Saturday, March 27, 2010

Damon Vrabel – Renaissance 2.0, Lesson 4, The Culture of Empire

In Damon’s words:
I just posted the next couple videos in the Renaissance 2.0 series. They are the first 2 parts of Lesson 4 on the Culture of Empire. I think this type of content is important to help people understand WHY we need to move beyond debt-based money at the federal level and fix the Federal Reserve monetary system without only relying on math and spreadsheet models.

The fact is, most people don't care about the numerical justifications. It's just not interesting to them because it only speaks to the left doesn't engage the right brain and our deeper emotions, which would help them understand why their left brain should care. The Culture of Empire does engage the deeper issues. People do care about their lives, their families' lives, their communities, and the natural world they live in. That's the purpose of Lesson 4. It should help all of us explain the "why it matters" issue to people who haven't already joined an effort to reform the monetary system.
To view the other videos in this series (and the very cool artwork of AZRainman), please visit Renaissance 2.0

Renaissance 2.0, Lesson 1 of 4, The Culture of Empire (7:56)

Renaissance 2.0, Lesson 2 of 4, The Culture of Empire (8:39)