Friday, July 22, 2011

Morning Update/ Market Thread 7/22 - Kabuki Theatre Edition

Good Morning,

Equity futures are falling this morning after yesterday’s money pumping glory rally. The dollar is up slightly, bonds are up, oil is down, gold is pushing up strongly above $1,600 again, silver is rising, but food commodities are falling.

There are no meaningful economic releases today.

The market remains unreal and nothing but fluff. Yesterday it was another Greek “bailout,” coupled with more rumor-mongering political kabuki regarding the debt ceiling. The Greek “bailout” is nothing but money from yet another “special fund” used to lengthen the time the Greeks are enslaved, but to artificially do it at a far lower interest rate than any free market would ever allow.

And so I ask, WHERE DOES THE MONEY FOR THAT COME FROM? Did it exist already? If it did exist already then it is taking money from something and someone else… but that’s simply not the case. This is just another cover-up scheme to create the appearance that money printing is not occurring to cover DEFAULTED debt. The Greeks are in default, but then again so are we – this scheme is the exact same scheme the “Fed” is running on Americans. And just look at how you pay for it in the depreciation of your money - $1,600+ gold, and you pay for it every single time you fill up your tank or take a bite to eat. Famine in Africa is nothing compared to the nasty conditions created all over the world by out-of-control narcissistic central bankers.

As far as our debt ceiling kabuki… the rumor of $3 trillion “saved” over a decade means that our deficits will still be growing exponentially. The math is impossible and everyone will find that despite all the talk of “deficit reduction,” that real reduction is going to be absolutely unachievable. Impossible is just that – none of the proposals will so much as dent the impossible math. The only thing they can possibly accomplish is to fool you for another year… maybe… if you don’t have two neurons communicating with one another that is… which collectively we seem not to have.

Whatever, all that is completely on ignore from me because I know how this game eventually ends. I am committed to working outside of the central banker system, that means I refuse to participate in their unfree, manipulated at warp-speed, “markets.” No thanks.

Instead I am putting my money to work building a real business. A business that does not depend upon financial engineering, banks, and one that will create jobs here in America while being on the leading edge responsible with efficient use of resources. There are a lot of people with money out there looking for real places to put their capital to work. Matching that money up directly with real business is the only way around the central banking paradigm, besides owning precious metals. My sense is that there is more and more of this direct financing occurring. If you look, you will find opportunity in this regard – just make sure that you perform your due diligence.