Saturday, November 13, 2010

Currency Wars are a Sideshow! It’s the Bankers WHO are Waging War Against the People of the Planet...

The central banks first fool you into believing they are a branch of the government, when in fact they are privately owned and have subverted the power of money creation from Congress.

They have saturated the entire population of the United States with debt. They have saturated businesses with debt and allowed those with the greatest leverage to consolidate into unruly and totally controlling behemoths.

They have saturated all levels of government including towns, cities, counties, states, and the real Federal Government.

Once saturated with debt and left with an economy that’s failing, they seek more in the way of bailouts and money devaluation from the same populace who is already saturated many times over – the same people are responsible for all those debts!

They have also saturated many of the world’s mature economies in the same exact manner – same few sick narcissists. Only they do so under a different name – that of the IMF, BIS, or “World Bank.” These institutions are in fact NOT legal entities, they have not been authorized by Congress or by the People of the United States (or any other country), yet we allow our tax dollars to be given to these bankers who lever up the entire globe, conduct their business in secret, perform secret currency and gold swaps, produce money from nothing but require repayment in gold (how the IMF became the world’s third largest holder of gold), and then dictate the terms and behavior of nations and people’s by using the CONTROL created with their DEBT!

As other nation’s economies fail, they “come to the rescue” (LOL times a trillion) by providing LOANS! Ha, ha! You couldn’t make that up if you tried! Rescue people who are saturated in debt with more debt!?

Do we look stupid? Don’t answer that, we already know the answer – we are stupid! As in there is not a collective brain cell among us or we would have thrown them all in prison years ago!

Here’s the latest victim of “rescue,” Ireland:

Ireland Urged to Take Aid by European Officials

Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Ireland is being urged by European policy makers to take emergency aid to contain a debt crisis rattling their markets, according to a person briefed on the discussions.

In a conference call of European Central Bank officials around noon Frankfurt time yesterday, Ireland was pressed to seek outside help within days, the person said on condition of anonymity. Separately, a European Union official said a request for assistance was likely even as Irish Finance Minister Brian Lenihan told RTE Radio that such a call “makes no sense” as the government is fully funded to mid-2011.

Irish bonds rose from a record low yesterday, gaining for the first time in 14 days as traders bet a bailout was near. Prime Minister Brian Cowen said for the first time that he is working with fellow EU leaders as “there are issues affecting the wider euro area” and that they are trying to “ensure that the bond markets respond positively to the euro.” He reiterated that his debt-strapped country has not sought cash.

“It seems difficult for Ireland to avoid tapping the fund unless they have new rabbits to pull out their hat,” said Julian Callow, chief European economist at Barclays Capital in London.

An ECB spokeswoman declined to comment and the Finance Ministry in Dublin said no talks on emergency funds were under way. ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet, speaking today in Tutzing, Germany, declined to comment on Ireland.

Possible Aid
Ireland could draw on the 60 billion euro ($82 billion) segment of the broader 750-billion-euro fund set up by the EU and International Monetary Fund in May, Irish state broadcaster RTE said, without saying where it obtained the information. The smaller pool is funded directly by the European Commission, the EU’s Brussels-based executive branch.

Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker, who chairs the panel of euro-area finance ministers, said yesterday there was “no immediate reason” to think Ireland will request cash and that officials would not meet before regular monthly talks in Brussels next week.

IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn said he was prepared to help. “If at one point in time, tomorrow, in two months or two years, the Irish want support from the IMF, we will be ready,” he told reporters today in Yokohama, Japan.

Oh yeah, I’ll bet they’ll be ready… to create digital money from nothing that enslaves an entire nation and robs future generations of their productivity!

Strauss-Kahn Says IMF Can Help Ireland’s ‘Difficult’ Situation

Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- The International Monetary Fund stands ready to help Ireland if needed, its managing director said, as market concern about the country’s debt crisis continues.

“Everybody knows that the situation with Ireland, it’s a difficult situation,” IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss- Kahn told reporters today in Yokohama, Japan. “So far I haven’t received any kind of request. I think they can manage well. If at one point in time, tomorrow, in two months or two years, the Irish want support from the IMF, we will be ready.”

In a conference call of European Central Bank officials around noon Frankfurt time yesterday, Ireland was pressed to seek outside help within days, said a person briefed on the discussion who spoke on condition of anonymity.

What’s really happening here?

The “Fed” is a group of private banks. Banks the world over have lent more debt than can possibly be serviced. Then those same banks use artificially created “QE” hot money to place bets AGAINST the debts of nations like Ireland, thus spiking the cost of further borrowing. This sends them over the edge to the point of needing “RESCUE.”

What a game. They push people and countries over the edge and then claim to “rescue” them with more of their poison. It is sick, and they have unfortunately fooled the majority of people.

The people of Iceland fought against such bailouts, wisely so. They are fighting a tough battle because the criminal bankers control much of the globe and thus have managed to isolate Icelanders. But, as more people fight back against this insanity, we will eventually win the war that is being waged against us by the bankers! Ireland is trying to fight back, THEY NEED THE PEOPLE TO RISE UP, RIGHT NOW!

Government campaigns to avoid EU financial bailout

THE GOVERNMENT is campaigning to avert the threat of being forced to seek emergency fiscal aid from the EU authorities as it battles a drastic loss in investor confidence.

Market pressure eased slightly yesterday in response to an attempt by five EU finance ministers to boost the confidence of euro zone investors, but Irish and European officials remain very apprehensive about a record spike in the Government’s borrowing costs.

