Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Morning Update/ Market Thread 12/7 - Infamy Edition…

Good Morning,

Equities are lower this morning with the dollar higher, bonds higher, oil still in la la land, gold & silver higher, and food commodities still hanging out around support.

The still amazingly hypocritical Mortgage Bankers Association came out with more amazing double-digit one week moves for the data of the day, completely not believable, here’s a snippet from Econoday:

Mortgage application volumes in the December 2 week bounced right back following the lull of the Thanksgiving week, up a weekly 8.3 percent for purchase applications and up 15.3 percent for refinancing applications. Purchase applications have been trending higher which is a positive signal for home sales. Low rates are lifting demand for mortgages with the average 30-year FHA loan down two basis points to 3.98 percent. Conforming 30-year loans ($417,500 or less) averaged 4.18 percent, down three basis points, with jumbo loans (over $417,500) also down three basis points to 4.52 percent.


Perusing the news this morning, I am left with little but an empty pit and a gnawing bad feeling. I see a world in disarray and in moral decay. Ravaged and ransacked by the purveyors of debt, disconnects from reality are everywhere.

In Russia, the obvious charade of election is drawing protests, people thrown in prison. The poll on CNN asks Americans if the elections were real or rigged – 90% of Americans can see that they are rigged. Yet what they fail to see is that Putin simply learned his tricks from America – present the illusion of election while manipulating the flow of money, the economy, and work the strings of your puppets who entertain the masses.

Just look at the Republican candidates and the degeneration of “debates” into just the latest reality T.V. show where ratings are all that matter. Newt Gingrich leading the polls, are you kidding? Talk about moral decay, you might as well vote for Charles Manson and just get straight to the bottom.

Sure, you’ll get to vote this upcoming election, just like the people in Russia. You can vote for the Obama puppet who is feeding the financial industry massive profits, at your expense, or you can vote for the next shameless narcissist who will also feed the financial industry your life’s blood. The choice is yours – what a country, what a world.

And on this Pearl Harbor day, I can’t help but think about the karma that has come back to haunt Japan. Think about this… nearly 70 years ago Japan made the decision to attack Pearl Harbor. They lost the war and have been occupied by America ever since. They were dragged into the western way of the world, replete with Westinghouse reactors. To say that they are now paying the price is the karma understatement of the century – the mainstream media is still ignoring the Fukushima fallout, of course, but you need only read the nuclear headlines to get a feel for the trauma that country is really going through. And that’s just the physical reality that is now northern Japan – the economy is experiencing its own China Syndrome where trillions upon trillions of Yen simply vaporize upon contact as they spew from the reactor that is the western style of modern banking, aka debt saturation.

China is there too, and in Australia and all over the globe “growth” is weak despite measuring in money while producing massive quantities thereof. A lousy 1% GDP is all they could muster Down Under, yet you can hear the “liquidity” sloshing around the central banker’s coffers all the way from here.

In Europe they are drowning in “liquidity,” so much of it fake that the purveyors of debt know how fraudulent it is and thus with coffers overflowing the “liquidity” doesn’t go anywhere. How can it? You see their “liquidity” is another man’s debt! But the purveyors of debt have already been so good at their job that the whole world is already saturated with all the debt their income can possibly service.

Good thing, then, that the American purveyors are throwing out that “liquidity” lifeline! Glug, glug, glug goes the Titanic as she settles ever so silently to the bottom of the deep morass.

Sure, you get to vote, you’re in charge of this “democracy,” LOL. Go Newt, you’re my fat assed immoral hope for the future! Be sure to give Putin hugs – and say hello to Jamie Dimon, you can talk to him anytime, just give a tug on the strings.

Want to hear a knock-your-socks-off interview? Here it is: Ann Barnhardt: The Entire Futures/Options Market Has Been Destroyed by the MF Global Collapse

I, Nathan Martin, no longer consent to the lies.