Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bill Still – The Secret of Oz

Bill has decided to publish the Secret of Oz movie in high resolution for free. He placed two “commercials” within this version, I certainly hope that everyone will please lend your support to him by watching the movie, sharing the movie with friends and family, and by buying the CD or providing a donation so that more work like this can be created – thank you.

Here are Bill’s own words on why he feels it’s important to get the movie out at this time:
We are taking a significant risk by releasing this FREE version of "The Secret of Oz". This film was very expensive to make and constantly update. However, it is critical to get maximum distribution for the film as the debt money system further impoverishes every nation.

Therefore, please support this project with a small donation or order the latest hi-resolution copy of this DVD from our website:

Again, please consider donating $1, $3, $5, or more. We know that if enough of you watch for FREE, some will buy an original DVD.

So please, please tell your friends to watch this film for FREE!

The false solution -- an international gold-backed money -- will soon be offered as the only fix for the deepening global depression.

We will post versions with subtitles in many languages soon. If you can help translate, please let us know.

Again, please consider a small donation at: