Friday, February 26, 2010

The Face of Freedom’s Vision...

We are continually asked to simplify Freedom’s Vision so that it is clear to even the novice what it will accomplish. If only it were as easy as a one liner – “All we need to do is ______!”

But the truth is that the world is a much more complex place, in many cases made that way to obscure what is actually pretty simple. Freedom’s Vision is designed to be much more simple compared to our current monetary system and is completely transparent. What is complex is transitioning from our current system to one that is fair, sustainable, and prosperous, built upon what people know and expect from their dollar system and yet will build people’s confidence in the system, not destroying it during the transition.

First we have to agree that the current system is not working. We contend that at the root of the problem are private central bankers and other special interests who have taken control of our money system, they produce the money, not our government. Most of that money is backed by debt. This creates an unworkable and unsustainable math situation. We also have to agree that the forces of greed always seem to find a way to eventually creep into a system and that this is repeated over and over again throughout history. Finally, we need to agree that moving backwards to systems that have already proven they don’t work is no solution at all and that it’s time to take a step forward.

If we can agree on all that, then we can boil Freedom’s Vision down into the major points that it will accomplish by replacing the current Federal Reserve Act:
1. End the practice of debt backed money at the federal level, returning the power of money creation to the people via Congress as the U.S. Constitution dictates.

2. Clear out excessive debt and derivatives from the entire financial system, thus repairing balance sheets and producing workable debt to income ratios. The following will be accomplished:

a. People’s balance sheets will be repaired by returning tax dollars to the people to be used to directly pay down existing debt.

b. All banks and financial businesses are run through a special bankruptcy procedure to cleanse away unserviceable debt and derivatives. All banks will survive this process and will exit with 10 to 1 fractional reserve ability, a level of leverage that is safe and will be capped by law.

c. State balance sheets will be repaired and all states will create State Chartered Banks based on the successful model of the Bank of North Dakota. Additionally, these banks will assume the roles and functions formerly held by the 12 “Federal” Reserve banks, thus decentralizing control but in a coordinated manner where all states are benefitting equally.

3. Ensure the quantity of money remains under control in the long term by:

a. Ensuring accurate and unbiased economic measurements and reporting. This is easily achieved with 100% transparency in all data gathering and statistical methods, allowing the market to 'police' the government.

b. Create controls that tie overall money quantity to PRICE of ALL asset classes. Target ZERO price inflation and adjust quantity of money spent into existence without debt. Interest rates are set by the free market. This means no more long term inflation or deflation.

c. Separate special interest money from politics. This targeted political reform is necessary to keep the political system functioning for those who it is supposed to serve. Without this piece history proves that the other pieces will not last long, as those with large reservoirs of money will eventually co-opt the system for themselves.

This is a permanent fix that can successfully get us from our current situation to a sustainable and prosperous future without crashing global markets in the process. It is fair and it is just. It puts the long term math on the side of the people, not working against them. Furthermore, it is repeatable and the same procedures can and should be used by other nations to solve their debt backed money problems as well. It does not matter what condition the economy is in before implemented, Freedom’s Vision can be made to work.

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