Monday, March 22, 2010

Damon Vrabel – Renaissance 2.0

Damon is proving to be a dedicated warrior trumpeting the sovereign money song. His message is in tune and it is loud and clear. Damon is producing a series of videos explaining the money, power, and control structure of the United States. As new videos are added, I will post them here and at under the Freedom’s Vision and Media Tabs, “Renaissance 2.0.”

I think you’ll find that Damon has a unique way of putting our world into perspective. You might even find it ‘mind-blowing,’ but you’ll have a hard time making a case against what he presents. That’s because it’s all true. No conspiracies needed, just facts about the way our money and markets really work.

What Damon is really describing is WHO controls the money power. This is the same exact thing that Bill Still is describing, just expressed in a much different way.

I, for one, am really looking forward to more…

Here’s Damon’s introduction:
I've recently started an online video series, Renaissance 2.0, in the hopes of engaging a group dialogue to discuss where we want to head in the future as I believe we're facing the end of our monetary system, or a serious reset, which some of you probably detected in my articles. Will we move into Dark Ages 2.0 or Renaissance 2.0? No doubt many people would want their voice to be heard regarding this question. That's my hope with this series.

This effort may lead to something called the Council on Spiritual, Psychological, and Economic Renewal (CSPER), but I have not decided whether to formally pursue that or not. For now I'm moving forward with the videos.

The first 3 chapters are online but they don't look into the future yet. They revisit History, Economics 101, and Civics 101 to correct the myths about the system within which we live today--a monolithic financial empire. My goal with these first 3 is to establish the common baseline from which we can dialogue about the future. Continuing to swing between the establishment right and left, which both take us down the same path, has failed for generations and will continue to fail because both sides are media creations controlled by higher powers, explained in these videos.

At the same time, a couple other efforts are hoping to fix 2 massive problems:

1. Debt-based money from the Fed and Wall St. We need a system that serves the people. This one does not. Nathan Martin is leading an effort to accomplish this at Even if you're not particularly interested in this issue, you can still signup at the swarm and then forward the emails we pump out to target key politicians, media personalities, and others who can help us solve this problem. It takes just 30 seconds to forward the periodic emails.

2. Political parties controlled by corporations/banks. America only exists if people run politics from the bottom-up, but 80% of the county offices are empty!! Why are we surprised at who runs the parties? So Phil Glass has launched the National Precinct Alliance to start getting local people in these offices. As long as they remain vacant, the mega Dem/Repub machine will control things from DC. If you're interested in helping rebuild local power or becoming a county precinct officer, check NPA out at National Precinct Alliance.



Renaissance 2.0: Lesson 1 - Revisiting American History - Financial Empire (9:43)

Renaissance 2.0: Lesson 2 - Revisiting Economics 101 – Debt (8:16)

Renaissance 2.0: Lesson 3 - Revisiting Civics 101 – Ownership (8:01)