Sunday, June 27, 2010

Damon Vrabel – Renaissance 2.0, Will You Answer JFK’s Call?

This is the part where Damon spells out solutions and asks us to join together in an opposing force to the CFR. His solutions will sound very familiar to those who follow the Edge and the Swarm as his specified solutions are roughly an outline of Freedom’s Vision. While Damon doesn’t credit the work done on Freedom’s Vision, it’s great to see the ideology spread – that was the intent. These ideas are called “memes” (rhymes with ‘cream’), they spread and become a part of the psyche for those who understand them. Like seeds, plant them and watch them grow.

I urge caution as this meme spreads – seemingly small deviations from the concepts of Freedom’s Vision can have large implications and each action must be fully understood how it relates to the entire system. I urge cooperation – that the best UNBIASED minds work together to draft legislation that fulfills the principles of Freedom’s Vision. Please contact me if working on the legislative nuts and bolts interests you (

Damon adds an important personal dimension to the discussion. I hope that you visit his new site and please sign up to follow his work, you can get email updates simply by subscribing in the block on the right hand column at the following link:

Will you answer JFK’s call?

By Damon Vrabel

“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

That wasn’t just another cheap talking point from a politician’s speechwriter. It was the last real president’s attempt to remind the American people of the need to self-govern, to play our part in keeping the republic, rather than being passive, submitting to the rising banking/corporate/military empire, and becoming debt servants. Will we finally heed his call?

This video explains some of the things JFK might ask us to do today–the “to do” list some of you have been asking for. It also points out the nexus between economics and our psychology and spirituality. Our current economic system, driven by the predatory financial system, has profoundly impacted both in negative ways. It imposes destructive, controlling energy from the top-down. We need to respond from the bottom-up with positive energy rather than the incessant negativity we typically see. I think it’s the only real hope of changing things, given the level of control in the system at this point.

Some of you may already be shouting “impossible!” Well, it would require nothing less than the next Enlightenment…certainly no small task. But hardly impossible.

Renaissance 2.0, Lesson 6, part 3 of 3

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