Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jim Sinclair on King World News…

Interview is from this weekend. While I’m not a big fan, he does bring in an interesting perspective. He is correct in what he sees as far as manipulation in the markets and the way in which the small investor is whipsawed and played. Interesting take on paper gold and how real gold puts a floor underneath it.

He sees the fall of Greece as a symbol of the coming fall of the West. He sees a one world currency and the IMF as the head. I see the same thing coming down the pike and this is exactly where we do not want to go and why we must get our plan going before they spring themselves on the rest of us as our “saviors.” They are not our savior, they are the same central bankers who stole our money system from us in the year 1913.

Sinclair talks about the big players shorting the debt now of countries just like they did the financial companies. What Jim fails to see, in my opinion, is how and why these entities became debt saturated to begin with. They are not just making money taking them down, they have been making money on the debt on the way up and now also on the way down.

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Jim Sinclair Interview on King’s World News

King’s World News: Link to King’s World News

Gold did break higher out of a bullish triangle today. The base of the triangle is $150 wide, the break from the triangle produces a target of about $1,250 an ounce:

But hey, I’m just some guy with a chart, lol. I actually do not like this as a play because of the conflicting direction I see in equities.

Also, the P&F chart does not see formations like this and is still targeting $930 an ounce:

The XAU, however, has broken out to the upside...

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