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Morning Update/ Market Thread 3/25 - Crystal Blue Persuasion Edition…

Good Morning,

Equity futures are slightly higher this morning, with the dollar stronger, bonds higher, oil slightly lower, gold higher after setting a new all-time high yesterday and then getting raided, silver is flat, and food commodities are mercilessly rising.

The completely bogus 4th quarter GDP number was revised higher from 2.8% to 3.1% with the expectation being 3.0%. This number is so grossly distorted that it absolutely has no resemblance to reality, yet here’s Econoday dishing out a little persuasion:
It turns out that the economy at the end of 2010 was about as strong as most had expected all along. Fourth quarter GDP growth was bumped back up to 3.1 percent annualized growth from the second estimate of 2.8 percent. The latest estimate came in slightly higher than the consensus forecast for 3.0 percent. As with the prior estimate, the fourth quarter was still stronger than the third quarter pace of 2.6 percent.

The upward revision to fourth quarter growth primarily reflected stronger inventory investment, nonresidential structures, equipment & software, and residential investment. Downward revisions were seen in net exports and government purchases.

Demand numbers were little changed. Final sales of domestic product were unrevised net from the second estimate of 6.7 percent. Final sales to domestic purchasers (takes out net exports) were revised up marginally to 3.2 percent from the second estimate of 3.1 percent for the fourth quarter.

Year-on-year, real GDP in the fourth quarter is up 2.8 percent, compared to 3.2 percent in the third quarter.

On the inflation front, the GDP price index was unrevised compared to the second estimate of 0.4 percent. Analysts had expected 0.4 percent.

The latest estimates for GDP and components indicate that the economy had moderately strong forward momentum at the end of 2010. More recent monthly numbers show overall momentum continuing but very mixed by sector with manufacturing, export, and consumer sectors leading growth and with housing, commercial real estate, and state & local government sectors weighing on growth.

On the news, markets were little changed.

GDP is grossly overstated – on the order of 40% or more. Even counting the false paper as “growth,” the massaging of the deflator and components of this report are criminal. This, and many other economic reports, have become just as false as the markets for which they act as a marketing device to convince the suckers to hand over their productive assets under the rouse of an “investment.”

You hand over your hard earned money to the criminals, and they will take it from you eventually, plain and simple. They convince you to fork it over and then steal it via a myriad of methods. And that’s not enough for them, they also directly steal from you by printing massive amounts of money and then leverage it up to infinity with other forms of false paper – so much so, that it is completely impossible to get a handle on just how much “money” there truly is.

A CNN article this morning points to “Fed” data that says:
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The average American family's household net worth declined 23% between 2007 and 2009, the Federal Reserve said Thursday.

And that’s measured in dollars! As if that weren’t bad enough, they are devaluing our money at a furious pace and thus what little worth you had left is quickly becoming worth even less. And I would be willing to bet that for the middle-class American the loss of wealth was probably far greater, as those on the top gained tremendous wealth during the same time frame offsetting losses by everyone else in this regard – a transfer of wealth.

A transfer of wealth ALWAYS occurs when you allow money to be created to the benefit of a few and not on behalf of the people at large. This is the very reason that the idea of competing currencies is nonsense – you cannot allow different entities to produce their own currencies in competition, or it will simply turn into a race to produce the most – all currencies in competition would quickly devalue. Don’t believe me? Just look at the world today… that is exactly what the world has, is it not? It is, and each nation who produces their own currency is currently in a race to out produce the others – and those who are the closest to that production profit while the people lose. If the concept of competing currencies ever comes up in the U.S. – all I can say is that I will immediately begin producing the “Natebuck,” – two for you, one for me, etc.

Want to talk about the situation in Portugal? Naw, just another failed state and future slave for those producing the money at the IMF – we know this story already, it won’t be any different until some nation has the nads to tell the central bankers to go to Hades, where they belong.

It’s the Japanese nuclear problems that have my attention at this point. They are finally admitting that there is likely a reactor breach in plant number 3 – the one with the plutonium fuel – but they are still slow leaking the information and their reaction. Meanwhile, the government is giving the go ahead to Tokyo Electric to restart nuclear plants in the region, on top of other major fault lines, and not adequately protected against tsunamis. Special influence capture of government at its finest…

And now heavier radioactive elements, like radioactive zirconium, are turning up in the water near the plant – the meaning of which is that the casing of the fuel rods has been compromised – of which there are more than 11,000 at the plants. And officials are beginning to admit to higher and higher amounts of radiation that has escaped – and yes, this is rivaling the disaster at Chernobyl. How serious is this for Japan? It is major league bad for a nation that size, just look at this map comparing the size of the affected Chernobyl area with the size of Japan:

Absolutely frightening – don’t buy into the be calm bull, this is major league nasty business. And now the Japanese are finally calling for VOLUNTARY evacuations out to 30 kilometers. In my opinion they should have long ago conducted mandatory evacuations out twice that far. And now it’s totally in the food and in the water - something that other experts are now warning that there is NO safe level of ingestion – once a radioactive particle gets inside of you all of its radiation will do harm as long as it’s there, greatly raising the odds of cancer.