Uncertainty about Ireland’s frail position will come to the fore again on Tuesday when euro finance ministers gather in Brussels for their monthly meeting. Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan will be asked to provide an update on the bank rescue and on preparations for the 2011 budget and the four-year plan.

Three sources familiar with ongoing European scrutiny of Ireland’s plans said there is concern to ensure the Government manages to pass the budget and demonstrate to the markets it is executing the promised measures. They also acknowledged worries that the €45 billion bank bailout bill might rise.

Amid extensive efforts to shore up the Government’s position, there was contact between Dublin yesterday and the offices of European Commission chief José Manuel Barroso, European Central Bank chief Jean-Claude Trichet and German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle.

Taoiseach Brian Cowen and the European Commission last night dismissed a report by Reuters news agency that Ireland was already in talks about a drawdown of funds from the EU’s emergency fund.

“We have made no application whatever for funding. As the Minister for Finance has outlined, we have funding up to mid-year because of the pre-funding arrangements done by the National Treasury Management Agency,’’ Mr Cowen said as he canvassed ahead of the Donegal South West byelection. “So the sovereign, if you like, has that funding arrangement in place. We don’t have to borrow any money in respect of the sovereign issues that affect the Government . . .’’

Two well-placed sources told The Irish Times , however, that Irish officials have been involved in ‘‘technical’’ discussions about the procedures to be followed in the event of any aid application being made to the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF). Such discussions have come amid informal contact between Brussels, Berlin and other capitals to assess their readiness to activate the €750 billion rescue fund.

Asked about Irish involvement in such talks, Mr Lenihan’s spokesman said “there are no talks on an application for emergency funding from the EU”. On RTÉ Radio yesterday, Mr Lenihan said the Government was taking a “step-by-step” approach to build up credibility in the markets and said there was no need to go to the EFSF. “First of all, the State is well-funded into June of next year, to fund the budget, I think that’s important, we have substantial reserves,” he said.

“So why apply in those circumstances? It doesn’t seem to me to make any sense. It would send a signal to the markets that we’re not in a position to manage our affairs ourselves.”

Irish bond yields sparked fear of euro zone contagion on Thursday when they climbed above 9 per cent for 10-year money. They declined yesterday to 8.14 per cent after Germany, France, Spain, Britain and Italy said the holders of existing euro zone debt would not be compelled to take a writedown in a sovereign crisis.

What is happening is clear. The people of the world are under attack in the real global war. “Currency wars” are a symptom of the larger problem that is illustrated here.

Banks saturate countries with debt, then use printed money to bet against that very debt, thus pushing them over the edge by jacking up their borrowing costs, just like Ireland's:

...Then comes the "rescue!"

WHAT’S MOST IMPORTANT IS WHO CONTROLS THE PRODUCTION OF MONEY! Banks do not own this power, the PEOPLE do – It’s time to take that power back!

Weekend Open Thread...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Morning Update/ Market Thread 11/12

Good Morning,

Equity futures are lower again this morning, selling began after the close yesterday on another report that wasn’t so good, this time it was Disney (DIS). The dollar, however, is down this morning with the Euro up, bonds are down again, and oil, gold, and most food commodities are also lower.

Just wait until they get a kick in the rear by the new POMO schedule. The new POMOs on average are twice as big, and they are happening nearly every day – 19 of the next 20 trading days will have POMO operations. Does that scare you? It should. Its outright thievery of your money, as each money printing operation robs you of your purchasing power.

And note that on non-POMO days, like yesterday, that the selling continues and it continues on volume. Below is a daily chart of the DOW that I captured just after the open this morning. Note the higher volume yesterday despite it being Veteran’s Day. But also note that the current uptrend has yet to be broken here like it has been in the NDX, this morning it is resting right on the uptrend line - OH POMO, PLEASE SAVE US! (lol)

Volumes were lower elsewhere, a lot of the DOW volume was related to the massive selling in CSCO:

So, what you are seeing is pressure, both revenue pressure and margin compression. This is a result of a debt saturated economy at the base, and the pushing of hot money on top. The hot money isn’t used to pay down debt, it’s used to speculate around the globe, running up the price of commodities. Higher commodity price equals higher input costs for businesses who were inappropriately building inventory due to bad signals given off by the “Fed” and their bad data. Now we’re seeing the effects in a few stocks – it’s showing up in Dean Foods, in Campbell Soups, in Cisco, and now Disney. This will continue to bleed from one company to the next.

In the meantime, bonds yields are moving higher with prices moving lower – especially on the long end of the curve. Borrowing costs should be higher, but debt saturated government, business, and populace cannot handle higher rates – especially the government who has borrowed short – they MUST keep the short end low.

Of course the entire process of the government of the people borrowing money from private banks, which they make from thin air, and paying them interest on it is so ridiculous a concept as to make the mind boggle in the fact that this practice is accepted by the people who must labor to pay for that nonsense. In effect the citizens of this country labor just for the “privilege” to use the money system – a system that does not belong to the banks, it belongs to the people!

The people were sold out by Congress – plain and simple.

And that’s why any solution presented to help “solve” our debt saturation problem is either tax more or spend less. WHAT NONSENSE!

Let’s see, Consumer Sentiment is released at 9:55 this morning – color me pissed off, frustrated, and amazed at the stupidity of it all. But most of all, color me ashamed that we have failed to stand up for ourselves.

But just like a Stockholm Syndrome captive, we were spooned “Hope” and “Change” and so we simply voted for the latest incompetent child-minded puppet whose morals drift like a willow in the wind. The wind being the breeze of passing trillions in paper confetti we call dollars but will one day call toilet paper.

