Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Talk Along the Edge – Nathan Martin and B.J. Lawson…

No fancy musical lead in, no commercial interruptions, just plain old fashioned talk about B.J. Lawson, his run for Congress, the problems of our current money system, and Freedom’s Vision.

Nothing inside the box, no discussion you will hear anytime soon on the mainstream… only on the Edge.

While B.J. may need some time to come around entirely to the concepts of Freedom’s Vision, he is LIGHTYEARS ahead in his thinking than the vast majority of those currently seated in Congress. I hope he is able to retain his clear thinking and can resist the forces of special interests to continue to do what’s right and in America’s best interest.

You can find BJ Lawson here: http://www.lawsonforcongress.com/.

You can find information about "The Plenty" here: theplenty.org, an educational experience with community money.

Please do what you can to support BJ; vote for him, donate what you can afford to his campaign, and volunteer for his campaign if you can. We support those who support the main concepts of Freedom’s Vision and who are most likely to actually turn it into law.

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