Friday, February 5, 2010

Swarm Politics - The Art of Swarm…

George Patton: Americans love to fight. All real Americans love the sting of battle.

Americans have never shirked their responsibilities, and we’re not going to shy away from the sting of battle now. This is our character, we fight for freedom! For if we ever stop fighting for freedom we will surely lose it. There are obviously many in the world who would gladly take our freedom from us, either directly through force or covertly at the rate of 3% per year.

Surely it would behoove us to develop our strategy before entering the “battlefield,” of politics would it not? Strategy is important not only in politics and war, but in all games and all complex endeavors. A good pilot, for example, plans his flight and has flown it in his mind before even taking off. While the flight itself never goes according to plan, having the plan gives you focus to return to path as you are forced to take deviations along the way. The destination is the goal, the strategy is the way in which you plan to reach your destination.

Chinese General Commander and Strategist Sun Tzu wrote much in his Masterwork The Art of War about strategy. “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat." He went on to say, “Thus, what is of supreme importance in war is to attack the enemy's strategy.”

Sun Tzu said that you must know yourself and your enemy to ensure victory, so who and what is our “enemy?” The enemy is the power structure that unjustly controls the money power of the United States. The Constitution requires that the power to Coin money remain in the hands of the people, yet when the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913 the few members present turned over the money power of Congress to private interests. Victory then, is to implement Freedom’s Vision which will return the money power to the people and will remove special interest control over our political system. That’s the destination.

And what is their strategy and their tactics? For starters, they use money created from nothing and backed only by taxpayer future earnings to buy influence from all over and especially from politicians. This has become so out-of-control that these special interests have the audacity to write their own laws and then simply hand them over to their political lap dogs who pass them without any real debate and many times without even reading them. This is NOT the way our system is supposed to work and it has led to a debt based money system that is in its terminal phases.

These money brokers are practiced at “divide and conquer.” They use their paid-for politicians and other groups to bring in divisive issues designed to create internal strife that diverts people’s attention from the destination.

Another time honored tradition of these special interests is buy both sides of an issue. They literally sponsor both sides so that they are assured to have the winning sides’ favor. They are the ones who can afford to do this, it is a business and profit decision for them, their special interest does not have to align with the interests of our nation and the people in it, for unlike real people, legal entities have no conscious and no guiding morale principles. Providing those guiding principles to entities granted the privilege to exist is one of the very fundamental functions of government, yet that function has been co-opted by the very money generating capability which government surrendered in 1913!

Yet another tactic of special interests is to use their money creating power to literally buy, own, and control the media which is so vital at shaping opinions and disseminating information, good or bad, right or wrong.

And finally, the greatest tactic of all is to discredit those who simply point to the facts! Despite the history and events being clear as day, they obscure their trail, they confuse by turning the simple into the complex. Then they turn into a joke the “conspiracy nuts” who point out the realities such as the meeting that occurred in the year 1910 on Jekyll Island in which the foundation for the PRIVATE yet “Federal” in name reserve system was established. Since that time debts have grown and are now rising at exponential rates, the U.S. Treasury instead of issuing money, borrows it from them and we must pay them interest on the “deficit!” It’s absurd, but we are paying private people for the right to use the money system that belongs to us.

Who are the ones that are nuts? Who was responsible for indebting our nation far beyond any hope to repay? Who are the ones who have PLANTED their own people inside of OUR government, the very “money experts” who have allowed this situation to transpire and claim to have all the answers for the future yet had not an inkling of prior knowledge of what has already transpired?

Is there anyone left in America who does not see this? Their tactics are stale and they have been exposed. They hide behind “free speech” because that’s in the Constitution, yet they stole the power to Coin money subverting the checks and balances designed into the Constitution.

That’s the game they play! We know the enemy! The enemy are the ones hiding behind those special interest entities and yes, the Swarms and Freedom’s Vision are headed in their direction in order to reestablish the rule of law. They will label us destroyers of business and they will claim that the system will collapse without them and their “special” talents there to guide our economy. The opposite, is of course, true! It is they and their debts that hinder business and the very future of the United States. We believe in corporations and the importance of capital to concentrate. We believe that the way for that to best occur is to assert the rule of law and to cleanse and clear out the leverage that truly threatens our well being.

