Tuesday, June 8, 2010

“Oil Rising up from Seabed” - People are Miscalculating Risks

Senator Bill Nelson says that oil is now leaking from the seabed floor and that the casing used in the well may be broken or shattered.

Please read; BP Well Bore And Casing Integrity May Be Blown, Says Florida’s Sen. Nelson.

This raises new questions about the possibility of inferior casing, about the amount of oil actually coming out of the ground, and about the likelihood of relief wells actually working and how long they will take to work.

Even if they do work, what will be the damage to the coastline, the food chain, and how far around the globe will it travel if it continues to spew for months, or if the relief wells fail, even years?

Reports are now out that the amount of oil leaking is actually 100,000 barrels a day: BP well may be spewing 100,000 barrels a day, scientist says

But Matt Simmons, a well respected and lifelong oil man, has more to say on the subject, listen to this discussion with Dylan Ratigan:

I contend that humans are vastly miscalculating RISK. We have miscalculate the financial risk and allowed private central bankers to create a money system that requires never ending growth – a mathematical impossibility. We poke hole after hole into the ground (2,500 wells in progress now) in more and more difficult places and do not require corporations to use redundant fail safe systems – like we do for airliners. We should have seen these possibilities and required nothing but the highest levels of safety. Just as we should require a money system that is not guaranteed to fail over time, one that only works to enrich the very few people who control money’s production.

Now we have oil gushing into the Gulf at extremely high rates and we fiddle fart around. If that casing is shattered and oil is leaking up through the seabed floor, this is an entirely different ballgame than the one we have been spooned.

If we even mention the word “nuclear” people freak out. Again, this is miscalculating the risk. The greater risk is poisoning the entire food chain and watching oil and chemicals travel the oceans of the world. If it turns out that oil is seeping up through the ocean floor, an underground explosion may be the only option – and it may be an option that we are fools not to use sooner than later. Using it AFTER the ocean is poisoned is simply moronic, no other word for it.

Concerns over radiation leaking are vastly over perceived. Mankind has set off HUNDREDS of underground explosions and never produced anything even remotely approaching the damage being done right NOW by this one oil well. We need to be examining the nuclear option and evaluating the soil between the well head and the oil reservoir. Call me nuts if you want, but we should have been prepping for this from day one. We should be drilling a parallel shaft to the well NOW in preparation.

Mankind invented a very dangerous thing in nuclear weapons. We now have the opportunity to put them to use on behalf of mankind, yet we refuse to help ourselves with our own technology. The greater RISK may very well be in letting the oil run. I say that collapsing the well and sealing the fissures surrounding it now may be the lower risk thing to do – at a minimum we should be discussing, evaluating, and preparing for it in light of the facts and not our emotions. This means that we need to know the full extent of what’s going on, and we need that transparency now.