Monday, March 21, 2011

Morning Update/ Market Thread 3/21 – Distract You Again War Edition…

Good Morning,

Equity futures are higher this morning as what I believe may be wave 4 of 3 down progresses. The dollar is breaking down to lower lows, bonds are also lower, oil jumped back to more than $104 a barrel and is sitting right on the 61.8% retrace line, silver & gold gapped higher, while food commodities are jumping again.

The Chicago “Fed” National Activity Index was negative once again in February, here’s Econoday:
The Chicago Fed's national activity index slipped to minus 0.04 in February from minus 0.01 in January (revised from minus 0.16). Continued weakness in the consumption & housing component during February offset positive contributions from the index's other three components. The three-month moving average rose to plus 0.11 from January's plus 0.05 (revised from minus 0.10).

So, how exactly does a three month moving average continue to supposedly rise when the last two months have been negative? Again, anything that emanates from the “Fed” is disinformation, as in slight of hand that’s meant to distract you.

Existing Home Sales are released at 10 Eastern this morning, and there’s a fairly steady stream of data all week but no major releases other than the final trumped up Q4 revision of GDP.

Peace is breaking out all over the globe, right? I mean isn’t that why the people are rising up the world over? Didn’t President Obama just win the Nobel Peace Prize? And we’re now in yet another war in the name of what, defending the people of Libya? Isn’t that exactly what we said going into Iraq after all the other excuses were proven false? Let’s cut through all the slight of hand and get to the root of the matter… but first, let’s review Slight of Hand (just another version of the Shell Game):

Slight of Hand is meant to distract you.

Distract you from what?

How about the theft of your productive efforts, the total capture of global markets and politics, war, and especially WHO it is that produces and controls the money the world over? Make no mistake, the central bankers might as well be wearing a bandana over their faces and holding a gun to your head, they are robbing all of us (the people of the world) in broad daylight, while distracting us with their slight of hand.

We’re bombing Libya, but don’t call it a “war,” that’s a term we use to describe our efforts to PROMOTE drugs, terror, and illiteracy. No, a war is something that Congress must declare, only they haven’t done their job for decades and they aren’t going to start now. Congress has been captured, completely and totally. Tackle the deficit problem? Are you kidding? That would mean placing a Check on the bankers and the military industrial complex… Never happen. And make no mistake, the U.N. is nothing but a cover for the very same central bankers.

So we’ll come to the rebel’s “rescue” in Libya, but not in Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, or any of the other countries that we do business with, right?

What business? Well, either we do business in oil, or we do business with military hardware, or both. But not in Libya… oh no, in Libya they have sweet crude and the oil fields there were nationalized and removed from our special interest’s control. They don’t buy weapons from us, and they don’t host our military. And thus, Libya is attacked, the banker owned defense industry goes Ka-Ching at your expense, the nuclear fallout and food contamination goes unreported, money from nothing continues to flow, while they rob day after day a bigger and bigger portion of every dollar you hold, every dollar you earn. Thus we arm the "rebels" as long as they promise to be our friends (do business) once we put their new dictator in power, just like we did their last one. Very sick, and very evil.

And there's a lesson there is completely lost in the heat of battle... that is that true FREEDOM cannot be handed to you! True Freedom can only be EARNED - something the people of the United States are forgetting. And there's another lesson to be learned in that giving your government a military and intelligence complex that is too powerful, blocks the people from experiencing true freedom. Thus we have sacrificed our own freedom in the name of security - just more slight of hand.

And the nuclear situation in Japan is NOT getting better as the media proclaims! There is now smoke emanating from reactor 3’s spent fuel pool, that’s the one with the plutonium fuel… and radioactive iodine and cesium are being found in the water, in the milk, and in leafy vegetables in many parts of Japan. They continue to pour sea water on the reactors and rod storage pools without concern for the radio active steam or water runoff and where it’s going. Had they buried the reactors and pools with sand, this type of runoff would not be happening.

Oh yeah, restoring power to that smoldering heap is going to help:

And let’s not discuss where this radiation is going around the globe, no let’s downplay the risk – at least that’s what the mainstream does in order to placate you. I, on the other hand, want to practice risk management, and that involves looking at the possible scenarios and then being prepared should the worst happen.

Let’s start with what we know… the food supply in Japan is contaminated. It is likely to be contaminated for quite some time as radiation contamination doesn’t just go away quickly. That’s a huge strike to the world’s supply of food.

Now let’s say that the radiation moves across the U.S. blanketing farmland, dairy land, and fruit orchards. What would be the result? Well, everyone would want non-contaminated food… and the second it’s reported that the food in the U.S. is contaminated, EVERYONE will want to run out and stock up on food that was produced prior to the contamination – that would be the food that’s sitting on the store shelves right now. That food could be gone in an instant.

Are you prepared for that should it occur? Oh yeah, it may not happen, but you have no one in government or in the mainstream media who will even discuss the possibility. Heck, when our own overweight Surgeon General initially said that she thought we should all be prepared by possessing potassium iodide, she was forced to retract that statement because it might panic us know nothing people.

And so, I’m telling you that in my opinion it is possible the food supply gets contaminated, and that you don’t want to arrive at the stores once the shelves are bare.

But then again, the markets are higher, don’t look at which countries we aren’t willing to go to war over to “help” the rebels. Don’t look at how you and the people of the world are being robbed. Don’t look at what might happen when special interest corporations are allowed to build energy facilities that threaten your food and our planet. Don’t look at WHO it is that profits and garners power from the production and control of your nation’s money.

Want to turn it all around? Then you MUST regain control of that money production on behalf of the people – only then will you begin to see solutions to these problems and the impossible math that’s been imposed upon you.

If this is wave 4 that’s occurring, it’s just about to hit the top of the channel right at the SPX 1,300 mark: