Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Morning Update/ Market Thread 11/8 - Perpetuate the Box Day Edition...

Good Morning,

Equity futures are higher this morning after yet another miracle rumor fueled nothing-real spike higher yesterday. Remember, the “market” is no longer comprised of a really wide swath of real people trading, it is now controlled and manipulated by a narrower and narrower few, the big players of which make money from nothing and use it to fuel their HFTs. They will run the markets in the direction to suit them, at your expense, that, and the expectation of further money from nothing around the world create the fluff that just is. The dollar is lower, of course, bonds are flat, oil is higher (now pushing $97) thus making you pay for it, of course, gold & silver are flat, while food commodities do the linguini at the top of the recent range.

The Italians are meeting today to “vote” on how to manage their budget and completely impossible math. That is to say they want to perpetuate their broken system by taking loans from A-holes who produce money from nothing, while forcing austerity on their people, all designed to rob their productive efforts and funnel the wealth from the bottom to the few self-anointed world bankers. Again, when exactly did you, or anyone else on the globe, vote for the “Fed,” IMF or World Bank?

So, it’s no vote at all, only a charade like the activity in Greece where the media reports on the puppets without even talking about the plain as day debt strings used to control them. Of course this construct is complete nonsense, pitiful and shameful, really. That’s because none of it is real, it’s all a figment and fabrication of the 1% - a giant LIE. And all that really has to happen to fix it is for the 99% to no longer consent to the lie!

Hey, look over here! All that has to be done is to tell the world’s self-anointed bankers to go to hell where they belong, and to begin producing non debt backed truly sovereign money (with the proper controls on quantity of course)! That’s it, that’s THE key.

Once you take your mind out of their false box, their lies, then true answers come forth. Don’t be diverted, gold as or behind money is just another way for a few to control the masses.

Of course those self-anointed in power won’t give it up easily, I’m very sad to say. Thus we can expect that the road will not be an easy one. Today is election day, how do you vote? Do you vote for the lefty or the righty, both of whom are financed by the same people?

My take is that the only meaningful elections are to vote for local politicians who you know are not corrupt. Once you get above the small town or county level, you must assume corruption. I have not seen a politician in America in my adult lifetime who is not a puppet and perpetuator of the giant LIE. Just listen to Bill Clinton talk about “economic solutions” while he sells his new book – OMG, puke! He can’t utter two words that make any sense whatsoever, and he is light years from acknowledging reality, just like all who are financed by the lies are.

At the Occupy rally I attended this Saturday, the subject of moving money out of the big banks came up again. Several expressed their concern about doing so because “they really like the very nice people working there.”

Boo, hoo. Here’s the reality. Employees who work inside of evil institutions may appear to be “nice” on the surface, but all are complicit in supporting the evil and the big LIE. Most probably don’t realize either the evil or their own complicity, but ignorance is no excuse! Ignorance of the law is no excuse, and neither is standing by without action while your country rounds up and executes genocide on a particular race of people. If you are ignorant, but support evil, are you nice?

No, my take is that employees at the big banks and banks that comprise the “Federal Reserve Bank” wear the Scarlett Letter and should be treated as such. Can’t go there mentally? Welcome to servitude where your children work their lives away paying interest to feed the evil instead of moving humanity forward – is that the legacy you want? Is that the ripple into time that you want your life’s energy to cast?

Trust me, you pull your funds from the big banks without guilt – those “nice” employees can then find employment in the credit union that moves in to fill the void that’s left. Then they will be truly nice, supporting a non-evil institution.

And so each of us must look at ourselves and our role in feeding the big LIE. Is casting a ballot really going to fix the root of the problem at this point? Or is casting a ballot within a broken system consenting to the LIE? Something to think about – me personally, I no longer consent to the lies. I refuse to work to support it, and I refuse to vote to support it. I don’t want to tear the system down, NO, I want to repair the system by tearing out the root problem, WHO it is that produces the money! Do that, and the spokes around the hub have solid support for repair.

The only meaningful economic report today comes from the NFIB Small Business Optimism Index which gained a smidgen but still resides in depression territory. The only negative in the month of October was hiring, but the rest of their measurements were mostly flat. Note the tone of the report here, why can they talk in a tone that reflects reality, but most cannot?
The Index of Small Business Optimism gained 1.3 points, nudging the Optimism Index up to 90.2, below the year-to-date average of 91.1 and only slightly better than the average since January 2009 of 89.1. As was the case in September, the “gain” in the Index was primarily a result of less negative views about the prospects for real sales and business conditions. Hardly the basis for strong economic growth.

There are a lot of good charts in their report – most clearly show the collapse, a bounce, but now another downturn:

NFIB Small Business Confidence November

Sorry, but I know that most people want to believe the impossible math and other problems can be addressed from within the system, I used to be there too, but fully realize how difficult it will be to root out those who have anointed themselves with the power to create money and use that money to corrupt all the branches of government. Separating money from politics, by the way, is just one spoke on the wheel, the hub of the wheel is WHO controls production of our common currency. “Other events” are coming, they are going to rattle the world and distract the masses from the real target. Sorry but there is only one true war, and it’s not the “war on terror,” or the “war on drugs,” it’s the war of humanity versus those who enslave them.

Claim Your Freedom, Claim Our Security.

I, Nathan Martin, no longer consent to the LIE.