Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guest Article - An Introduction to The Money Problem and its Impact On You

Below is a paper written by a supporter of Freedom’s Vision and a fellow Swarm member, Jeff. Nice job, Jeff, it’s good to see that others understand the problems and can see the correct path out.

Jeff put together this piece to provide a resource for those who are not familiar with the basics of the way our money system really works. At the bottom of the paper are links to some good videos for those who have not seen them.
An Introduction to The Money Problem and its Impact On You

America's debt based monetary system is inherently unstable. This is true of most monetary systems across the world. Do you want high unemployment? Do want more poverty and hunger? Do you want most wealth concentrated in very few people? Do you like boom and bust cycles? If so, read no further, the monetary system to achieve these goals is already in place.

If, however, you want to work toward a better world, keep reading – we need you to join The Swarm in order to make the world a better place by bringing the money power back under the control of the people and end the debt based money supply system.

Did you know...

• About 99% of all money has been produced by creating debt - it is how our monetary system works.

• Our nation's debts are effectively our money supply.

• It is impossible to pay down our debts without severely restricting the money supply.
Please view - How Money Is Created And Destroyed

• Our nation cannot take on unlimited debt - there is a maximum limit to our debt load and we appeared to have hit it in 2008.
Please see - AbsoluteDebt to GDP

• There is never enough money in the money supply to service existing debts.

• Defaults, bankruptcies and poverty are built into the monetary system - there is no escape.

• The wealth of the nation is being systematically transferred from the citizens to the bankers - even before the trillions of dollars of banker bailouts.
Please view - What The Bankers Don't Want You to Know

In conclusion, the current monetary system was destined to inflate the debt until we hit the upper debt limit and then collapse. A monetary collapse is not a pleasant experience. It can result in a deflationary depression that sucks away jobs, income and assets from the citizens (to the bankers for pennies on the dollar). That process has already started. The alternative is severe or hyperinflation where one's purchasing power is quickly eroded.

The solution? and Swarm Central!

"We, The People" have to restore the nation's money powers to the constitutionally directed Congress where, "We, The People" can vote out any legislators every two years if they don't properly respect the money power bestowed upon them by the people.

Videos for more in-depth study:
Money as Debt

Money As Debt II

Truth about U.S. Federal Reserve - Part 1

Truth about U.S. Federal Reserve - Part 2

The Money Masters

Thank you, Jeff! Please keep in mind that some of the videos above are trying to simplify the way the system really works. Some of the details are not exactly correct, but for the novice they will get you started in the right direction of understanding.