Friday, October 21, 2011

Morning Update/ Market Thread 10/21 - Reality Explosion/ Eurodiculous Edition…

Good Morning,

Equity futures, highly manipulated equity futures, are currently fantasizing about the supposed largesse of global central bankers who, according to this genius headline on Bloomberg, are going to save the Eurozone (again, but delayed, maybe, but for sure this time, well, maybe) with, get this, (the figure keeps changing but the manipulated markets like it)… here’s the Bloomberg headline, “E.U. Considers Wielding $1.3 Trillion to Break Debt Impasse.”

LOL! (Insert roaring laughter here)

As if: A. They have $1.3 Trillion to wield. B. $1.3 Trillion in DEBT can cure a DEBT problem. C. $1.3 Trillion given to the purveyors of fraud will help anyone but the fraudsters.

And so we have this crazy world where the people who currently run the globe via fraud (hereto forth known as “the 1%,” or bribe givers), create debt money from nothing and demand hard work from the world’s citizens to pay it back, plus interest (aka “austerity”), and so you have violent riots on the streets of Greece occurring the same day that the fraud enabling government (aka bribe takers) pass the central banker demanded austerity measures.

Not that the world cares, because oh my gosh, we got Gaddafi and we’re proud that we “saved the world” from yet another evil doer by illegally targeting yet another head of state (karma will eventually repay that rule-of-law that isn’t being followed).

Are you distracted yet? Did you notice that the “Fed” stepped in to guarantee $75 Trillion worth (!!) of Bank of America’s wild derivatives? We make the Eurofools look good. Have you noticed that the impossible math right here in the good old U.S.A. is far worse than it is in Europe and it’s getting worse by the minute, or did we forget? Take a look at what’s NOT on the books if you want to see reality. No matter, the impossible math will keep coming back to remind us all, again, and again, until the purveyors of fraud are removed from power.

But for now the “markets” are higher on the fantasy, the dollar is lower of course, the Yen is breaking out to new and ridiculous highs, bonds are lower (but still at ridiculous manipulated levels), oil is higher of course despite securing the Libyan oil fields (oops, did I say that?), and food commodities roar higher in response to the thought of more trillions in debt money, thus choking the literal life out of the real, non-fantasy world.

But I digress. What I really want to talk about today besides Eurodiculous, is that I’m beginning to see more and more reality making it into the people’s consciousness. They are figuring out that they are living an economic lie, and that they’re being held captive inside of the central banker box.

The thing about lies is that it takes TWO to pull off a lie! That’s right, a lie requires not only the fraudster cranking it out, but it also takes the fool on the other end to believe it. The fool must “give permission” to the fraudster to lie to them! To stop a lie, all one must do is refuse to participate in it, then the lie has no power! “LYING IS A COOPERATIVE ACT.”

Gee, isn’t YouTube great? Do you think you can spot any lies when Bernanke is talking? Have you bought into the lie of the “Federal Reserve Bank?” Do you hang on the words that come with the FOMC announcement? Lying is a cooperative act.

Here’s another great YouTube that is getting more on point and corrects some major myths of history – not all mind you, but understanding these three myths of the Great Depression is a start:

Did you hear that? The “reality” you’ve been taught in your history book is “the opposite” of the truth! Now we’re getting someplace. Because the monetary system and the economy are behind and underlie every major event in human history! And we’ve all been living in a control you economic lie, where reality is exactly the opposite, to a large degree, from the truth. I, for one, am no longer willing to participate in the lies – how about you, still waiting for that next FOMC announcement or rumor out of the Eurozoo? Go long, “there’s never been a better time to buy!”