Monday, May 24, 2010

Richard Sears: Planning for the End of Oil

This may sound like another Peak Oil piece, and it is - just not in a James Kunstler Long Emergency way.

In this short video, Richard Sears acknowledges peak oil yet puts it into a historic perspective that you may not have heard before. Yes, he fails to take into account the expense of getting the remaining oil out of the ground, but what he shows is that we may already be headed in the right energy direction. This view falls more along my more hopeful view of the future. Admittedly, Sear’s limestone, chalk, mother-of-pearl example lacks concrete science details in exactly what the future holds, but the point is that we are progressing to another energy future and that the human mind is capable of inventing and manipulating our world in order to meet our energy needs. Note that he mentions survival of the species.

In fact, much as we are now swimming in debt, the world is quite literally swimming in energy. You are made of it, everything is made of it and the amounts of energy on the subatomic levels are mind boggling. No, we have not unlocked the secrets… yet – and yes, it is going to take a huge effort and plenty of time. That doesn’t mean that we won’t and it certainly doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t get on with it. We should. We certainly need to be putting far more resources into this than we are into worthless wars and into central banker’s pockets.

Richard Sears - Planning for the end of oil: