Sunday, December 4, 2011

Davos Guest Post - Psychopathic Economics 101

Our friend, Davos, has a blog called Davos World Economic Forum that is now linked to my favorite blogs. He is also writing a new book, please wish him best of luck on that important endeavor.

Below is just the introduction to his latest article where Davos takes the captured reality from the psychopathic direction. His article has a lot of good videos, graphs, and insights, so please follow the link by clicking on the title below to read the article in its entirety, and make sure that you bookmark his blog.

Of course there are always psychopaths in society, the key mistake of rational, empathetic people was allowing the private banker narcissists the ability to control the production of money. That came first - they then used that ability to capture in the way Davos describes in his article, and I look forward to reading his book when it comes out...

By D. “Davos” Sherman Okst


Psychopaths flew financial weapons of mass destruction (derivatives) into the twin towers of our economy, the housing market and the stock market. Ten trillion dollars of wealth imploded in a cloud of dust.

Ninety-nine percent of the economic experts – financial planners, economists, economic professors, brokers, and investors – missed the largest bubble in history as well as the systemic risk that the bubble posed.

The National Board of Economic Research (NBER) (who is responsible for declaring a recession) was 9 months late calling the worst recession since the Great Depression.

How Economics Were Hijacked

I advocate that the larger story here isn’t derivatives or the Financial Crisis of “2008,” but instead how economics has been secretly hijacked.

When I began researching for the book I’m writing I had a premise: “Corporatocracy” had replaced capitalism. That is true, but I realized the more important underlying fundamental was how corporatocracy came about. Corporatocracy grew out of souless corporations being given human status even though their sole purpose was creating wealth for the shareholders. Corporations themselves became uncaring individuals – many of them run by uncaring individuals. Psychopaths to be blunt.

Research I conducted revealed why and how psychopaths captured economics, how this catastrophe was missed and what the ramifications will be. For more on corporatocracy please read “Why We Are Totally Finished.” There is also a super documentary called “The Corporation” which can be viewed off my blog Psychopathic Economics.

“Semiopaths” & Psychopaths

Psychopaths aren’t limited to seemingly nice people who invite you over for dinner, then cut you into pieces and serve your fresh innards on a plate. The World Health Organization has a “Personality Diagnostic Checklist” that is used in conjunction with this work. You’ll recognize it by the check marks.

Psychopaths used the following five weapons to take control of our global economy:
1.Political Economic Capture.
2.Scholarly Economic Capture.
3.Statistical Economic Capture.
4.Mainstream Media Economic Capture.
5.Regulatory Economic Capture.

All but one of these, Regulatory Economic Capture, are new terms that I’ve identified.

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