So, that situation is most certainly not under control and is trending worse, not better despite the many claims to the contrary.

But not to worry, because we can print money, kill the dollar, and cause the stock market to go up… momentarily. It has become nothing but a marketing/ theft enterprise – a means of crystal blue persuasion…

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Morning Update/ Market Thread 3/24

Good Morning,

Equity futures are higher this morning with the dollar down, the Yen spookily quiet ever since G7 intervention was announced, bonds down, oil is higher and just about to break to new highs, gold closed yesterday at a new all-time closing high and is higher this morning, silver is running to new record highs now just under $38 an ounce, and food commodities are also rising.

There was a very small change in the McClellan Oscillator yesterday, thus we can expect a large move in price today or tomorrow.

The SPX has now clearly broken out of its down channel which means that the prior wave 4 count is probably incorrect. McHugh is thinking this to be a wave 2, but we’ll have to see as it’s not a definitive read for me at this point. The 50dma is at 1303 and is acting as resistance for now:

Speaking of McHugh, I want to share a snippet of his from his recent update regarding the housing industry – it is a good summary of the recent data:
It is time to get real. The fact is, we are now in a housing market depression. Almost every economic recovery in this nation's history has been started by the housing industry. That is not happening at this time. Just the opposite, Housing is disintegrating into the Great Housing Depression. Check out these numbers: First of all, housing prices have fallen 26 percent since their peak a few years ago, the largest price decline ever in our nation, worse than what occurred during the Great Depression of the 1930's. We just learned this week that New Home Sales fell 17 percent month over month in February 2011 versus January 2011. The gross number of New Home Sales in February 2011 annualizes to 250,000, which is the worst on record, ever. This number is less than half the number of sales in 1963, which saw 560,000 New Home sales - but with 120 million fewer people then than now live in the U.S. Think about that. February's number is abysmal. Families dependent upon the Housing Industry are headed for economic ruination. The construction industry is going to see a ton of small builders go belly up. When we consider the February 250,000 sales figure, we need to understand that 700,000 annual sales is normal for a healthy economy. Up to this point, the worst sales year ever still had 323,000 New Home sales. This February figure is dreadful. Banks have tightened lending standards, making it so difficult to qualify for a mortgage that a third of all sales are now 100 percent cash deals. In other words, a third of all sales are occurring without a bank. Collateral values are sinking. Short sales are rising. This is a spiraling black hole of coming economic devastation, a contagion that will spread throughout the entire economy (except of course the protected Wall Street folks, who get to enjoy the Fed's fraud on America, taking all the liquidity the Fed can print and trading markets with the printed cash for self-gain, a corruption right up there with Nero fiddling while Rome burned). Existing Home Sales were no better, falling 10 percent in February, with prices plunging on existing homes that get sold. All the above will contribute toward significant increases in the value of precious metals as folks flock to a financial instrument that has no counterparty, is real and physical, and not subject to corporate mismanagement.

Yep, that about sums it up. Entirely different read than you get from the mainstream and shills whose livelihood depends upon you being a sucker.

Weekly unemployment claims fell by a paltry 3,000 in the prior week, falling from 385,000 to 382,000 with 385k the consensus. Remember, it requires readings below 350k to give an indication that jobs are actually being created. Here’s econospin shilling away:
Fewer and fewer Americans are claiming unemployment benefits in a developing trend that will boost expectations for accelerating payroll growth. Initial jobless claims fell 5,000 in the March 19 week to 382,000 (prior week revised to 387,000). The four-week average edged lower to 385,250 to show a more than 15,000 month-ago improvement. These are the best readings of the recovery.

Continuing claims are also posting the best readings of the recovery, down 2,000 to 3.721 million in data for the March 12 week. The four-week average of 3.755 million shows a nearly 150,000 month-ago improvement. A total of 8.766 million claimed unemployment benefits in data for the March 5 week, an improvement of more than 187,000 from the prior week.

