Monday, February 8, 2010

Charles Biderman and Dean Curnutt – Friday’s Market Comments…

Biderman tracks money flows, insider buying and selling, and he simply cannot tell you where the money is coming from. Of course he knows, he just has to be shy about it or the clowns on CNBC will LABEL him a “conspiracy theorist.” No conspiracy required, the Primary Dealers are exchanging toxic assets to the Feds in exchange for cash. They are using that cash to gamble in the markets. The markets are thus largely controlled by quants and the real market participants are becoming fewer and fewer, turning what used to be our efficient markets first into a casino, and now more closely resembling virtual reality, or something out of the Matrix.

Go ahead and label me whatever you want. I don’t give two rips about CNBS and only am stating fact. Conspiracy? Fact, and the officials within our government are absolutely encouraging it. The more people who recognize these facts, the less confidence there will be in the markets. (Hat tip RRH…)