Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekend Open Thread... Congratulations Egyptian People!

Congratulations to the PEOPLE of Egypt!

Now that you have secured your freedom, make sure you maintain it. That means that you must NOT let global bankers into your country to indebt your people, thus moving from despot enslavement to debt peonage.

THE MOST IMPORTANT thing the people of Egypt can do is to produce your own money, but be sure to create transparency and checks and balances to keep the quantity of money under control.

Best of luck, the rest of the world is watching and needs the positive role model!

I hope that everyone understand how significant an event this is. Egyptian people have not been under self rule since the time of the Pharos!

It is possible for the people of any nation to be free, but that freedom must be taken by the people. The people of America are not free as long private banks control the issuance of our money and give us false choices at the ballot box.