Another week, another revision higher, and another opportunity to make the false claim that the number fell further than it actually did (from what was originally reported – remember, you must compare apples to apples and the media does not do that, and always in the direction that makes the economy somehow look better than it actually is). There are still 3.6 million people drawing Emergency Unemployment, and that rose by 85,712 in the past week.

While we’re on the subject of Unemployment benefits, I have been reading several articles lately about how states are looking at cutting back benefits, both in terms of the duration and amount of benefits. The truth is that this program went bankrupt and that the Treasury has been covering up the insolvency of the program – thus ultimately requiring more false money from the “Fed” to keep the anti-revolution program going.

Durable Goods Orders fell by .9% in the month of February, against a consensus looking for a positive 1.7%. This comes, if you recall, on the heals of a 2.7% print in January due solely to aircraft orders (and mostly from .gov). Here’s a surprised Econoday:
Today's durables report is a quandary relative to all of the good news in earlier released manufacturing surveys. New durables orders were unexpectedly down and with just over half of the major industries declining for the month. Overall durables orders in February dipped 0.9 percent, following a revised 3.6 percent rebound in January (previously estimated at up 3.2 percent). Excluding transportation, new orders for durable goods decreased 0.6 percent after a 3.0 percent drop in January.

Transportation led February's drop, slipping 1.9 percent after a huge 29.6 percent jump in January. The decrease was primarily due to an 18.4 percent fall in defense aircraft orders. On the positive side within transportation, motor vehicles rose 1.9 percent while nondefense aircraft & parts increased 26.7 percent.

Outside of transportation, the numbers were mixed. Declines were seen in primary metals, down 2.1 percent; machinery, down 4.2 percent; and in "other," down 0.6 percent. Gains were seen in fabricated metals, up 2.1 percent; computers & electronic parts, up 0.6 percent; and in electrical equipment, up 2.6 percent.

Business investment in equipment has softened after strength late last year. Nondefense capital goods orders excluding aircraft in February decreased 1.3 percent, following a 6.0 percent drop the month before. Shipments for this series edged back up 0.8 percent, following a 2.3 percent fall in January.

The durables orders series is one of the most volatile that there is on a monthly basis and that may be the focus of analysts as the worst-than-expected number was outweighed by a marginally lower-than-forecast number for initial jobless claims. On the news, equity futures edged up on the jobless claims.

LOL, the bull flows nonstop. Always a reason to justify the movement in stock prices – never understanding for a second how fully captured the markets are and how they have been taken over by HFT computers and hot money. Durable goods are measured in dollars. We don’t manufacture much, so when a multi-billion dollar aircraft order is processed, it causes the data to swing wildly. The only reason this data was positive in January was due to aircraft orders from the government – how sustainable is that? And they act surprised.

Of course the government has no money to buy anything, much less new aircraft. Thus the debt is simply piled high nonstop while the REAL interest expense explodes causing the “Fed” to have to spend trillions to artificially keep rates down. And as they spend, confidence in our “money” wanes, and gee, silver at new record highs, gold at new record highs, oil to the moon, and food prices that result in starvation for those around the globe who are on the margins. It’s a great system of never ending “growth,” brought to you by you know WHO.

This morning the media is downplaying the radiation hazard in Japan, now stating that Tokyo water is safe once again to drink for infants as the measured amount of radioactive iodine has fallen to “acceptable” levels. Uh no thanks. It’s what they aren’t telling you that is most significant. What concerns me most is not only the radioactive iodine or even the cesium particles, but what I would really like to know is where the Plutonium particles are going. Once you understand that ingesting these particles is far worse than simply having them in the environment, then you’ll understand that the numbers being bandied about in the media are meaningless as being in a contaminated area makes it nearly impossible not to ingest those particles.

My heart truly goes out to those still in Japan… the wealthy, of course, are long gone leaving the rest to suffer the effects. And it’s shocking how the governments of the world, including ours, are failing to step in and demand that containment become the top priority! Finally, there was evidence admitted to yesterday that the reactors were probably breached, but they still won’t come out and say it in plain language. Meanwhile radiation continues to pour from those devastated plants, with some estimating that the amount of cesium released into the atmosphere now exceeds that of the Chernobyl disaster. Let’s face it, there is FAR more material here than in Chernobyl. These particles are lethal, and this disaster is being totally downplayed.