Sun Tsu, “If your opponent is of choleric temperament, seek to irritate him.” Did we just accomplish that? Boy, I hope so. No, we are not afraid.

And now that we know our enemy and we know their tactics, what is our strategy? Well, as Sun Tzu said, “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”

The key Swarm tactic is one of placing mass on target. Instead of everyone contacting their own representatives asking for support, we all contact one representative at a time. This has proven to be quite effective when large numbers can be brought to bear.

This brings us to the first of three key battle strategies:
1. When possible, attack with overwhelming force. This is what General Schwarzkopf did prior to invading Iraq, a very successful strategy. In terms of the Swarm, this means building a critical mass of Swarm members BEFORE we go political so that we overwhelm Swarm targets in order to win their support. The best way to win their support is for them to see the massive Swarm coming and thus decide to support Freedom’s Vision instead of face the wrath of the voters and citizens of the United States who are otherwise going to DEMAND that their representatives do that which is moral and JUST.

In this regard, we will be spending a fair amount of time using the Swarm to build the Swarm before we set off to accomplish implementation of Freedom’s Vision. Do not confuse this time with weakness, you must understand the importance of scale, we need everyone focused on growing the size of the Swarms.

As the Swarms grow in size, it will be possible to split the Swarm into groups, targeting several people for their support at a time.

2. Once scale is achieved, attack weak points of their defenses in order to break through defenses and then encircle the pockets of strength, isolating them.

For the Swarms this means beginning with the states who have been hit hardest by the debt backed economic policies that have wreaked havoc upon them. It means finding political allies who are potential supporters of Freedom’s Vision - those who believe in State Chartered banks, those who consider themselves to be conservative monetarily, and those who champion the cause of freedom and understand the debt and how it got there. Those will be the supporters. We build enough of them that we encircle and isolate those who live entirely on special interest debt backed money.

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”

3. A war is won through many small battles. Just as a journey of a thousand miles begins one step at a time, so too does war. It is important to achieve small victories, especially in the beginning and to keep the momentum going once we have begun. In this way we keep building morale and empowering the Swarm. As the Swarm begins to realize that it is truly they who hold ALL the cards, that it is THEY who are the People in “We the People,” and that it is we who hold our nation’s destiny in our own hands, then we will again become a nation “of the people, by the people, and for the people” instead of a country by the special interest for the special interest.
Now let’s talk about DEFENSE and the difference between an organization and a movement.

An organization has leaders who head the organization. Let’s say 20 people all sitting in a room, making decisions for the rest of say 20,000 followers. With this structure, it is easy to label the activities of the 20 in the room as “Conspiring” to __________. This structure is vulnerable to attack, because the head can be easily identified and removed, and/ or the lines of communication to the followers can be cut.

Now imagine 200,000 people or more, all working towards the same goal. Now it’s not as easy to call it a conspiracy, it becomes a movement. A movement has no head. It has founders who started the movement, but if the founders or current leaders are removed, then new ones pop up. That’s a movement, and that’s what we are creating.

The same thing goes for lines of communication. We need to have more than one. Take it down, it simply pops up again over there. That’s defense.

Place a label on us? What label is that? Left, Right, Radical, Anti-American, Terrorists? They can try, but any such label will NOT stick! A simple reminder of how, why, and who brought us to this destination will quickly refocus attention where it rightly and justly belongs. We are American Citizens, we will not tolerate such nonsense, we will call it what it is and we will work to remove from power those who attack American Citizens with such mislabeling. Attempting to do so will only stir up the Hive!

Finally, as Sun Tsu says, “Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.” Doing so may anger many true Americans who wish to see retribution. It’s not smart to back your opponent up against a wall, you should always leave them an out, thus you can either avoid the battle altogether, or allow a shorter path to victory. With that, and in the interest of our nation, we propose that anyone who is willing to put their name onto the Freedom’s Vision supporter list be deemed to be on the side of the United States of America and her Citizens and be given special consideration.

To those who doubt our will or our courage to achieve victory we remind you of the following…

“If we are together nothing is impossible. If we are divided all will fail.”
- Winston Churchill

While we use Sun Tsu to express The Art of Swarm, make no mistake, this is America and her Freedom that is on the line...
Welcome to the Swarm!

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