Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ashvin Pandurangi - The Limits To Complexity

What follows is a lengthy economic synopsis written by Ashvin Pandurangi, a law student at George Mason University, who has obviously taken a deep interest in understanding economics and the reality of the never ending growth paradigm. He has taken the effort to write this piece and has started a new blog to showcase his writing (A Simple Planet), and thus I would like to give him a leg up as he seeks feedback for his writing. Please offer comments below.

His synopsis is excellent, centering around the notion of systems complexity. He brings in many valid points, it would be an even stronger argument, in my opinion, if he were to describe WHO created the complex system and why – then we would be talking about the root causes of the complexity and how to unwind them moving forward. It is completely possible to unwind them in a controlled manner without having to go back “to the simple life” entirely. Freedom’s Vision spells out how – yes, there are many issues that can crop up in the process, but getting the foundation right is a must to creating a sustainable yet prosperous future that is in balance.

While “Simple” may sound like the way to go to compensate for too much complexity, I firmly believe that we must instead strive for balance, recognizing that overreacting to one problem is the basis for creating unnecessary cycles and large swings in the economy. Thought provoking, Ashvin gives us much material to consider:

By Ashvin Pandurangi
The Limits to Complexity