The following link takes you to a must read interview of a worker who helped to “liquidate” a town nearby Chernobyl – she is one of the few surviving workers, her thyroid gone, the description of what she went through is shocking and the cover-up/ denial sounds awfully familiar. I think everyone in Japan needs to read her account, and if you live anywhere near that region, you needed to be gone a long time ago:

Chernobyl Cleanup Survivor's Message for Japan: 'Run Away as Quickly as Possible'

What message do you have for Japan?
Run away as quickly as possible. Don't wait. Save yourself and don't rely on the government because the government lies. They don't want you to know the truth because the nuclear industry is so powerful.

That is a message I truly hope the people of Japan act upon – I know that it’s hard, but the enemy is completely invisible and the effects are insidious over time. Humanity should be screaming out to evacuate the citizens of Japan, and we should be screaming to get busy with containment NOW.

Again, this is not happening because we are letting a special interest manage the disaster in their own self-interest, not in humanity’s self-interest.

And what's happening in Tokyo, one of the world's most "advanced" cities? Shelves are empty, just like that:

Oh yeah, the Portuguese government basically collapsed yesterday over the government’s proposed austerity measures. They are headed directly to the same circumstance of Iceland, Ireland, and Greece – that is the loans of “salvation” are coming. And the pressures of debt stream like the river Nile, and no one seems powerful enough to just say “NO” to the pushers of this most toxic drug.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Morning Update/ Market Thread 3/23 – Don Quiote Edition…

Good Morning,

Equity futures are lower this morning after bizarrely ramping overnight. The dollar is strengthening significantly, bonds are higher, oil is higher, gold is higher, silver is near a new record, rice is rocketing, while most other food commodities are flat.

The worthless, conflicted, unethical, and hypocritical Mortgage Banker’s Association says that Purchase Applications rose 2.7% in the prior week, and magically, so too did the refinance Index rise the same exact 2.7%. I can usually smell a con, and the figures coming from the MBA is just that:
Plus 2.7 percent is wild for March 18 mortgage applications data, a gain posted for the purchase index, the refinance index, and of course the composite index. The purchase index is still below levels at year end but is showing month-to-month strength that hints at improved home sales for March. The refinance index is tangibly higher reflecting favorable mortgage rates, averaging 4.80 percent in the week for 30-year fixed loans.

Excuse me while I hurl with laughter. Existing Home Sales just CRATERED in the recent report and Econday has the nads to spin MBA data like that? It’s become nothing but the theatre of the absurd. Yesterday the House Price Index also fell, and so too did the Richmond “Fed” Manufacturing Index.

New Home Sales are released at 10 Eastern this morning – results will be posted within the daily thread located in the comments at the bottom of this post.

Yesterday the market refused to break the down channel and the SPX was stopped once again by the 1300 mark, refusing even to test the 50 dma at 1303:

Look at how prices perfectly followed that upper channel trendline down. You think mom and pop are watching that line? No, only machines can follow lines perfectly like that – and our markets have been completely turned over to the machines, those machines are owned by you know WHO. I’ve watched the markets for decades and can tell you that the markets do not behave anything like they used to. Of course all this HFT activity draws it’s fuel from the funny money created by the “Fed” and from the FRAUD transpiring within the banks and within our own government.

Chris Whalen uncovered more fraud yesterday when he wrote about how Fannie and Freddie are purposely ignoring INSURED losses so that the monoline industry, which was absolutely busted to begin with, can avoid having to show just how busted they remain. Fraud has already been rampant in the mortgage insurance industry, and even after they failed, the fraud was allowed to be sweped under the rug by regulators when they allowed Ambac to create a shell company in a manner similar to the illegal shell game being played with the banks who create shell companies to hide their garbage loans.

Why would regulators allow Freddie and Fannie to not make claims that protect American’s assets, and not end the incestuous relationship between the monolines and the rating agencies? Because they know that if they do, then the whole ball of wax unwinds, that’s why. They know that the math is impossible and that the game is over – their failure to act early has led to their inability to act now.

For more on what Chris Whalen says about FRE and FNM, here’s a link: Fannie and Freddie Hiding Over $100 Billion of Losses?. Yes, I would guess WAY over. Every single day, day after day, all I see is one fraud after another.

It’s funny, but nature has a way of dealing with impossible math. Narcissists who create never ending growth don’t ever stop to ponder that, however. If they did, they would understand how unchecked growth causes man to test the boundaries of nature. Deep oil drilling – major catastrophe. Hundreds of millions of people crammed onto a tiny island on a major fault line – nuclear reactors shoddily built and covered up with fraud – major catastrophe. And so we see what are natural events, but we fail to acknowledge how our own actions and FALSE LAWS work against nature instead of with it.

What do I mean by “false law?” I mean that man can make any law they choose, but if we make laws that go against the natural order of the universe, then eventually said law will be smacked down. The law that is currently most at odds with the natural order of the universe is The “Federal Reserve” Act.