Meanwhile over in Europe CDS for the PIIGS has blown out to new all-time highs. Yet the Euro is higher compared to the dollar – what’s that tell you? Problems in Europe are the same as they are here, they were created by the same people in the exact same manner.

And since those debt pushing problem creators are running up commodities to uncomforting levels, they must then turn around and attempt to put out their own fires. First it was changing margin requirements on silver, yesterday it was raising margin requirements on Sugar, cocoa, coffee, and cotton. These changing requirements are STEP TWO OF PRICE CONTROLS. Step one being to prop the price higher to create inflation – but oops, not that much. And yet that’s not enough inflation, so we’re going to throw $110 billion a month on top. Look for new margin requirements soon on Gold, and don’t be surprised to see outright price controls on things like gasoline in the future as the “Fed” attempts to manage every facet of the economy. Sure, like they can set prices for everything, like any of this has anything at all to do with the real problem in the first place – absolutely nuts.

And the stinky turds still swirling in the toilet bowl of foreclosuregate have a special smell indeed. What a mess, and the smell I’m getting is that the administration is going to attempt to sweep it all under the carpet. If they do, forget the rule of law – it will be a free-for-all as if it isn’t already.

Bring on the Revolution – I’m ready.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tough Choices…

The mainstream is finally discussing the “tough Choices” that we are going to have to make. Well, I’m going to keep this extra short and extra easy to understand…

The central bankers and their minions would have us all believe that the tough choice we have to make is in the composition of how little we have to spend, and how much we need to tax. That is a FALSE choice, DO NOT FALL FOR IT!

Any decision made along those lines SUPPORTS THEIR DEBT BACKED MONEY SCHEME.

REAL ANSWERS are only found when looking outside of their scheme…

The REAL ANSWER to solving IMPOSSIBLE MATH EQUATIONS is to change WHO controls the production of our money!

Thus the TOUGH CHOICE THE PEOPLE REALLY HAVE TO MAKE is deciding when and how to bring about changing WHO’s in charge of the production of our money!

When you look here, you will find completely palatable choices, and you will find math that can work – it’s well past time to look, and to stop being distracted with FALSE CHOICES.

Morning Update/ Market Thread 11/11 – Veteran’s Day

Good Morning,

Equity futures are down significantly following a nasty report from Cisco (CSCO) who is down nearly 18% this morning:

Note where that $20 figure places CSCO on their weekly chart! Look out below! And just look at all the bull that got erased, just like that, before the market could even open. How you feelin’ about being long the FRAUD? Comfy?

They forecasted revenues for the next quarter that is roughly a BILLION dollars below prior estimates. This follows on the heals of reports of margin compression across the food industry whose input costs are soaring yet they can’t pass along those costs to unemployed consumers and to citizens whose pay cannot possible rise as they have arbitraged themselves out of pay increases by buying everything from China. Live by the Walmart, die by the Walmart.

The dollar is up and the Euro is getting slammed. Irish bonds are shooting through the roof, now well over 9% this morning, outpacing even this parabolic chart:

Europe is in deep trouble - Note the progression from small to large. Now it's Ireland, next comes Spain. One right after the other, and since they are a "union," they will all go down together as their financial systems are now interconnected.

Meanwhile, our bonds are roughly flat after falling significantly since QE2 was announced – there was the sell the news event. Of course QE is supposed to lower rates, not raise them, once again showing that the “Fed” cannot become the entire market – not only for bonds, but also now for stocks. Ridiculous.

Yesterday I forgot to mention that the Chinese rating agency downgraded the United State’s debt. How important is that? Way more important than coverage of that event stateside would indicate. Truth is that we deserve a far lower rating than was given – our own rating agencies are nothing but a joke, a bastion of corruption. Worse than worthless, actually, as they have inflicted great damage to this nation through their lack of honest reporting.

And all I see when viewing mainstream news are choices presented that are inside of the central banker debt backed money box… The latest is the Bowles and Simpson “Draft Proposal for Reducing the Deficit.” What complete bullshit. Here, they are trying to scare you into believing that massive austerity is the only and inevitable outcome – slash Social Security, do away with the home mortgage deduction, etc. Their entire PROPAGANDA can be read below, that is if you’re into masochism:

CoChair Draft

What a piece of work… If you’re not into masochism, then you need to be thinking outside of the debt money box, and no, I don’t mean the gold standard. Let’s start by enforcing the rule of law and throwing those gangsters and cabal leaders into prison who are breaking our laws and robbing Americans blind! Nowhere in their draft report did they mention taking FRAUDULENT PROFITS AND BONUSES and using those to help balance the budget! Start there and then we can talk further about reality.

The “Fed” (private bank cabal) has stated publically now that propping up equities is one of their goals. Obviously, it has been. And yesterday their co-conspirators at the Treasury published their latest $105 Billion POMO schedule for the next month that includes a POMO operation nearly every day! And again, I ask the question, “What is their exit strategy?” I think they already own (through the Primary Dealers) a very large portion of the stock market – and just look at the continued massive mutual fund outflows by mom & pop! So, what happens when they own the majority of the market, and they may already? How, when, and to whom do they distribute those massively over valued shares? Think about that one real hard, because that day is coming… in fact it just came overnight for CSCO.

And somehow I think that the American public has instinctually become aware of the FRAUD. They realize now that they are being robbed, I talk to more and more people who at least have that sense if not understanding. And thus the herd is ready to stampede, animal spirits are high – a stampede is certainly not out of the question, in fact I am expecting one.

