Saturday, February 27, 2010

Martin Armstrong – Behind the Curtain, Part II

I’ll get to this latest article in just a minute. First we need to talk about what is happening to Armstrong inside of Ft. Dix.

We learned that he was thrown into the “hole” this past Wednesday and is still there today. What we have garnered is that conditions inside of Ft. Dix are deteriorating ever since a new Warden took over just a few months ago. Many “privileges” have been suspended for the entire 400 person population at the “working” facility that was only designed for 200. It is now, perform your job then head immediately back to the bunk – that’s it all day long type of routine. Tensions are very high inside, this is an open barracks type of facility with bunks literally so close that only one person can stand between them. You can imagine being locked up with 400 guys day in and day out under more stressful conditions than they have to be and you get a recipe for violence. That’s what happened just two weeks ago as riots broke out inside the facility.

Armstrong’s job inside the prison is as a clerk, this is how he is able to also write while he’s there. What we learned is that they searched his locker and discovered that he is helping other inmates with their legal work – something that is completely legal for him to do, but they claim that he is not supposed to have copies of other inmate’s legal documents in his locker and this is the excuse for the solitary confinement – as yet unconfirmed.

But what we hear is that they also found letters he had written complaining about conditions inside the facility. We also know that certain people in power have taken an interest in his case and that the prison is not happy about that or about the media requests or the papers that he is getting to the outside like this one.

Armstrong’s sister has hired an experienced criminal attorney to go into the prison on Tuesday to find out what exactly is going on. We’re afraid that they may be using this game to brand him a trouble maker in order to justify moving him as they attempted to move him out before. Since most of this is third hand type of information we must learn more about the facts and we should know more later this week – I’ll keep everyone informed.

Now to the paper…

This is his most comprehensive look “Behind the Curtain” to date. He examines many issues surrounding what has transpired and mostly focuses on Goldman Sach’s involvement and ties into the government. This is more of a very small book that he breaks down into chapters. I think you’ll find it an interesting read as he blends his experience, his knowledge of history, and the rule of law to bring us a unique look and his view of what has and is transpiring behind the scenes of government and investment banks.