I know that it’s hard to see the connection for most narcissists, so if you need the connection explained to you, then you probably fall into the narcissist camp of misunderstanding the way the world really works.

Another example of an unnatural law is the way municipalities are sleazily getting in bed with the defense industry by allowing them to put their ticket by mail cameras up all over creation. The defense industry takes 40% of the cut, while the municipality gets 60%, but has to deal with the overhead of issuing so many ILLEGAL tickets. I say they are illegal because ticket by mail systems fail to identify the person driving the vehicle and issue tickets to the registered owner. When the ticket is received in the mail, the registered owner, who may not have been the one operating the car, is assumed to be guilty and must go expend his energy and effort to prove his innocence. This is completely against the natural order of the universe whereby people must assume innocence until proven guilty. There’s a reason for that… it’s called empathy. Remember, no commerce happens until empathy, then communication occur.

So, in placing these cameras against the public, municipalities are creating tension against the natural order of the universe. Living in towns rich with these cameras makes every outing tense. If given the choice of where I spend my money, I will avoid cities that have these every single time. While narcissistic politicians don’t get what I’m saying here, those who feel that tension may relate.

And things like this may be shirked off as trivial in the scheme of things, but they are not. Our very survival as a species depends upon us getting that order of law correct. The good news is that compared to the dark ages we have progressed. The bad news is that we are currently taking a giant step backwards. If we wish to come out of this impossible math situation progressing mankind, then we must strive to create a human order and rule of law that is compliant with nature. The place to start is by revoking the “Federal Reserve” Act.

Unfortunately, I don’t expect that enough people will understand what I’m saying to get the critical mass required. And thus the impossible math will continue to express itself in negative ways and nature will continue to spank us until we get it right.

And talk about getting it wrong… the information we’re learning about the nuke disaster in Japan is amazing on many fronts.

The way in which these reactors were built and fueled is flawed to say the least – outright criminal is more like it. Here again the rule of law was subverted by special interest money where Tokyo Electric was allowed to do things that never should have been done.

And the Japanese government is absolutely failing still to keep them in check in the same exact manner that the United States failed to keep BP and the other energy companies in check. Radiation is being allowed to escape in a way that could absolutely destroy much of Japan for decades… it doesn’t have to be like that. What’s happening is that the corporation is being allowed to attempt to salvage their lost assets and to avoid the expense of properly containing the radiation by encasing those reactors in a way that keeps the radiation on site. This is because the corporation’s self-interest is NOT aligned with humanity’s self-interest. In my opinion, the very first step in a big man made disaster like this is to REMOVE the firm that runs the activity, and replace them with outside experts who can make decisions based on what’s best for humanity and not what’s best for the corporation. Corporations are NOT people, when will we ever learn?!

But money is a corruptive power that is sometimes more powerful than human life itself. It’s a shame, really, because money and corporations should be a tool of mankind, not a tool of a few to take advantage of mankind. And that’s why the Federal Reserve Act works so fervently against nature.

And nature is taking it on the chin in Japan. The nuclear plants have once again been evacuated as radioactive smoke continues to pour out of the plants to the highest radiation levels seen so far. From my perspective there is no hope of salvaging the ruins and containment, not salvage, should be the number one priority – obviously it is not.

Contamination of food in Japan is getting worse. And now radiation is twice acceptable levels in the water supply of Tokyo proper! THINK about that! This is one of the world’s largest cities… would you live there under these circumstances? I sure as heck would not. And you are being lied to about the dangers being posed… if you can handle the truth, then I suggest you read this: What They're Covering Up at Fukushima.

Don’t bother reading that if you prefer to play ostrich. Just remember that you have been warned about the danger, and that the particles in discussion can absolutely make it to our shores and already are.

And with just a few minutes of research, I taught myself about how the Russians initially contained Chernobyl, but are now in progress of building a more permanent sarcophagus. This is no small feat, it is akin to building a pyramid of Giza on top of a lethal smoking nuclear plant. And man, is it expensive – we’re talking about a sarcophagus that is 303 feet high and more than 880 feet wide! The new sarcophagus will cost Billions of dollars to build. Is there any wonder why Tokyo Electric doesn’t want to go there? Their site may need four or more of these structures! We need to get over this bull that “it’s not worse than Three-mile Island,” or “It’s approaching Chernobyl levels of danger.” Bunk! It’s by far and away the worst nuclear accident in the history of mankind, now let’s get on with the job of limiting the disaster further – and I don’t mean pouring seawater on what are obviously completely destroyed facilities! (New Safe Confinement)

