Friday, December 30, 2011

The Many not the Few Edition - Another Year that Debt Slaves Fail to Shed their Shackles…

Good Morning,

On this last trading day of the year in our completely corrupt, manipulated, and lawless “markets,” equities are lower, the dollar is lower, bonds are higher, oil is lower, gold & silver are higher, while food commodities continue to choke real people all because of worthless paper made to benefit the few.

Although it has been another year of intervention with trillions spewed globally, U.S. equity markets for the year are in fact almost exactly flat. Below is a 1 year chart of the S&P 500, you can see that we are ending the year almost exactly where it began:

Despite that fact and a huge correction, gold still finished the year up approximately $240 an ounce, or about 17.5% (the horizontal red line below indicates year beginning level). In the gold daily chart below you can see that we reached the secondary uptrend line yesterday and bounced:

That line may offer support, or in the event of further correction may fall to the next line of support which is in the $1,100ish area as you can see on the monthly chart below. Personally, I doubt it, and think this market is also extremely manipulated but far more desirable as long as the world is run by central debt pushers:

Strong support for silver will be found in the $24 to $25 region, Silver Weekly chart, note that silver is down for the year:

How much debt are the central criminals pushing (U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 8)? Trillions upon Trillions, most of it off balance sheet and off the radar of reported statistics – certainly not audited if real records even exist, but here’s what we can see on the surface…

In the past year our Base Money supply has risen from under $2 trillion to almost $2.6 trillion! That one year increase is MORE than 31%! In just one year!

Base Money 1 Year:

Can it grow at that same rate again next year? What will happen to you, personally, if it does?

M1 1 Year:

M2 1 Year:

MZM 1 Year:

Federal Government Debt 1 Year:

Federal Government Debt Divided by Population:

And that’s just the Federal debt on the records. Then there’s the trillions at Freddie and Fannie, trillions more off books elsewhere, trillions swapped by our central criminals around the world, and many trillions more in obligations not accounted for like any rational accounting standard demands.

While dramatically understated, all the figures above are still growing at huge exponential rates. Because our money is debt, it must continue to grow at the same or higher rate OR ELSE another wave of deflation will quickly set in. Waves of inflation, waves of deflation as they MANIPULATE the population in order to remain in power!

Money production = POWER & CONTROL.


A few individuals possess the power, the rest of the world are slaves. This is easily corrected if money is created without debt.


SOVEREIGN MONEY = FREEDOM, no slavery required.



What will next year bring? Bigger numbers. Bigger lies. Bigger manipulations and interventions. Bigger & more frequent “other events.”

Eventually, and I don’t know when, the other events will culminate in a global shift of power. Those who hold the power will attempt to blind you with the other events and use them to mask the shifting into some other form of convoluted money system that they still control – be it gold or some other debt money scheme. It could be real ugly. Then again maybe enough people wise up to keep the ugliness down as there DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PAIN foisted upon the people!

WHAT is behind the money DOESN’T MATTER. What does matter is WHO. Who it is that controls the production of money is EVERYTHING – it’s the power & control. And eventually… sooner or later… the PEOPLE will repossess their natural right to be in control of themselves. That’s where this is all headed, I don’t know how, and I don’t know when. Only a fool would guess, only a fool would listen to someone else pretending to know. I’ve been a fool before, but am wise enough now to know…

I, Nathan Martin, no longer consent to the lies.

This is the Economic Edge song of the year. Not only is it on the mark, but his bravery for standing up and singing it face to face with the purveyors of debt, those in control, is historically brave.