Thursday, January 7, 2010

Martin Armstrong – Behind the Curtain, The Full Monty!

What follows is 62 pages of Martin Armstrong spilling what he knows about the club, about politicians, about Goldman Sachs, Warren Buffett, murder, international intrigue, and his own involvement in all of it. We’ve seen a lot of it before, but this is certainly the most comprehensive and reads like a mini-epic in the making.

Those who have not followed Armstrong’s case will learn a great deal about it from reading this. Here you will get a good narrative of his perspective and how the events of his case are related to world happenings and market manipulations by members of the “club.” There is so much here to point out that I’m not even going to try and instead just recommend that you designate a couple of hours this weekend, sit down and read it.

One aspect I really like about this paper is that he sees the need for political reform. His suggestions are close to mine in that he sees the need to separate the special interests and their money from politics. This is exactly what the political reform part of Freedom’s Vision would accomplish:
We need elected posts with term limits. In other words, we elect the BUREAUCRACY and that is the head of all departments. There is a term limit to one appointment, and no election should be subject to any private contribution. The revenue of the government must pay for all elections. Stop the buying of any influence. This would (1) prevent the "Club from spinning any committee,(2) would prevent donations that buy political appointments such as Secretary of the Treasury. There would be no succession of CEOs from Goldman Sachs. And above all, we would get rid of this clever view of politicians that they exercise the NATIONAL POWER but do not answer nationally to anyone. That allows corruption to keep a particular senator in place in say Vermont and that then controls the entire Judiciary. This is a system doomed to corruption and manipulation.

… We MUST end political contributions. ALL elections should be funded by taxpayer money period. We cannot afford this nonsense anymore. We will be reduced to wearing just sackcloth unless we get political reform and fast.

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