Monday, May 2, 2011

Morning Update/ Market Thread 5/2 – It’s a Matter of TRUST Edition…

Good Morning,

Equities are higher, the dollar is flat, bonds are slightly lower, oil is down, gold is down, silver is down, and food commodities are mixed with the price of rice soaring.

Today we will see the Manufacturing ISM and Construction Spending at 10 Eastern. The data highlight of the week comes Friday with the April Employment Report.

It’s a matter of TRUST, of CONfidence. I don’t have it, and am losing faith with each BIZARRE episode.

MESSAGE TO THOSE WHO CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH (this would include almost all who participate in the mainstream media, and those who cannot digest and handle the facts). My CON Game radar has been going full scale tilt lately – and there are enough data points of fact to confirm without any doubt that my Con Game Radar has good reason to lack trust. I am going to stay focused and on point – the subjects I am about to cover are absolutely on point and have vast implications for our economy. Do not shoot the messenger, and process the facts!

Taboo subject #1 – Obama’s Recently released long form Birth Certificate: This is now CONFIRMED to be a manipulated FAKE. Many people have now analyzed it, and it was pieced together on a computer – you now cannot dispute that FACT. There are so many manipulations that it is crazy and makes you wonder why such a glaring forgery was presented to the public? There are at least two smoking guns in all the manipulations, the latest is the fact that Adobe’s software tracks how a picture is assembled. As you can see in this video, this “certificate” was assembled and manipulated together from pieces found on the internet:

Can you process that?

It is a fake. Forging official birth certificates is against the law. Having the President of the United States present a fake certificate is something entirely different altogether. It represents the height of the breakdown of the rule of law.

Now, who produced it and why is one question that must be answered. You cannot laugh this away or claim “nutjob” over this fact. The fact that Obama and the media is making jokes and painting those looking into it as nutjobs is a sick and twisted form of manipulation. Even if Obama was set up with this obvious fake, he is guilty of not doing his own due diligence and of not appointing a competent team to surround him. This is absolutely worthy of removing him from office – process the facts. The real question in my mind is why is he so obviously being set up, and by whom?

Process it – deal with it.

Bizarre Subject #2: Osama Bin Laden’s Death. Here I do not have smoking gun facts, but my manipulation radar is going off like mad, and it did so from the instant this was announced – here’s why…

Well BEFORE this was announced publically, oil, silver, and gold in the futures market began to tank. In fact, silver gapped down 10%.

Now, this is evidence of nothing more than the usual insider information flow, insider trading, and insider manipulation. But again, it’s about TRUST. You want to invest in markets where insiders move your positions 10%+ on the open based on information that had to come from the inside of the Administration? Information you don’t possess at the same time? Not me, no thanks… no trust.

Now, overnight pictures of a dead Osama were published by some mainstream media. Those pictures, it turns out, were also fake – pulled straight off the internet and have been around for years. Oops – now retracted, great reporting.

Then this morning it was announced that Osama’s dead corpse was buried at sea!!! Now my manipulation radar is SCREAMING at me! Nice justification to hide evidence – oh yeah, DNA samples are being processed… but we had to bury him at sea to satisfy Muslim beliefs!

Tell me one time in history – just one time – that anything like that has ever been done in such a hasty manner? Sorry, but if you are buying all of this, I have some swamp land in Florida for you. Again, I don’t have any smoking gun facts here, but let me just say that the way this was handled does anything but build trust.

Process it – and ask yourself why did this happen now?

From my perspective the forged Birth Certificate is a show stopper – if the media fails to pick up on it, and if the President is not held accountable for its presentation, then there’s really no need to even go on discussing “markets.” There will be no rule of law, and those who participate in these “markets,” or who fail to acknowledge this CRIME will be complicit in allowing the breakdown of the rule of law, and in the accompanying lack of trust, and destruction of confidence.

Oh, and don’t forget about the bizarre handling of the still raging nuclear accident still in progress – the breakdown of the rule of law, the corporate capture, the GREED, has caused and is still causing massive quantities of radiation to pour into the environment – it is BIZARRE that this is being ignored and improperly handled. We are discussing the widespread cast of radiation worldwide and there is a plethora of information that the media is ignoring and that we are discussing inside of our daily thread – come join the discussion, join reality.

And equally BIZARRE is the complete and total CAPTURE that has occurred with corporations and their “regulators.” Here are two MORE glaring examples:
Monsanto Will Soon Be Allowed To Police Itself

… The pilot program will allow these companies to conduct their own environmental assessments of crops or outsource the work to contractors. The USDA will still get the final say in determining the safety of crops.

Here the corporation is being allowed to be the regulator. Hey, might as well call a spade a spade, that’s what was effectively happening anyway. Corporate capture to the extreme.

Then there’s this:
There Goes the Data: Major Cuts at EIA Washington

One of my greatest concerns coming out of the financial crisis of 2008 was that, eventually, free services like government data would be reduced or lost altogether. This afternoon I learned from EIA Washington that one of the cornerstones of my own work, and also the work of others globally, is about to be suspended: the gathering of International Energy Statistics. For me professionally, this is among the most important gateways to monthly data on global oil production. As I said, after 2008 I came to recognize my own professional dependency on this free data. But, I never actually expected to lose my access. Well, that’s always the way, isn’t it? Below is a portion of today’s EIA Press Release:

You can follow the link to the Press Release. The bottom line is that the data is being cut off in the same manner that M3 is no longer reported. When you can’t stand the heat, cut off the data.

I’m going to say this exactly one last time today, and I’m going to turn the tables on the mainstream – those who fail to acknowledge and act upon the facts are complicit in the breakdown of the rule of law. You cannot laugh this off or joke about the “nutjobs” any longer.

I think that anyone who participates in these manipulated markets is both a fool and is also complicit in feeding the blatant manipulation. The markets are not only not free, they are not even real – what they are is insider manipulated to the max – again complete corporate capture, no regulators.

I sadly note that today the media and a great percentage of our population is celebrating like we’re the great slayer of evil – how removed from reality can we get? Body dumped in the ocean? Come on. The breakdown of the rule of law is so in your face that you simply cannot ignore it any longer – and if our collective conscious doesn’t act to remove this Administration then I’m going write off my efforts to present reality and move on.

No music today – each individual needs to think hard about meaning and consequence. Process this information and then analyze your role in the collective consciousness. It's a matter of TRUST.