Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nathan Martin Interviews Gerald Celente

Thank you to Gerald Celente for taking the time to talk to an up-and-coming movement, the act of doing so shows that he’s willing to support positive change.

People who frequent Economic Edge are familiar with his message. While his message of current and future trends sounds negative on their face, the reality is that we must have the fortitude to face our problems or we will never overcome them. If you listen to Celente, he is actually speaking some very positive messages as well, I would ask you to please focus on those. Here is an exchange that I think is the takeaway from this interview:
Martin: “Do you think it’s possible to change directions?”

Celente: “Of course it is! Yes, yes! That’s one of the things that your group is doing, that’s what prompted me to respond. It’s people standing up, speaking out, and taking action! That’s the only thing that’s going to change it… It has to come from the bottom up.”
That’s exactly what Freedom’s Vision and are all about. He recognized that immediately and that’s why he did the interview.

One person at a time. There are solutions outside of the current debt-backed money box. As more people become aware and as more people stand up for themselves and refuse to live inside of that box, the more likely that we will effect positive change – it is truly up to us.

Nathan Martin

Gerald Celente

Trends Research

* Intro and Outro provided by Jason Paige at Celebrity Radio DJs