Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Paul Mylchreest's Thunder Road Report - The “physical” squeeze in gold is gathering pace…

Below is a very thought provoking Thunder Road Report where Paul spells out the latest happenings in the gold market. Manipulation, investigations, scandal… it’s all there and I have seen no one who explains it better than Paul.

As a note of interest, what Paul describes in this latest report should once again give people great pause for those who believe that our money should be made of or backed by precious metals. The fact is that these are the most manipulated markets on the planet, always have been, and the same people who control our debt backed money also control the majority of gold – much of which has been stolen from the people. Each year our Treasury is supposed to assay the gold in possession of the United States, but that has not been accomplished since the 1950’s. Meanwhile the central bankers “Swap” OUR gold around the world and act as if it is theirs. The IMF creates debt obligations from nothing yet demands repayment in gold – nice.