Monday, December 5, 2011

Morning Update/ Market Thread 12/5 - Blinded by the light Edition...

Good Morning,
Equity futures once again were ramped higher over the weekend. The cover story for this weekend’s HFT manipulation on no volume is once again “progress” in Europe as this time they are jawboning about rewriting the Eurozone rules. Naturally, if you don’t like the game being played, but you want to retain your power and control, you simply change the rules of the game. That is exactly what has happened already, especially here in the United States, as those who produce money from nothing use that money to maintain power and to write their own rule of law. That’s why we have two distinct rules of law, one for them, and one for everybody else.

Meanwhile, the dollar gets killed so that we pay for it, bonds are lower, oil is higher, gold & silver are close to even, and most food commodities are slightly higher.

Factory Orders and the Service ISM come out at 10:00 Eastern this morning and will be reported inside of today’s daily thread. Data for the rest of the week is fairly light.

The Nile of fraud flows endlessly...

I, Nathan Martin, no longer consent to the lies.