Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tough Choices…

The mainstream is finally discussing the “tough Choices” that we are going to have to make. Well, I’m going to keep this extra short and extra easy to understand…

The central bankers and their minions would have us all believe that the tough choice we have to make is in the composition of how little we have to spend, and how much we need to tax. That is a FALSE choice, DO NOT FALL FOR IT!

Any decision made along those lines SUPPORTS THEIR DEBT BACKED MONEY SCHEME.

REAL ANSWERS are only found when looking outside of their scheme…

The REAL ANSWER to solving IMPOSSIBLE MATH EQUATIONS is to change WHO controls the production of our money!

Thus the TOUGH CHOICE THE PEOPLE REALLY HAVE TO MAKE is deciding when and how to bring about changing WHO’s in charge of the production of our money!

When you look here, you will find completely palatable choices, and you will find math that can work – it’s well past time to look, and to stop being distracted with FALSE CHOICES.