Monday, June 20, 2011

Morning Update/ Market Thread 6/20 - Burning Ring of Fire Edition…

Good Morning,

Equity futures are lower this morning, with the dollar higher over the weekend but falling sharply just prior to the open, bonds are doing likewise, oil was lower but is rising, gold & silver are staying level, while food commodities are continuing their correction lower.

There is no economic data today and it is a light week ahead with Home Sales data, the final trumped revision of Q1 GDP, and of course we get to sit on pins and needles to listen to the latest tripe coming from the “Fed’s” private lips as they release their FOMC meeting minutes and then hold a press conference to tell us how they are devaluing our money further, thus robbing our productive efforts – can’t wait.

Funny that they are willing to hold a phony press conference, but yet the real government is working hard to repress information to the public. You know, little things like experts saying that the amount of radiation from Fukushima is going to be 20 times worse than Chernobyl. Or that the infant mortality rate in the United States is jumping, up 35% in the northwest it was just announced but ignored by the mainstream – experts pin the cause on Fukushima radiation.

Experts also are warning that Fukushima corium is eating its way through the concrete pad beneath the reactors and that the Japanese need to be building an underground dam to prevent the spread of radiation into the ground water and into the ocean – but that is being ignored by TEPCO, and the government, long overcome with special interest pressure, does not press for action and thus the radiation continues to spill out uncontained.

A Frenchman has been posting videos of radiation readings around Japan for months now… one of his films went viral and the day following all of his YouTube videos have been taken down.

Here in the United States we already have one nuclear power plant completely underwater with the Missouri River flooding, two more are now threatened. It has been reported by the alternative media that our own government has issued a news blackout regarding these incidents and potential threats they represent.

Also blacked out here in the United States, a New Hampshire man committed self-immolation this weekend by setting himself on fire on the steps of a county courthouse, he did not survive, and our media is not reporting this. He wrote a 15 page missive basically slamming the breakdown of the rule of law in this country. He was a Marine with 21 years of service – you can read about it here: NH MAN BURNS SELF AT COURTHOUSE IN PROTEST

The fiat fire continues to burn around the world with violence resulting all over the middle east, and protests occurring in Europe. The on again, off again re-“bailout” of Greece is quite the circus to watch. The IMF (same old private bankers who anointed themselves) want to create money from nothing to both lend and to buy up the infrastructure, including airports and highways if you can believe that, and I’m sure you can because you’re reading here. Of course this is just completely turning over your sovereignty to a bunch of thug criminals dressed in suits.

And thus the beat goes on with no meaningful real solutions in sight. Should Greece continue to resist banker efforts, and I sure hope they do, then as their bonds default it will ripple through the banks and another financial freeze will be very likely to occur, this time with money hesitant to flow into debt saturated countries and the dominos will topple from there – as they should. They should because without clearing out the debt saturated condition, there will be little or no economic prosperity for any but those who create the debt money.

On Friday the VIX closed just below the upper boundary of the Bollinger band. This produced a market buy signal, but remember that it can take awhile for the market to respond - or it could happen right away or not at all depending on the will of the crooked casino owners (of course):