Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Phillip Zimbardo - The Secret Powers of Time

I recently finished the book, “In Search of Time” by Dan Falk. This was a very good book, one that really gets you thinking about the way that nature, and time, work. It touches on how man’s perception of time has changed radically throughout history, and then takes you into the sciences and time’s role in them – definitely recommend it.

This RSA Animate (I really like that as a presentation method) will also get you thinking about your perspective of time and its relationship to how you work and think. Do these time tenses influence nations? Do they underlie work ethics and productivity? Will societies that are set up to encourage work ethics and a faster pace of life flourish over those that don’t? Is this instinctual, a part of the race for survival? Is being bored with “analog” really a bad thing, or is it a good thing? Definitely should get you thinking. Perhaps as we use technology to swing away from personal relationships, that the pendulum will swing back and we’ll find a balance between the technology and the social graces? It’s an undeniable trend, he says as he types to his friends in the blogosphere!

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