Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Graham Summers – Political Lessons from the Walang Kulit

Graham gets it. This is why I’m willing to share his work, and this is one of the best pieces he’s written showing exactly how he gets it. Puppet masters, distracting issues, oligarchs taking your money, controlling our politics, and controlling our minds… All true, but the corporate oligarchs to which Graham refers in turn are controlled by an even narrower group of elites who are the ones who control corporations with their debt money – the central bankers, the DEBT PUSHISHING KINGPINS.

I read both of these documents in about 15 minutes; they are focused on the root issues of corporate power and control and presented in a way that is easy to understand. The issues Graham explores are ones that I have devoted much time to writing about and developing potential solutions. The key solution here from my perspective is to separate special interest money from politics – an important part of Freedom’s Vision. Limiting special interest money influence would go a very long way to limiting the power and control of corporations that has grown so wildly out of control. The very purpose of allowing corporations to form has been forgotten and subverted; sharing information like this will hopefully lead to people opening their minds to see the programming behind the curtain…