And today is Veteran’s Day, time to honor those who have and who are protecting our “Freedoms.” That old saw is true – that we must continually fight for our freedom, or surely we WILL lose it. But we must be extremely careful not to fight a false enemy! False enemies are being created and MARKETED to us. The REAL enemy of FREEDOM is within our own borders! Again, I call to those within the military and within police departments and the TSA to HONOR THE CITIZENS who are your real boss! The money powers of this nation have grown FAR TOO STRONG AND POWERFUL and they must be resisted, least that freedom continue to wane.

Incidents like this ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE:

Sick and twisted. THIS TYPE OF SICK HARASSMENT OF OUR OWN CITIZENS MUST STOP NOW! This is completely NOT ACCEPTABLE. What is occurring is the takeover by the military industrial complex who is financed and owned by the very same few who own the “Fed.” They create ridiculous FALSE FLAGS like the latest “toner cartridge bombs” in order to SCARE everyone into submitting to giving up their freedoms! In this manner they can blossom the TSA’s budget so that they can buy real cool tools like machines that look through your clothes! The purchasing of these control machines is simply an extension of the “defense” budget that is sucking the life blood out of America. This is all about POWER AND CONTROL! It’s the same thing that both the narcissistic pursuit of MONEY and RAPE are all about. Their pursuit of the creation of money is not about pursuing THINGS, it’s all about power and control – and when they have the power and control, then you don’t have FREEDOM.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Morning Update/ Market Thread 11/10 – Missile Illusion

Good Morning,

Was it or wasn’t it?

After spending some time looking at the video I’m now in the camp that it was not a missile or rocket, it was in fact an aircraft in level flight leaving behind a thick contrail. The reason it looks like it is going straight up is due to the curvature of the Earth, an effect I point out to friends and family all the time around the Seattle area. This illusion occurs only when the aircraft is at high altitude and coming almost directly at the viewer. The aircraft is actually quite far away and at a very high altitude. To understand the illusion, you need to imagine yourself standing on a small ball and then picture an aircraft flying at a constant altitude above that ball. Another tip-off for me is the way in which the contrail is being carried sideways by the upper level winds, especially at the beginning near the horizon… the contrail does not come from the ground and this “smearing” of the contrail by the winds shows that it is at altitude and not close to the ground.

The reaction to this, though, is interesting and it did even fool me at first due to the way it was presented by a news channel as being a missile launch even with “expert” testimony. It’s a great lesson in illusions and also in being a witness. I have personal experience as I am a trained expert in witness interviewing for aircraft accident investigations. Witnesses are notoriously inaccurate in their assessments, and that’s just one of the reasons that people should not jump to conclusions too quickly. Aircraft accident investigators are trained to not jump to conclusions as they can bias your mind and blind you to the facts – something that is very easy to do, all humans including myself are susceptible as we desire to place a label on the unknown quickly. That said, if some new facts or information come along, then I’m willing to change my mind! And the one disturbing thing about this incident is the distinct lack of information from the government – they should have, and still have not provided, a flight number to go along with that aircraft. Air Traffic Control should be able to easily match that video’s time to a specific flight number, and I’m sure they have – why not tell us? That lack of transparency bothers me. But that seems to be the way of our modern government – they want to know and track everything you do, but everything they do is a secret. That is a warning sign about our government, transparency should be 180 degrees the other way around.

Okay, equity futures are slightly higher this morning (reversed right after the open), the dollar is down slightly, there is a large move down in the Yen, the long bond is lower again, and both oil and gold are higher, reversing yesterday’s decline.

The still worthless MBA Purchase Applications Index supposedly rose 5.5% in the past week, with the refinancing Index swinging from the prior -6.4% to a +6%. Riiiighttt… this data is so bad it’s a joke. And 12% swings are nothing compared the 30% completely unbelievable swings they had been reporting. Whatever, I am simply reporting what the hypocritical crooks are spooning to the public. Here’s Econoday:
Two weeks of gains in the purchase index coincide with last week's better-than-expected October jobs report to indicate, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association, some improvement in the economy. The purchase rose 5.5 percent in the November 5 week on top of the prior week's 1.4 percent gain. The refinance index rose 6.0 percent. Rates have been rising this week but were unchanged in the reporting week with the 30-year at 4.28 percent.

Economy improving? Tell that to the 42 million on food stamps. Rates rising? Gee, I thought QE2 was supposed to lower rates?

The latest International Trade number came in with a $44 Billion trade deficit:
The U.S. trade gap shrank more than expected on a drop in import but also on a modest gain in exports. The overall U.S. trade deficit in September narrowed to $44.0 billion from a revised $46.5 billion the prior month. The September number came in more improved than the consensus forecast for a $45.0 billion deficit. Exports improved, rising 0.3 percent, following no change in August. Imports in September dipped 1.0 percent after rebounding 2.0 percent in August.

For the latest month, the narrowing of the trade gap was mainly in the nonpetroleum goods deficit which declined to $33.9 billion in September from $36.0 billion the month before. The petroleum shortfall shrank slightly to $21.6 billion from $22.0 billion in August.

Nonoil goods imports in September decreased 1.4 percent, following a 2.1 percent boost the previous month.

By end-use categories, the rise in goods exports was led by a $0.443 billion increase in feeds & beverages with capital goods excluding autos up $0.276 billion. But the capital goods boost was largely civilian aircraft, gaining $0.698 billion. Consumer goods posted a modest gain while industrial supplies and automotive declined.

