Friday, January 15, 2010

Martin Armstrong - Creating the Floating Exchange Rate System; the Fate of the Dollar 2010 and Beyond…

Another interesting paper and good lesson in history in which Martin clearly points out the shortcomings of a gold monetary system and describes the checks and balances created within a floating exchange rate system. He sees serious consequences for our currency and offers that the year 2015 would fit in his cycle analysis as a potential year that a transition to a new currency system might transpire – hmmm, that’s very interesting. He also provides market analysis for the world’s major currencies.

Please take a minute to read his acknowledgement as well. First he thanks everyone for their support, then he goes onto say, “I believe we are at a crossroads where we are in serious danger of creating an economic disaster beyond belief.” Serious words not to be taken lightly. His comments add to the number of thinkers who are seeing real danger ahead.