Tuesday, March 9, 2010

FedUPUSA - The ORIGINAL Tea Partiers...

What follows comes from the Stephanie and RJ at FedUpUSA. They are two of the very hardest workers for freedom I know; they are both Swarm members and Freedom’s Vision supporters. Please patronage their site and you will stay well informed on what’s happening – http://fedupusa.org/2010/03/09/fedupusa-the-original-tea-partiers/.
On April 25, 2008, a group of concerned citizens, from across the country, who met on an online forum called Market-Ticker.org decided that it was necessary to start tying to wake people up to the fact they were being robbed. Not only were they being robbed, but the robbery was about to become brutal.

Just a few days after Bear Stearns was forcibly merged into JPMorgan, using YOUR tax dollars, we stood in downtown New York city, with signs and literature, educating the public about what had just happened. We were well-received by many people, but there were almost as many people who thought we were nuts.

After watching this video, and seeing for yourself what has happened since April of 2008, NOW how nuts do you think we are?

It has been a hard road to haul, trying to wake people up. It was hard being ridiculed and laughed at. It was hard seeing friends and loved-ones walking straight into an abyss of perpetual debt and even harder knowing that they were condemnig their children to the same fate.

Along the way, as economic conditions became more obvious, and our government’s role in perpatuating fraud and protecting the guilty at the expense of the innocent became more clear, finally, it appeared the cavalry might have arrived. FedUpUSA owes a debt of gratitute for Rick Santelli’s loss of composure on CNBC TV in February of 2009. What we had failed to accomplish, seemed to occur overnight: people started awakening from their stupor. ‘Tea Parties’ started springing up overnight in response to what can only be described as the cries of a modern-day Paul Revere, people got up off their couches and started taking their message to the streets.

Our work, however, is not over; it has just begun. Unless we address the ROOT of the problem, we cannot hope to derail the fraud and stop the corruption. The root of the problem is, no more and no less, our economic system. Our economic system is based upon a lie. The is that MONEY = DEBT. Our Founding Fathers knew this and proscribed a NON-debt denominated monetary system. This was intended to be money, the quantity of which was controled ONLY by the production of people – their human labors.

Absolutely all the corruption that now exists in our government can be traced back to the nature of our current financial system. Until or unless this system is changed, there is no hope to ever get out of debt.

Thankfully, there are some very smart people who have figured this out – and not only realize the source of the catastrophe we now face, but have come up with a solution:

Freedom’s Vision – In a Nutshell…

“It’s not WHAT backs our money, it’s WHO controls the QUANTITY!”
-Bill Still

Private Central Banks control the production of money in the United States, not our Congress as dictated by the United States Constitution. This has given them the POWER to control our economy and our politicians.

It is critical WHO controls the money system which is different than the banking system.

The system of backing our money with DEBT ensures that the system will fail, we are at or approaching the mathematical limits now. This system is controlled by Bankers, not Congress.

The quantity of money and debt is wildly out of control.

History shows that severe upheaval and “other events,” such as wars, follow such times. It is our intention to break that chain so that those other events do not occur.

Freedom’s Vision is comprised of three parts – Economic Reform, Political Reform, and Future’s Vision.

Our immediate mission is to:

“Enact monetary and political reform capable of transitioning our economy from its current debt and derivative entangled state to a prosperous & sustainable system that works to keep the quantity of money under control for the very long term.

Monetary Reform ends the process of debt backing our nation’s money at the Federal level, it establishes procedures to correctly measure our economy and through transparency coupled with checks and balances works with Congress to ensure that the quantity of money never gets out of control.

While the systems of control are simple and intuitive, the very difficult part is transitioning our economy from its current debt saturated and derivative entangled state to a sustainable and prosperous future.

Significant tax money would be returned to the people used to pay down debt for those who have it, thus deleveraging and providing immediate relief to all citizens. This first step also makes the banks more healthy.

Through the unique procedures contained within, the debts would be brought back to manageable limits on all levels. Derivatives would be untangled. All banks would survive the transition and come out of the transition ready to do meaningful and REAL business.

All businesses would immediately benefit as the economy rapidly, but in a controlled fashion, cleanses away the debt and leverage that is holding us back.

State economies will be cleansed and will take more control over their own destiny through the use of state chartered banks that will provide funding and bank control for that state, enabling low and no interest loans for the needs of the state much as the Bank of North Dakota has since the year 1919.

The dollar system that emerges would look and feel to most people almost exactly as it looks and feels today, but without the problems associated with never ending inflation.

Political Reform works to separate special interest money from politics, thus ensuring that long term decision making can be made and that WHO controls the quantity of money remains in the hands of the people.

The short list of benefits can be found here – Benefits of Freedom's Vision..

Swarm Politics is our method of implementing Freedom’s Vision.

Future’s Vision comes into play as the transition of our economy to Freedom’s Vision is being implemented. This third piece of the puzzle provides long term goals and focus for our nation working towards creating real and meaningful jobs while moving our nation ahead with purpose.

None of these procedures are yet set in stone, there is still much room to improve and work on them. We will be working towards creating actual legal language as we proceed. We need your help to create and enact Freedom’s Vision so that we secure our money, our freedom, our future.