The decrease in goods imports was led by a sizeable $1.863 billion in consumer goods and a $1.375 billion in automotive. In contrast, nonauto capital goods jumped $1.289 billion. Industrial supplies and foods, feeds & beverages rose marginally.

The latest gain in exports is good news for U.S. manufacturers. However, businesses appear to be dialing back on expectations on demand and inventory needs as nonoil imports for consumer goods have declined. But it is a sign of optimism that capital goods are still up-equipment investment appears to still be on an uptrend. Overall, today's trade report and nice drop in initial jobless claims point to continued moderate recovery.

Remember that trade figures are measured in DOLLARS, and not in real goods and services. This distorts the figures, especially when large moves in the value of the dollar are occurring. A falling dollar will give the illusion of increased trade. If the dollar falls 2%, but trade only increases 1%, then REAL TRADE has actually fallen 1%! And there you have it. Oh, and trade deficits are never a good thing, only fools believe that having a “reserve currency” allows one the luxury of buying things from others without paying in REAL money. All debts get repaid with interest in one way or the other. We are going to experience the other.

And to back up the monetary factor, import prices are on the rise – I can tell you though that the way our government measures price is flawed in many ways:
Import prices rose a sharp 0.9 percent with export prices extending a run of agricultural-based increases. Pressure on October import prices is centered in petroleum which swung 3.3 percent higher following a 1.5 percent decrease the month before. Pass through is limited with import prices for capital goods unchanged and down a half percent for consumer goods. The overall year-on-year rate is stable at plus 3.6 percent.

Rates on the export side are definitely on the climb. Export prices rose 0.8 following similar increases in the two prior months. Prices for agricultural exports have risen an average of 3.0 percent in each of the last three months! Record prices for many soft commodities, which many attribute to QE2, are a key feature right now of the financial markets. On-year export prices are up 5.8 percent with agricultural exports up 15.7 percent.

Oh yeah, let’s throw a few trillion more onto skyrocketing food and oil prices, that’ll “save” the economy! Just remember, the bankers are acting in THEIR own interest, not in yours, you have NO ONE looking after YOUR interests besides you.

Weekly Jobless Claims fell from the prior week’s 457,000 (revised to 459k) to 435,000. Again, this number being above 350k is horrid, yet we have been so conditioned to high numbers that this sounds better just because it’s below 450k. Truth is that it’s still inside of the same old sideways range. Yet again, people believe what they want to believe, closing their eyes to the uncounted millions:
Jobless claims are clearly on the decline in what is good news for everyone. In a November 6 week free of special factors, initial claims fell 24,000 to a much lower-than-expected level of 435,000 (prior week revised slightly higher to 459,000). The four-week average really shows improvement, down 10,000 to 446,500 for a month-to-month improvement of about 15,000.

Continuing claims also continue to come down, 86,000 lower in the October 30 week to 4.301 million. The four-week average of 4.388 million is down more than 100,000 from a month ago. The unemployment rate for insured workers edged another tenth lower to 3.4 percent.

Today's report is a strong kick-off for November jobs expectations and extend momentum from October's strong payroll gains. A strengthening U.S. jobs market is now combining with QE2 to set up a new economic equation.

Not mentioned is the fact that in the unadjusted data claims actually ROSE by 29,000. There are 3.8 million (!) people currently drawing Emergency Unemployment Compensation. Those benefits expire this month unless Congress extends the program. Failing to extend this program will remove approximately $4.6 Billion per month from the basic economy (3.8 million X $308 per week) and will leave those millions basically destitute, thus driving up costs in other areas. Will the new political landscape change things in this regard? I doubt it… look for it to be renewed – not due to the humanitarian cloak, but rather due to self-preservation on the part of both the elites and the politicians.

More evidence of broken markets came yesterday when ZeroHedge released a study showing that there were 549 individual stock flash crashes so far this year! My take is that HFT madness is allowing the criminals to artificially and INTENTIONALLY produce these flashes that allows their computers to scalp money from these price swings. The computers need volatility to arbitrage.

And wouldn’t you know it – both JPMorgan and Bank of America had PERFECT trading quarters last quarter! No days did they have losses, this follows Goldman’s report of sadly losing money on two trading days! Talk about RIGGED markets and FRAUD. This fact alone is such a HUGE CLUE that the end is near, that people in the future will look back on us idiots today and wonder what in the hell we were thinking!? Future generations will be amazed that we allowed such outright theft to occur and that the people did nothing for so long to put an end to it. EMBARRASSING really, I hope my grandkids don’t laugh at me – at least they’ll know that I was pointing out such folly to others.

Yesterday the NDX finished right on its ridiculously long and steep uptrend line. Price needs to rise today or that uptrend will be broken. There were several bearish candles produced in the financials and in commodities – the most bearish of which occurred in silver when the margin requirements were raised to trade silver.

This says to me that the powers that be don’t possess enough real silver to control the markets and that there is a run occurring within the precious metals markets. Controlling margin will be their first step in VISIBLE manipulation, it will fail and then we will see more desperate acts to keep the markets for precious metals down. Of course these markets are simply reacting to the “Fed’s” insanity – they are the root of the problems. What’s most important is WHO controls the production of YOUR money!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Morning Update/ Market Thread 11/9 – RAMPANT FRAUD

Good Morning,

Equity futures are higher this morning following the largest yet POMO yesterday, a pittance of only $6.8 Billion! The dollar is down after being up the past two days, oil is back above $87 a barrel, and gold is setting record after record now above $1,422 an ounce!