Meanwhile, speaking of the Giza Pyramids, Egypt attempted to open their stock markets… and they promptly crashed, so they shut them down again. Oh well, nice try. And yet further evidence that when the criminals are removed, that what they are leaving behind is nothing but fluff for the REAL people. This same exact scenario is coming to America and to global markets – again, if you don’t see the fluff for what it is, then you are very likely a part of feeding into that fluff, addicted to it. Being addicted to the paper fluff is far worse than being an alcoholic or a drug addict – heck, at least some of them can admit they have a problem. But once you build your life around the paper, your home, your cars, your toys, and even your family then are dependent upon you keeping that paper inflated, regardless of whether or not it conforms to the laws of nature. And then you are stuck and it becomes even harder to extricate yourself than it is ridding yourself of most bodily addictions.

And for those still fretting over what the markets will or won’t do – Bill Gross says that as the world economy slows to look for QE3 to come, higher inflation, and thus eventually interest rates will have to rise. Oh yeah, it’s coming… but it won’t be a straight line getting there, there are many “other events” still in progress – the drum beat of REAL change is steadily increasing, it is marching to the beat of the impossible math. Can you hear it, or am I simply Tilting at Windmills?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Morning Update/ Market Thread 3/22 - Doesn’t Matter Edition…

Good Morning,

The Nikkei Index jumped 4.36% last night, of course the mainstream says that the market is signaling “All’s clear” in the world and that recent natural and man-made disasters, wars, revolution and commodity price induced famine are now fully priced into the markets, lol. Of course they fail to mention concerted G7 intervention into ALL the markets, or the additional $2 Trillion Yen injection yesterday that comes on top of tens of Trillions all injected in the past week.

So, we paper over and manipulate markets in such a manner that they cannot possibly correct for world events or the human condition. And thus we see massive price inflation in nearly all commodities.

I was accused yesterday of being overly cynical. It’s true that I’m losing my life long natural optimism for the human condition. It is, however, the world that is changing and not just my outlook. Corruption is more rampant than ever, just look at the current AIG fiasco and the obviously corrupt Treasury Department and “Fed” actions surrounding Maiden Lane “assets.” The corruption and fraud seem to be never ending and the politicians and agencies who are supposed to “police” do nothing, they are just as corrupt. ALL the markets are captured by just a few individuals WHO control the production of “money” (debt). Our entire economy, and all our markets are nothing but fraud and false instruments that have turned into a marketing branch for those producing that money.

And YES, you need to consider the safety of your food supply! Indeed, just yesterday radiation traces from Japan were found in Seattle! Oh, but it’s nothing to be concerned about, just traces. Well, what happens when trace amounts accumulate day after day onto the farmland and water that comprises our food supply? Is the radiation event over? When will it end? The corporation who owns the nuclear power plants seem reticent to stop the release of radiation, they are evidently more concerned about “saving” their assets. But the truth is that those reactors are well beyond saving. Yet they pour sea water over nuclear waste causing contamination of the air, ground, and sea. Instead, they could be dumping sand and concrete in an attempt to stop the release of radiation. But no.

And thus you should be concerned about the safety of your life’s sustenance going forward. Ignoring these very real and legitimate concerns is simply not rational.

By the way, it is reported that the radiation levels 20 miles from the site are 1,600 TIMES normal! Hey, how long has it been now? At least in a nuclear explosion the radiation event occurs and then ends quickly. What happens when radiation is spread over days and days? And why are we not discussing the possible effects on the food chain? Instead, all official communications are meant to only placate – “trust them,” the experts say it is of no concern – here is the depth of their communication with the public:
Low radiation levels from Japan detected in Washington; no health risk

OLYMPIA - A Department of Health air monitor in Seattle has detected trace levels of radiation in connection with Japan’s nuclear emergency. The minuscule amounts of radioactive iodine are millions of times lower than levels that would be a health concern. Despite these very small amounts, the state’s overall background radiation levels haven’t risen.

The positive results are consistent with findings reported by federal and Canadian partners, and by independent researchers. As expected, because of the distance from Japan and air mixing, radiation reaching our state is so diluted there is no health risk here, making protective action unnecessary.

People in Washington shouldn’t take potassium iodide, also known as KI, because of what’s happened in Japan. Only people who work in or around nuclear power plants during an emergency, or who live near such a plant and can’t get away, should take KI.

