Thursday, March 31, 2011

Morning Update/ Market Thread 3/31 – Leadership Vacuum is Dangerous Edition…

Good Morning,

Equity futures are slightly lower this morning prior to the open. The dollar is sinking, bonds are rising, while equities seem to be correlating to the movement of the Japanese Yen – as the Yen moves lower (with massive intervention) the market moves higher, and visa versa. Today the Yen is stronger. Silver and gold are strong, rising close to new records, but food commodities are slightly lower.

Oil, however, is doing a moon shot! This comes on the heels of yesterday’s announcement that we are awash in oil – the highest Cushing reserves in history… so much oil that we are almost out of places to store it! And gasoline demand is plunging – proof that demand is being destroyed as the price of oil rises. And “expert” after “expert” in the media talks and talks about the high price of oil, yet NO ONE, especially the President of the United States, correlates the price of oil to the insane actions of the “Fed.”

The President the other night was shamed into finally giving a speech on his actions in Libya. Then, over the past two nights he has been doing interviews with NBC where he doesn’t go off script and is talking up all our success. While he’s talking about rebel success, the rebel forces are getting spanked as Gadafi’s men abandon targetable tanks and get into private trucks that make it impossible for pilots to tell which side they are on. Gadafi’s trained military is using simple tactics like flanking maneuvers across the desert to pinch the rebels into crossfire. The rebels have now lost nearly all the ground they supposedly gained, and now are at risk of losing major cities.

So much for our wonderful “humanitarian” progress in Libya – as if that was ever our real intention to begin with. No, what Obama is doing at every single turn is DANGEROUS. In his speech he stated that we are attacking despite not having any “interest” in doing so other than to avoid the “bloody images” that would surely ensue. He also stated that there was no plan to have U.S. personnel on the ground – yet now it is being reported that CIA “trainers” are on the ground working with the rebels.

His actions in Libya are dangerous because he is picking sides in an internal fight without consulting others in our political system as he is required to prior to going to war. Thus he is playing God – and those are the actions of a Despot. Despots always portray themselves as “saviors.” It is also dangerous because there is no strategy, exit or otherwise going in. How do we know that whatever government that follows will be any better than Gadafi’s? We don’t, and in fact it could be worse – yes, that is most certainly possible as whenever there is a leadership vacuum, despots are certain to be close by.

And yet isn’t it funny that we are only “humanitarian” to the point of involvement in countries that have oil? The very same mass killing of civilians is completely overlooked and not even discussed in countries that DO BUSINESS (oil and/ or military) with the United States. Thus, the proclaimed moral high ground is false.

Libya absolutely has the potential to snowball on us in the exact wrong direction. Our failure to hold Obama to long established standards will be very costly to America in the end, mark my words on this subject.

Inside our own country Obama has failed to hold anyone accountable for their actions - this is because he is beholden to the banker's money, a puppet. As are both Democrats and Republicans who play tit for tat on the deck of the Titanic while stuffing the pockets of bankers with your hard earned money.

Now, let’s talk about the leadership vacuum in regards to the nuclear situation in Japan where it is blatantly obvious that yet another energy special interest corporation is running the disaster in their own self-interests instead of the interests of humanity. Radioactive particles are flowing out of those plants at a very high level. They are making their way all over the globe, and now radioactive iodine and cesium have been found in MILK in both Washington State and in California!

Here’s the thing – allowing radiation to not be contained for days, weeks, and even longer puts massive amounts of these particles into the environment where they build up and up over time. Then the cow eats the grass or grain, and the next thing you know dairy products are contaminated. Same with our farmlands. And when it rains, particles that were in the atmosphere are deposited on anything the rain touches. Feel like a walk in the rain? Can I offer you a fresh glass of milk? And sorry media, there is NO safe level of ingestion for these particles. And what happens to our food supply if they continue to dilly dally for months?

Again, here is Arnie Gunderson of FairwindsAssociates giving a calm and rational update on the current situation. He is absolutely credible, has been in the industry for years and was involved in managing the Three Mile Island situation after it happened.

Update on Fukushima: Discussion of High Level Radiation Releases and the Previous "Worse Case Senario" from Fairewinds Associates

Mr. Gunderson should be given a Japanese translator and sent to Japan to act as the official spokesperson of the situation. He, and others, should be running the show in Japan, not Tokyo Electric officials who are making decisions on behalf of their corporation.

Remember, it was Obama who said that we should not worry, that radiation will NOT reach the United States! Remember that? And here it is, not only in the environment, but in the food.

No, our President, if he was any leader at all should have already been far more forceful on this situation. He should demand that TEPCO be removed from control of the situation and that outside experts be allowed to take over and make decisions that favor humanity. Finally, now that it’s in our food they are finally talking about containment – something that should have been the priority from day one. But our President, as well as officials in Japan, are beholden to special interests. The same thing happened in the BP incident.

The current system where the private banks pretend to be the “Fed,” make money from nothing and use it to buy all the branches of government and make laws that favor them is not only wrong, but it is absolutely dangerous to humanity and our very existence!

Let that sink in… it is not hyperbole – it is reality.

Forget the markets and the trumped up economic data… we have far more serious issues at hand.