Below is a daily chart of oil futures on the left, and gold futures on the right. Both of these charts are of great concern – oil is targeting $95 a barrel, and gold appears to have shifted into a parabolic climb that you can see is now proceeding straight up. That move in gold is classic, I’ve underlined three slopes… it starts out climbing, moves into a steeper climb, and then finally enters a parabolic climb, moving farther away from the primary uptrend line. Parabolic moves can go a long way, especially in precious metals, but eventually this latest move will be erased as it is simply not sustainable on this path. Be careful if you are playing with gold or silver here:

Below is a ZeroHedge chart of the SPX priced in gold. Note that when stocks are priced in gold that the market has effectively gone nowhere since March of ’09. Clearly this highlights the fraud that is money printing – things priced in cheaper dollars APPEAR to be going up, but priced in REAL money they have only maintained the lows:

Truly the Grand Illusion. Does that mean that stocks can’t go lower priced in dollars? No… in fact to me it’s inevitable, but I don’t expect instant recognition.

I am stunned at the level of FRAUD that is being perpetrated across America (and most of the world). YOU ARE A VICTIM, YOU ARE BEING ROBBED, the FRAUD is RAMPANT.


Retirement funds are saturated with fraudulent paper – not just derivatives, but stocks and bonds as well. I’m going to run down just a small portion of the fraud below, if you are managing any type of investment funds you need to be aware of the fraud that’s present, it WILL unwind at some point.

Yesterday after the close Ambac (once the biggest monoline insurers) filed for bankruptcy. This company was built upon fraud to begin with, one half of its business was legitimate, the other half was all fraud. The legitimate business was insuring municipal bonds. The fraudulent business was insuring mortgages, including pools of mortgage derivatives. It was insuring those mortgages WITHOUT ANYWHERE NEAR SUFFICIENT ASSETS to actually pay in the event of default. This FRAUD was quickly obvious as the housing market began to unwind and its stock plummeted as you can see in this monthly chart of ABK stock:

As a part of the COVER-UP of the FRAUD that was prevalent, ABK broke itself into parts now calling itself “the Ambac Financial Group.” Note the word “Group.” What they did is ILLEGAL, they moved the good parts into new SHELL corporations while leaving behind the bad assets and liabilities in the old corporation. Despite being blatantly obvious and illegal, OUR GOVERNMENT did NOTHING.

Why is this shell game so destructive and illegal? Because the FRAUD leaves the investors who were defrauded in the first place holding a bag that is entirely empty – this bag is $1.6 billion in size (you may own ABK in your investment portfolio – and corporate crooks like Jim Cramer were just advising you to buy this stock even though bankruptcy was known). In other words, the shell game is an attempt to save the good assets for themselves while trying to leave former investors with little or nothing.

And here’s the result of the latest bankruptcy filing last night:

Guess what? The SHELL GAME is being played at nearly all the big banks too! The most obvious is Citi, who again with the blessing of OUR GOVERNMENT created a shell company to offload their crap assets. This way those crap "assets" could rot while isolating their good assets for themselves. Again, this leaves the investors out in the cold.

Could a good attorney “pierce the corporate veil” and get to the good assets? In a functioning system the answer is clearly yes they could. However, in this system the FRAUD is so pervasive that should it be exposed for what it is then the entire financial system WOULD COLLAPSE. That part is FOR REAL. That is why the patsies in OUR government are letting the crooks get away with it – it is because they have no spine to do what is right. The further away we get from fixing it, the harder it gets to do the right thing. There are no adults present, and it is making us all victims of their crimes multiple times over.

So, if you are an investor, WHY WOULD YOU LET ANY OF THESE COMPANIES HAVE ANY OF YOUR MONEY? If you do, you are a two-time fool.

The shell game is a completely different FRAUD than CONTROL FRAUD which is also RAMPANT.

Forclosuregate is exposing the methods of the criminals. Yesterday depositions began regarding the processing of interbank transfers. PLEASE take a few minutes and at least listen to the FRAUD that was occurring with the transfer of notes. We’re talking about so many illegal misrepresentations that it is simply AMAZING that it had not been exposed before:

Crystal Moore Deposition Part 1

Crystal Moore Deposition Part 2

Impersonating multiple bank Vice Presidents? Attesting to being at addresses in states which you have never been in? It gets worse, and it is one lackey right after the other:

Bryan Bly Deposition Part 1

Dhurata Doko Deposition Part 1

So I ask, where are the real officers of NTC, and WHEN DO I GET TO SEE THEM WEARING ORANGE JUMPSUITS?

I bet you know the answer to that, NOT ONE PERSON is doing jail time for FRAUD that is so rampant that it literally could bring down our entire financial system and is clearly a VERY LEGITIMATE THREAT TO OUR NATIONAL SECURITY, unlike all the FALSE FLAG scare tactics being used to make you submit to full body pat-downs at the airport, which is simply justification to rob you of your tax dollars so that the TSA is forced to buy the latest look through your clothes gizmo that makes the financiers and military industrial complex rich.

Do you see how you are being manipulated and robbed? Just last night I watched people being interviewed on the nightly news about the pat-downs and CRINGE when I hear acceptance along the lines of “Well, I understand the need.” What complete and utter bullshit – pure manipulation, brain washing, conditioning, and THEFT.

But that’s a whole other subset of the FRAUD.

And if you happen to commit any minor infraction of the laws set forth by the bankers, BINGO, instant orange jump suit for you.

While nation threatening FRAUD is occurring right under everyone’s noses, crap like this is occurring to the people:

Illegal Barber Arrests

As many as 14 armed Orange County deputies, including narcotics agents, stormed Strictly Skillz barbershop during business hours on a Saturday in August, handcuffing barbers in front of customers during a busy back-to-school weekend.

It was just one of a series of unprecedented raid-style inspections the Orange County Sheriff's Office recently conducted with a state regulating agency, targeting several predominantly black- and Hispanic-owned barbershops in the Pine Hills area.

In "sweeps" on Aug. 21 and Sept. 17 targeting at least nine shops, deputies arrested 37 people — the majority charged with "barbering without a license," a misdemeanor that state records show only three other people have been jailed in Florida in the past 10 years.

The operations were conducted without warrants, under the authority of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation inspectors, who can enter salons at will. Deputies said they found evidence of illegal activity, including guns, drugs and gambling. However, records show that during the two sweeps, and a smaller one in October, just three people were charged with anything other than a licensing violation.

So, in the hard economic times created by the real criminals, if you are cutting someone’s hair without a license, then you are subject to armed invasion, handcuffing, and arrest.

Yesterday I was watching the local evening news and saw a video about six local police officers who completely destroyed the front door of a guy’s home, dragged him out of his house and placed him in handcuffs in front of his neighbors. A homeowner. His crime? One of his neighbors smelled pot coming from his house and called police. Without any research, they send in six fully armed police who don’t even knock on his door to ask him a question straight up… they just kick it in, stick a rifle in his face, and put him in handcuffs. Turns out he is ill and has one of these medical marijuana permits from the state – something the police could have easily known if only they looked BEFORE they kicked down his door.

This is similar to an episode you may recall happened to a neighbor less than a block from where I live. The police led this early morning raid with stun grenades and wound up using automatic gun fire to kill the guys dog who was in the back yard. Turns out the guy wasn’t even home. His crime? Allegedly selling prescription drugs – a bad offense to be sure, but bullets flying in my neighborhood? Police leading with stun grenades? No research, no intelligence gathering at all, or they would have known he was not home.

POLICE OFFICERS AND MILITARY LISTEN UP! You are beginning to see more public pushback against these tactics. This is because THEY ARE WRONG. If you are being asked to take part in activities like this, you need to provide ADULT leadership for your units. REFUSE to act in an inappropriate manner against the very public you serve! You will find that doing the right thing will restore the TRUE RULE OF LAW, and that you will earn the people’s respect. By doing the RIGHT THING, you will live a life of virtue, your soul clean from knowing that you are protecting society, not protecting those who are DEFRAUDING IT.

And speaking of FRAUD, read this and weep for your nation:

Nov. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Goldman Sachs Group Inc., the bank that makes the most revenue trading stocks and bonds, lost money in that business on two days in the third quarter and made more than $100 million on seven days.

Losses on Goldman Sachs’s trading desks were between $25 million and zero on two days during the period that ended on Sept. 30, according to a filing today by the New York-based company with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The firm’s traders made between $75 million and $100 million on 24 days, the filing showed.

Gee, that’s nice. How do you suppose it's possible to make millions upon millions each and every day, day after day? Two losing days? Now, if you can’t see the FRAUD that’s occurring here, then you are BLIND, or you work for the government and fear that exposing this FRAUD will bring down our financial system.

I say the sooner we bring it down, the sooner we can rebuild it. A few tweaks aren’t going to do it.


NEW YORK ( -- Americans have paid off nearly $1 trillion in debt over the past two years, although the pace of repayment has slowed, according to a regional Federal Reserve report released Monday.

Total consumer debt was $11.6 trillion as of Sept. 30; down 7.4%, or $922 billion, from the peak reached in the third quarter of 2008, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Consumer indebtedness fell another 0.3% in the third quarter, after a 3.3% decline in the prior quarter.

And what is that trillion being offset by? By printing $110 billion per month. That printing simply destroys your purchasing power, a TAX wherein you get the bill while the Goldman’s of the world take multimillion dollar bonuses and rob you in THEIR markets with their HFT machines.

Oh yeah, they are robbing you in every manner possible – Control FRAUD, Market FRAUD, the Shell Game, you name it. And here’s where it leaves you:

Bankruptcy filings jump 14% in 2010

NEW YORK ( -- As the U.S. economy struggles to recover from a deep recession, the number of Americans filing for bankruptcy continues to rise dramatically.

In the federal government's fiscal year 2010, which ended September 30, more than 1.5 million non-business bankruptcy filings were processed, according to data released Monday by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. That's up more than 14% from fiscal 2009, when about 1.3 million personal bankruptcies were filed.

Got it? Sure, go long stocks. If you do, you are GOING LONG FRAUD. I hope that works out for you. I have a better idea – TAKE ALL YOUR MONEY OUT OF THE MARKETS AND STARVE THE CRIMINALS OF THE FUEL THEY NEED TO ROB YOU.

Here’s today’s Small Business Optimism “economic report” from Econoday:
October small business optimism edged up 2.7 points to a reading of 91.7. However, according to NFIB, the index remains stuck in the recession zone established over the past two years and not a good reading. This is still a recession level reading based on Index values since 1973. However, job creation plans did turn positive and job reductions ceased. The mood for inventory investment weakened a bit even though views of inventory adequacy improved, and an improvement in sales trends produced a marked improvement in profit trends, still ugly, but less so by a significant amount.

Wholesale Trade (PRICED IN DEVALUED DOLLARS) is released at 10 Eastern this morning.

