Thursday, June 24, 2010

Damon Vrabel – McChrystal vs. Obama

Damon talks a lot about the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). That’s because the power players behind the political and money scenes comprise the management of the CFR. They use it to advance their agenda under the cloak of promoting global cooperation. However, their idea of cooperation is massive debt for everyone, issued, controlled, and profited upon by them! Since they profit from interest, they are motivated to produce more interest and conveniently it compounds upon itself to create a never ending paradigm that feeds up the pyramid as Damon puts it.

To counter the CFR, Damon is forming CSPER or the Council on Renewal. He is starting a blog and will be promoting the Council. He is currently setting up methods for membership, I encourage everyone to bookmark Damon’s site and to register to his site in order to receive updates from him. Also note that I have included his blog in my blogroll in the lower right hand column of this blog. Here’s Damon’s statement about the opening of his blog:
I decided to launch a blog so the Council on Renewal could quickly respond to important news that gets funneled to us in the fake left vs. right stage show called the mass media. The corporate/state controlled media industry is designed to hide the truth and keep us fighting each other in Dem vs. Repub cheerleading groups--just like the Celtics vs. the Lakers, or Apple vs. Microsoft. We need to remember that just like the Celtics and Lakers or Apple and Microsoft, the Dems and Repubs are controlled by money powers and compete in a corporate-controlled arena. My goal with this blog is to expose that and discuss the news from the perspective of the corporatocracy that controls everything mainly through their policy group and networking clique called the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Writing articles for my Canada Free Press column allows me to flesh out the big issues, but it’s not appropriate for daily “quick hits.” This blog site will be the quick hits.

Damon has a gift of creating a clear and concise message. We need efforts like his to counter the BS and to bring light into the motives of those in power. I agree that there’s more to this McChrystal/ Petraeus move than meets the eye, please be sure to view it within the context of other moves now occurring in the Middle East as well as in the political arena. I also would like to note that our own media is now working very hard to discredit McChrystal…
McChrystal vs. Obama

By Damon Vrabel

The mass media stageshow is a hoot. Remember that all of this is controlled by the top folks in CFR (the inner financiers behind the Wall St cartel). Just like Tom Cruise in The Firm, those top folks use CFR membership to control/influence/co-opt the rest of the people in the group. Who are some of those people? McChrystal is CFR. Petraeus is CFR. James Jones is CFR. Gates is CFR. Eikenberry is CFR. In fact, Obama’s entire team is CFR, just like Bush’s was. Much of the media is also CFR.

The motive of the top controllers in this McChrystal vs. Obama episode could be any one of many possibilities…

- CFR wanted to stoke an Obama vs. military fight to rally the “raging war machine right” for the 2010 elections against Obama rather than leaving room for 3rd party and other efforts to save the US from Wall Street.

- CFR simply wanted to put Petraeus back on the front page as they groom him for the 2012 presidential campaign. He has been a good yes-man for his Wall Street CFR controllers. They like careerist generals like Petraeus and Richard Myers who are subservient yes-men doing whatever they’re told to feel the affirmation of pleasing their bosses and getting more medals. They also like ruthless frigid generals like Barry McCaffrey (or lower ranks like Oliver North) who massacred thousands on orders even though they were retreating, which violated every sense of morality and international law, but that’s not Petraeus.

- CFR needed to replace McChrystal because he started seeing the truth, feeling his conscience, and siding with his soldiers vs. his controllers back in NY. CFR would’ve had insiders close to McChrystal to know his general mindset and even overhear his private conversations to detect if he was straying from their desired goal to maintain their presence in Afghanistan perpetually to control all the natural gas, mineral deposits, opium, and otherwise keep the process on track of managing young Americans to their deaths in order to convert Afghanistan into a satellite state of our banking/corporate empire. By the way, this doesn’t mean they’re necessarily using secret people. They simply surround executives (from the President all the way down through civilian and military chains of command) with big staffs, and those staffs report up their own chains of command where they all eventually reach the top of the Pentagon, State, etc where inner CFR members typically rule. But it could be secret people as well. The CIA uses assets inside all sorts of organizations–foreign governments, corporations, military units, state governments, etc–to ensure they’re secretly staying on top of things. And CIA serves CFR/Wall St.

Overall this media stageshow is probably a strategic chess move to accomplish a combination of all 3 of these things and then some. Just don’t let yourself be caught in their manipulations. And help explain this to your friends, family, neighbors. The media is used to accomplish strategic objectives, NOT to report news.