Got it? NO health risk. As if anyone of these experts has studied and determined the effects caused by prolonged exposure such as this…

Well, if they stop the release of radiation and the exposure is truly short term, then great. But if they keep stalling the inevitable, and fail to contain the radiation, then it absolutely can get worse and not better – their assurances mean little to me.

And the markets, flooded with cash and controlled by HFT machines owned by the same people who produce the money and also own the exchanges continue mostly unabated. The SPX, however, is still within the confines of the recent down channel:

Each upstroke in the markets is matched with a down stroke in the dollar. On the monthly chart you can see that support has clearly been broken:

Not that the dollar index means much in reality. It is weighed against a central banker basket of depreciating currencies and thus is disconnected from the reality of what your promissory notes they call money can buy.

Meanwhile, in the REAL economy, Existing Home Sales cratered to a new low. Unit sales for February fell to only 4.88 million, down from 5.3 million, and way below consensus. That’s a 9.6% fall from one month – here’s Econoday:
The housing sector may be suffering another setback, at least based on the February report for existing home sales which fell nearly 10 percent to a lower-than-expected annual rate of 4.88 million. Year-on-year, sales are down 2.8 percent. Declines are evenly split between single-family homes and condos and are also evenly split across regions.

The bad news continues: supply is up and prices are down. Supply rose 3.5 percent to 3.488 million homes in what is 8.6 months of supply at the current sales rate, up from 7.5 months in January and even above year-ago February supply of 8.4 months. The median price fell 1.1 percent February to $156,100 with the average price down 1.4 percent to $203,000. Year-on-year, the decline for the median price is deepening, at minus 5.2 percent, but is steady for the average price at minus 2.7 percent.

Distressed sales made up a very heavy 39 percent of all transactions with cash transactions at 33 percent, a very heavy proportion pointing to bottom fishing by investors but also reflecting still tough credit conditions for ordinary home buyers. The economy, unlike other cycles, has been able to recover nicely even without the housing sector. New home sales data will be posted on Wednesday.

And there’s the lie, isn’t it? “The economy, unlike other cycles, has been able to recover nicely even without the housing sector.”

Uh huh, and without employment too!

And gee, could it be that the economy is not really recovering at all? Gee, what else is different about this “recovery?” Ummm, could it have anything to do with the creation of TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of paper notes used to the benefit of a few? Uh huh.

The House Price Index and Richmond “Fed” are released at 10 Eastern… not sure anymore what is real or what has meaning… it all seems to be a façade to me.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bill Still - No More National Debt...

Bill Still's latest project is his book, "No More National Debt," which can be purchased here: Bill Still - No More National Debt

This is a terrific book, written in plain English that anybody can read to learn about the history of our money, why we don't need to have a national debt, and how to go about getting there. BUY THIS BOOK!

This book is the first book published that contains QR coding that can be read by Smartphones and other hand-held devices. These codes link your devise to video and other source information where you can learn more about specific topics.

I hope you buy Bill's book and please share it with others. The more who understand how important this topic is for humanity, the better.

Bill Still - No More National Debt

*Please note this rewrite of an earlier statement I incorrectly made - This book is 100% on the mark! (Earlier I had misunderstood a comment made by Milton Friedman that I attributed to Bill regarding ending the “Fed.” We agree that the Fed must be disbanded.)

Read this book and you’ll understand the root of many of the world’s problems, AND you’ll see that there are solutions once you begin to think outside of the Central Banker box!

Morning Update/ Market Thread 3/21 – Distract You Again War Edition…

Good Morning,

Equity futures are higher this morning as what I believe may be wave 4 of 3 down progresses. The dollar is breaking down to lower lows, bonds are also lower, oil jumped back to more than $104 a barrel and is sitting right on the 61.8% retrace line, silver & gold gapped higher, while food commodities are jumping again.

The Chicago “Fed” National Activity Index was negative once again in February, here’s Econoday:
The Chicago Fed's national activity index slipped to minus 0.04 in February from minus 0.01 in January (revised from minus 0.16). Continued weakness in the consumption & housing component during February offset positive contributions from the index's other three components. The three-month moving average rose to plus 0.11 from January's plus 0.05 (revised from minus 0.10).

So, how exactly does a three month moving average continue to supposedly rise when the last two months have been negative? Again, anything that emanates from the “Fed” is disinformation, as in slight of hand that’s meant to distract you.

Existing Home Sales are released at 10 Eastern this morning, and there’s a fairly steady stream of data all week but no major releases other than the final trumped up Q4 revision of GDP.

