Wednesday, February 3, 2010 Open House – Now through Sunday!

Our new site, http// is now open for initial viewing!

Please bee among the first to register for the site as this registers you as a member of the Swarm! The larger the Swarm, the more sting we will have.

Welcome to the Swarm!

The goal, of course, is to enact the monetary and political reform contained within Freedom’s Vision. The American Party PAC is now fully formed to support these efforts and the National level organization is moving forward to fulfill our mission.

After signing in, please take a look around the site to get familiar – there’s a lot there, including a full featured forum called “The Hive.” Please make yourself at home, the intent is to generate discussion around the issues in an environment that is fun and inviting for people beyond just those who understand the inner workings of our monetary system.

Please keep it warm by being the first to welcome new members as they appear. Help guide them so they understand the issues, but keep them focused on the issues that are at the root of the matter! For example, tax reform would be nice, but implementing meaningful change will be much easier and far more meaningful once the monetary system is fixed and special interests are not as deeply entangled in the political process. Also, the more issues that are brought in at the beginning, the more interests there will be working against us. We are politically neutral, the Swarms are meant to implement reforms that are NOT inside of typical boxes – these are key issues to everyone no matter your affiliation.

The site is mostly finished, but you will find a few blank pages still awaiting content and the most important part, the pointy-end of the spear, Swarm Central, still is awaiting as much automation as we can build into it. The idea is to make contacting Swarm targets as easy and a fast as possible for members of the Swarm. Please provide feedback and give suggestions for improvement if you have them. You can use the Private Mail system inside the Hive to communicate, post your comments in the appropriate forum thread, or you can send your comments and suggestions to

Speaking of Swarms, we have another piece on Swarm Strategy coming out later today. The first part of the strategy is to build up the size of the Swarm. Please take this opportunity to tell other people about it wherever you can, Facebook, other forums, blogs, wherever! Point them to the site so that they can start absorbing the information that is there in preparation for the upcoming Swarms!

While you're there, make sure to sign up to follow the swarm on Twitter and Facebook.

These issues are critical to the direction and future health of our nation. Thank you for spreading the word and we look forward to Swarming with you. See you at the pointy end of the stinger!

Artwork by AZ Rainman