Monday, March 21, 2011

Bill Still - No More National Debt...

Bill Still's latest project is his book, "No More National Debt," which can be purchased here: Bill Still - No More National Debt

This is a terrific book, written in plain English that anybody can read to learn about the history of our money, why we don't need to have a national debt, and how to go about getting there. BUY THIS BOOK!

This book is the first book published that contains QR coding that can be read by Smartphones and other hand-held devices. These codes link your devise to video and other source information where you can learn more about specific topics.

I hope you buy Bill's book and please share it with others. The more who understand how important this topic is for humanity, the better.

Bill Still - No More National Debt

*Please note this rewrite of an earlier statement I incorrectly made - This book is 100% on the mark! (Earlier I had misunderstood a comment made by Milton Friedman that I attributed to Bill regarding ending the “Fed.” We agree that the Fed must be disbanded.)

Read this book and you’ll understand the root of many of the world’s problems, AND you’ll see that there are solutions once you begin to think outside of the Central Banker box!