was being unlocked. According to Bill, “This is a huge victory for the power of concentrated citizen action. Had in not been for Nate's group, Karl Denninger's group, and the WorldNetDaily group, this would have become a non-entity in the Amazon world. We are heading into tougher times ahead. This economic disaster is not over. It's only going to get worse until the root of the problem is identified and dealt with -- our debt-based money system. No More National Debt.”

Frankly, I am amazed. I have seen many groups speak out about a lot of issues, but I cannot recall the people getting so focused that they affect change so rapidly. I think this is a testament to simply being on the right side of the issue and demanding that the powers who have control get back in line with what is morally correct.

These issues, while specific and localized are symptoms of a much larger problem in our economy and in our politics. I firmly believe that we, the collective People, have the power affect the change that is necessary to turn this economy and country around. In fact, WE ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO DO POSSESS THAT POWER. It is up to us to get on the right side of the right issues and to force a positive outcome. Thank you and congratulations to all who supported Bill Still and to those who supported Martin Armstrong! You simply demanded that what’s right be accomplished and it was. We have a tough row to hoe ahead, please keep these victories in mind, more focused attention is needed and we intend to help focus it.

Nathan Martin

"We did it. We can do it again. Fearless hope is our greatest asset and hopelessness our greatest enemy."
- Bill Still