Sunday, March 7, 2010

Swarm Grand Opening Thank You - Conference Call This Evening...

Please let me take this opportunity to thank each of your for participating in our Swarm Grand Opening Weekend! We very subtly began the snowball rolling down hill by spreading the word on Facebook.

This effort resulted in a dramatic rise in both Facebook and site traffic. The number of group Friends on Facebook nearly doubled and the number of registered Swarm members jumped from 135 when the target was announced to 182 as I type, that's an increase of 47 members or a 35% jump!

Hey, it may not sound like a big number with our deficits running in the TRILLIONS, but it's a great start, numbers that can easily grow exponentially as people figure out that exponential growth in debt is exactly the reason we're in the position we are. As the math gets worse, more people will find their way to Freedom's Vision.

Don't forget that there are "Secret of Oz" movies to give away, and even 4 Gold Memberships to Karl Denninger's Ticker Forum. As you spread the word to your friends that there are REAL solutions, have them let you know that they are registered for the Swarm site and copy down their user name. Once you get 5 user names, send them to me and we'll ship you a free movie. Get 15, and we'll give you a one year membership worth $150 to Karl's site!

Tomorrow's target is going to be in a different category. We're going to hit some radio show hosts via email and ask for them to get us on air or at least talk about SwarmUSA and Freedom's Vision. I also want to gently start nudging other bloggers to support and write about our movement.

Did you see the beginning rendition of our "Notable Supporters" page? How about our new Swarm Blogs? Check them out. Right now we have me, Bill Still, AZRainman, and Damon Vrabel set up and ready to go. Damon is going to be quite a spokesman on behalf of issuing non debt-backed money, please check his latest article and video out if you haven't.

Of course the blog's focus will be on subjects surrounding Freedom's Vision, but we also like to have fun while we do it, so please stop by the blogs and the Hive forum to participate and make comments.

Daryl Klein, our PAC Treasurer gave the following status report of our PAC funds:
"We are at the point where I am about to file our first financial statement with the Federal Election Commission. Without giving a line by line breakdown, in the months of Jan. and Feb. 2010 the American Party PAC received $870.38 in donations and has spent or committed $500 in promotional give away's for the Grand Opening of the site and $18 on bank checks. This total does not reflect several dollars in Pay Pal charges so the remaining balance is slightly less than $352.38. As the National Treasurer is my suggestion that this email be forwarded to all swarm members with a request for donations. If we could get every member to donate at least $10 several times per year that should meet our current financial needs.RespectfullyDaryl E. Klein"

Both Daryl and I have also donated considerable personal funds in addition to massive amounts of time. Any donation to the PAC will be spent wisely and very much appreciated. Also, I have some high quality Swarm business cards and will send some to anyone who donates even a small amount to the PAC.

Our expenses will be increasing as the organization grows. I will be doing a minimum of 3 interviews this week and will be traveling later in the month. This type of activity is going to pick up and be necessary. We do have fundraising ideas for the future and will need state level volunteers for that. Speaking of states, please introduce yourself in the Hive under your respective state. Start speaking about getting organized on the state level.

Beginning at 6:00 PM Pacific time, 9:00 PM Eastern TODAY, I will be conducting an informal conference call. I will give a quick status report, solicit some Swarm strategy advice, and will then open the conversation up to any questions you may have on any subject. I'm willing to go as long as you are, so please stop by and give a listen but also please allow me moderate the discussion so that it doesn't become mob-rule.

To join in the call, please dial:


When prompted, please enter the access code:


I will record the call and place it in the Hive forum for those who miss it. To listen to the recording once it's up, call:


Talk to you in a few minutes if you're available.

Thank you again for all your help in making our Grand Opening Swarm a success!

Nathan Martin