Peace is breaking out all over the globe, right? I mean isn’t that why the people are rising up the world over? Didn’t President Obama just win the Nobel Peace Prize? And we’re now in yet another war in the name of what, defending the people of Libya? Isn’t that exactly what we said going into Iraq after all the other excuses were proven false? Let’s cut through all the slight of hand and get to the root of the matter… but first, let’s review Slight of Hand (just another version of the Shell Game):

Slight of Hand is meant to distract you.

Distract you from what?

How about the theft of your productive efforts, the total capture of global markets and politics, war, and especially WHO it is that produces and controls the money the world over? Make no mistake, the central bankers might as well be wearing a bandana over their faces and holding a gun to your head, they are robbing all of us (the people of the world) in broad daylight, while distracting us with their slight of hand.

We’re bombing Libya, but don’t call it a “war,” that’s a term we use to describe our efforts to PROMOTE drugs, terror, and illiteracy. No, a war is something that Congress must declare, only they haven’t done their job for decades and they aren’t going to start now. Congress has been captured, completely and totally. Tackle the deficit problem? Are you kidding? That would mean placing a Check on the bankers and the military industrial complex… Never happen. And make no mistake, the U.N. is nothing but a cover for the very same central bankers.

So we’ll come to the rebel’s “rescue” in Libya, but not in Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, or any of the other countries that we do business with, right?

What business? Well, either we do business in oil, or we do business with military hardware, or both. But not in Libya… oh no, in Libya they have sweet crude and the oil fields there were nationalized and removed from our special interest’s control. They don’t buy weapons from us, and they don’t host our military. And thus, Libya is attacked, the banker owned defense industry goes Ka-Ching at your expense, the nuclear fallout and food contamination goes unreported, money from nothing continues to flow, while they rob day after day a bigger and bigger portion of every dollar you hold, every dollar you earn. Thus we arm the "rebels" as long as they promise to be our friends (do business) once we put their new dictator in power, just like we did their last one. Very sick, and very evil.

And there's a lesson there is completely lost in the heat of battle... that is that true FREEDOM cannot be handed to you! True Freedom can only be EARNED - something the people of the United States are forgetting. And there's another lesson to be learned in that giving your government a military and intelligence complex that is too powerful, blocks the people from experiencing true freedom. Thus we have sacrificed our own freedom in the name of security - just more slight of hand.

And the nuclear situation in Japan is NOT getting better as the media proclaims! There is now smoke emanating from reactor 3’s spent fuel pool, that’s the one with the plutonium fuel… and radioactive iodine and cesium are being found in the water, in the milk, and in leafy vegetables in many parts of Japan. They continue to pour sea water on the reactors and rod storage pools without concern for the radio active steam or water runoff and where it’s going. Had they buried the reactors and pools with sand, this type of runoff would not be happening.

Oh yeah, restoring power to that smoldering heap is going to help:

And let’s not discuss where this radiation is going around the globe, no let’s downplay the risk – at least that’s what the mainstream does in order to placate you. I, on the other hand, want to practice risk management, and that involves looking at the possible scenarios and then being prepared should the worst happen.

Let’s start with what we know… the food supply in Japan is contaminated. It is likely to be contaminated for quite some time as radiation contamination doesn’t just go away quickly. That’s a huge strike to the world’s supply of food.

Now let’s say that the radiation moves across the U.S. blanketing farmland, dairy land, and fruit orchards. What would be the result? Well, everyone would want non-contaminated food… and the second it’s reported that the food in the U.S. is contaminated, EVERYONE will want to run out and stock up on food that was produced prior to the contamination – that would be the food that’s sitting on the store shelves right now. That food could be gone in an instant.

Are you prepared for that should it occur? Oh yeah, it may not happen, but you have no one in government or in the mainstream media who will even discuss the possibility. Heck, when our own overweight Surgeon General initially said that she thought we should all be prepared by possessing potassium iodide, she was forced to retract that statement because it might panic us know nothing people.

And so, I’m telling you that in my opinion it is possible the food supply gets contaminated, and that you don’t want to arrive at the stores once the shelves are bare.

But then again, the markets are higher, don’t look at which countries we aren’t willing to go to war over to “help” the rebels. Don’t look at how you and the people of the world are being robbed. Don’t look at what might happen when special interest corporations are allowed to build energy facilities that threaten your food and our planet. Don’t look at WHO it is that profits and garners power from the production and control of your nation’s money.

Want to turn it all around? Then you MUST regain control of that money production on behalf of the people – only then will you begin to see solutions to these problems and the impossible math that’s been imposed upon you.

If this is wave 4 that’s occurring, it’s just about to hit the top of the channel right at the SPX 1,300 mark: