Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bee Different – Join the Swarm!

AZRainman posted a terrific educational video in the Hive (Swarm Forum). In it, David Logan discusses the 5 types, or stages, of tribes. Yes, you read that correctly, TRIBE. I really like this analogy and believe there are lessons here for all of us who mostly tend to operate in the third stage.

I know that I have worked inside of stage two Tribes, LOL, and I think that as a country the United States USED to operate on level 4. This is where creativity spawns innovation and beeing just a little bit different is not such a bad thing! Hey, what country has produced the most patents, the most innovation per capita and in the shortest amount of time? We have a lot to be proud of, but our “mojo” is slipping and we need to break the negative circles that are occurring right now and whose roots are based in a debt backed money system.

The point? Please reach out to other tribes and invite them into the Swarm! We can change the world!

Speaking of beeing different, Jennifer over at Inside the Hive supports the Swarm concept and sent me the following short video. Yes, for several years now those who have focused in on the debt have felt like we’ve been doing the shirtless economic debt dance on our own. Good to see others catching on, that means that we are getting closer to taking the next step in the evolution of our economy and of our nation.