Saturday, May 15, 2010

Martin Armstrong – Closing at 10,520…

Not the Great Depression, but a waterfall event… the end is near, but stocks are going to the moon! LOL, trying to make consistent sense of Martin’s writings is a challenge even for me and I truly don’t think it’s because I’m confused, it’s because he’s inconsistent and playing it both ways. Sorry, just have to call it the way I see it. Again, I respect his cycle work, his big picture view of the world and his view of history, but I would not invest real capital based upon his advice – that’s just me.

Something to keep in mind is that capital doesn’t have to just flow, it can also literally just evaporate. I think it’s extremely important to understand that with volatility moves can reverse course very quickly. All these events are driven by debt and the fundamental structure of our currency. Trying to guess government’s or market reactions from day to day or month to month in this environment is a fool’s game. The bottom line is that significant events are continuing to come, they are unfolding faster and with more force. No western country will be spared, and these events will continue to unfold until structural changes to the debt money system are in place.