Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Morning Update/ Market Thread 5/3 – It’s Still a Matter of TRUST Edition…

Good Morning,

Equity futures are lower this morning as prices appear to be etching out a mild retracement, possibly a flat wave 4 movement. The dollar is slightly higher, while bonds continue to rise, oil slumps a little, gold rises after falling yesterday, silver gets attacked some more, and most food commodities are slightly lower.

Yeah, despite all the feel good wonderful feelings of getting Osama, it’s still a matter of trust. Actually watching the media go way over the top, many pieces I saw were bordering on plain old fashioned sick. So, we haul his corpse over a thousand miles and dump his body at sea? Sorry, that does not ring true to me. And it’s amazing watching the story line develop and then change. Now his wife wasn’t killed, it was somebody else (what did they do with the other bodies?). Osama wasn’t even armed. Was he shot once or twice? Now there were a ton of computers in the place conflicting with earlier information of no telephone or internet. Why is the storyline so difficult? Yes, I want to believe we got him, but I also want to trust my own government – and when I am presented with obviously manipulated documents that trust is seriously in question.

I read a story in the mainstream by a “journalist” suggesting that getting Osama removes any doubt about Obama’s loyalties. That suggestion is simply sick in my mind – you cannot ignore the breakdown in the rule of law, getting Osama doesn’t make that fake document legal, it doesn’t reel in the banksters who are robbing and starving the world blind, and it doesn’t stop the radiation from spilling out of Fukushima which is poisoning the globe and YOUR food supply.

The inconsistencies destroy TRUST. We throw Osama’s body into the ocean – yet we didn’t throw the other bodies into the ocean, and have never just tossed a body into the ocean (sorry, don’t buy the excuses). Yesterday margin requirements for silver were raised for the third time in just 5 days – why are we raising margin requirements for silver but not for oil or food commodities? Where is the justice in that manipulation, and WHO do they benefit?

I’ve said it repeatedly, our markets are not serving the purpose for which they were originally intended. HFT trading needs to go away, as do the majority of derivatives. What does Charlie Munger, Vice-Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, have to say on the subject? He says that we should, “Cut the Banking Sector by 80%,” and that, “The rest of us don’t have anything to gain from trading between computers…”

Truer words are seldom heard.

While the big banks are stealing from everyone they can (including Berkshire's WFC), we learn that the number of people on food stamps set yet another record by rising to 44.2 million – that’s 14.25% of our entire population:

Along with this report we also learn that of the $907 billion in capital gains paid in 2007, only 400 taxpayers accounted for $91 billion – that is 10% of the capital gains in this country went to 400 people (0.000009049%) while 44.2 million collect food stamps. Think about that chasm and the implications – again, I think it describes total capture.

Meanwhile, as a result of corporate capture and inappropriate closeness of nuclear regulators and industry in Japan, officials there are just now admitting that they knew the scale of this disaster very early on. The radiation, get this, is now being detected in cars manufactured in Korea that have been imported to Chile.

Fairwinds makes an attempt to discuss the nuclear effects on our food chain in the video below… they do a good job of distinguishing ingested particles from background radiation, but fall short in offering good advice on how to avoid those particulates, which can be very difficult to say the least:

Where is all that Fukushima radiation going, and why does it matter?

How about containing them properly in the first place? How about separating industry from government? How about separating special interest money from government? Yes, definitely test and gather data! And now that it’s out uncontrollably in our environment, how about eating foods that are lower in the food chain because it concentrates as it goes up the food chain? This means avoiding dairy products and predator types of fish like tuna. How about filtering your water supply, especially if it comes from an above ground source like a river? There are a lot of things that you can do – just remember that it is silent and invisible, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or that it can’t become a health problem for you or your family. Personally, I think our lack of reaction and downplaying of this event is disgraceful on a national level.

Where would you bury him?