Everywhere I look I see FRAUD. I have never seen so much out in the open rampant FRAUD, I can’t even fathom that we have degenerated to the depths that we have. To end the FRAUD, it will require that EVERYONE do what is truly right – not just what some supervisor or banker backed law dictates. There is a universal law of humanity. Each individual needs to take personal responsibility and pledge to themselves and to future generations that they will not support the ongoing capricious FRAUD.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Morning Update/ Market Thread 11/8

Good Morning,

Equity futures are slightly lower prior to the open, of course it is a Monday morning, need I say more? The dollar is significantly higher mainly against the Euro, bonds are flat, while both oil and gold are correcting their recent moon shots.

There is no economic data to report today and it’s going to be a light week. Thursday is Veteran’s Day and while the markets will be open, banks and the government are closed so there is no data that day either.

Looking over the charts this weekend is like watching “Night of the Living Dead.” The NDX has gone uninterrupted straight up since August and is up 29% since July. It is quite the spectacle of hot money to cover up functionally dead institutions and to inflate yet another bubble in the stock market – not that it’s really a market at all.

But the new highs do change the Elliott Wave count. It would appear to me now that the most likely count is that wave B is making an a,b,c formation and that we are currently inside of wave 3 up of c up. That leaves us with a wave 4 and 5 to follow, and that probably means more time chewing through the latest $110 billion per month until it is either put to rest or the criminals come through with QE3. If the dead are to remain in the realm of the undead, then QE3 is a given – so is the demise of our money.

Despite the count, I still do not rule out a triggering event that pops the bubble without notice. In fact I think the odds of an event that impacts the markets severely is quite high and getting higher. Fraud, when it ends, usually ends suddenly.

The head of the World Bank (criminal central) published an Op-Ed in the Financial Times this morning, here’s the key quote, "…should also consider employing gold as an international reference point of market expectations about inflation, deflation and future currency values.”

A gold standard? Yes, you are now being prepped. Remember, gold is THE most highly manipulated substance on the planet, it is FRAUD CENTRAL, and it is OWNED BY THE SAME CRIMINALS who have been wearing their DEBT PUSHING outfits. More proof of that is coming to light all the time, just check out this interview Max Keiser did with Jim Willie… part 1 is below, you can click through the video to the other two parts if you like, but this is important information on the depth of the criminal conduct (ht Jeff):

Jim Willie with Max Keiser:

What’s most important is WHO controls the production of our money. Private bankers should run BANKS not our money system - that belongs to US not to them. They would be quite content to run a debt backed system for a few decades, steal everyone’s productive efforts, and then control them with gold backed money for a couple more decades, rinse & repeat for eternity.

Will we be smart enough to break free from their control?

Money, after all, is all about control.

And what kills me is how many people still can’t fathom what happened on Jekyll Island in the year 1910. This is CONSPIRACY FACT, a fact which the “Fed” celebrated at the scene of the crime this weekend, Bernanke was in attendance and even spewed more central banker drivel. Yes, they are MEETING TO CONSPIRE AGAINST YOU!!! Again, this is not theory, it is fact. It’s all about WHO controls the money, which is all about who gets the rewards from YOUR productive efforts.

For those who have yet to understand what the “Fed” is, it is a group of “Federal Reserve Banks” which are OWNED by PRIVATE banks, which are owned by a very small minority of PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS. They state the ownership trail in such a manner as to obscure the truth, but the truth is simply that. This never should have been allowed, banks should be private, but the money system belongs to the people. However, since the private banks have committed robbery and massive fraud, I have nothing against TEMPORARILY nationalizing the large banks in order to run them through receivership and wring out the criminal elements and infinite leverage. Put Bill Black in charge and stand back.

Remember, the “Fed” does nothing in your best interest, anything they do is in their interest, the damage to you only minimized by their fear that you may rise up against them.

And that is why they fund programs like food stamps where there are now 42 million Americans (13.5% of the population) surviving on them. The number of people on food stamps increased by 17% in the past year alone. How’s that for economic recovery?

And the Department of Labor is now asking once again for an extension to Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) funding. Without authorizing more billions, emergency unemployment benefits will end for millions this month. Will they be extended? Certainly, the central bankers must keep the revolution down and will do so as long as they can get away with debasing our money, effectively taxing us all to compensate for their thievery.

That tax works to spike the cost of energy and food as the hot money pouring into the banks is exported around the world and is speculated in commodities that translate to higher costs for the majority of people.

JPM just put out a chart (criminals reporting on the havoc caused by themselves) showing the percentage of income spent on food and energy by income levels. What’s perfectly clear is how money debasement and Quantitative Easing work against the lower income brackets:

And here’s what JPM’s own analysts conclude:
“When the Fed considers the possible consequences of a falling dollar resulting from QE2, it should perhaps focus on food and energy prices as much as on traditionally computed core inflation. First, the food/energy exposures of the lower 2 income quintiles are quite high (see chart). Second, the core CPI has a massive weight to “owner’s equivalent rent”, which suggests that the imputed cost of home occupancy has gone down. Unfortunately, this is not true for families living in homes that are underwater, and cannot move to take advantage of it (unless they choose to default and bear the consequences of doing so). Due to the housing mess, there has perhaps never been a time when traditionally computed core inflation as a way of measuring changes in the cost of things means less than it does right now.”

No problem because the stock market is rising… more food stamps for everyone!

Fortunately the fraud is being talked about in wider and wider circles. Here’s a piece with information that certainly has been covered here many times, but this is formulated into something the masses can understand (ht Blonde Guest):

Jesse Ventura - Wall Street part 1/3

There’s only one way to end the fraud and criminal activity. Don’t expect someone to save you, help’s not coming. It has to emanate from the very people who are being victimized… the people down on Main Street: