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Friday, November 11, 2011

Morning Update/ Market Thread 11/11/11 - Moral Morass Edition…

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Big day, numerically speaking. Not so much for economic data, as the only data out today will be Consumer Sentiment just before 10:00 Eastern.

Equity futures are higher, dollar lower, bonds lower, oil higher and pushing $100 a barrel (ouch), gold & silver are higher, while food commodities have moved to the bottom of their recent ranges.

The mainstream media really disgusts me. The brewha over Perry’s mental lapse – real people call it a brain fart – has completely overshadowed any real issue, including the narcissistic and psychopathic behavior of Cain who belongs in prison for his actions, not running for President. Perry’s lapse is even competing with the Penn State debacle for media space which again shows you how this country prefers appearance over substance, while the moral decay continues to appear everywhere money is involved – like in college where the football team is far more important than the education – sick.

In politics, Ron Paul is the only one even close to the right answers and yet we know it’s a beauty contest financed by central banks, it’s certainly not a substance contest – sick.

The headline on Bloomberg says, “ECB as Last-Resort Lender Will End Crisis: Silva.”
The European Central Bank can stop the spread of the continent’s financial crisis with “foreseeable, unlimited” purchases of Italian and other government bonds, Portuguese President Anibal Cavaco Silva said.

“The European Central Bank has to go beyond a narrow interpretation of its mission and should be prepared for foreseeable intervention in the secondary market, not as the central bank has done up to now,” Cavaco Silva said yesterday in an interview at Bloomberg headquarters in New York. He said government leaders are unlikely to move fast enough to find solutions.

“It has to be able to be a lender of last resort,” said Cavaco Silva.

No moral hazard there, right? And the scheme he’s proposing for Europe is exactly what our central criminals in the U.S. are already running. Here’s the scheme – the bankers indebt the people of nations for using their own money systems. The creation of money by governments is a debt owed to private individuals (which is completely insane). The people must work to pay back principal and interest on that debt. But there’s so much debt they can’t, the math is impossible. So, according to criminals like Silva, the central bankers should just create money from nothing to buy up that debt!!!

Now let make this appear as stupid as it is… Why not just have the GOVERNMENT create money in the first place, without debt? Do you see the circular nature of what he is proposing and what the U.S. is doing? The circle feeds the private few at the expense of the many – all for no justifiable reason whatsoever! Insane, and once again we are talking about the ROOT problem, not only economically, but we’re talking morally and we’re talking about the proper rule of law. The markets are so far from “free” that it is laughable. Go look at the Constitution – Congress is supposed to “regulate the value thereof,” that clause does not give them permission to sell THE most important line in the Constitution out to a few private bankers – sick.

The events in Fukushima will impact this planet and humanity for thousands of years, yet our own “regulatory” agency, the NRC, is so special interest corrupt that they can’t even consider any changes to course. Arnie Gunderson does an excellent job of describing what’s happening in the nuclear industry and how they are ignoring lessons learned:

Fukushima and Its Impact Upon the Westinghouse-Toshiba Designed AP1000 Atomic Power Plant from Fairewinds Associates

Energy production is supposed to serve mankind, not jeopardize its existence. Our government is allowing special interest money to steer our energy policy in an insane direction. The NRC is a part of the Department of Energy, the third item Perry forgot in that debate. And on that point, he and others are right in calling for the breakup of the agency.

I’ll leave this short update with a reminder of how improper money production has pulled our eyes off what’s truly important.

“Too much and too long, we seem to have surrendered community excellence and community values in the mere accumulation of material things. Our gross national product...if we should judge the United States of America by that - counts air pollution and cigarette advertising, and ambulances to clear our highways of carnage. It counts special locks for our doors and the jails for those who break them. It counts the destruction of our redwoods and the loss of our natural wonder in chaotic sprawl. It counts napalm and the cost of a nuclear warhead, and armored cars for police who fight riots in our streets. It counts Whitman's rifle and Speck's knife, and the television programs which glorify violence in order to sell toys to our children.

Yet the gross national product does not allow for the health of our children, the quality of their education, or the joy of their play. It does not include the beauty of our poetry or the strength of our marriages; the intelligence of our public debate or the integrity of our public officials. It measures neither our wit nor our courage; neither our wisdom nor our learning; neither our compassion nor our devotion to our country; it measures everything, in short, except that which makes life worthwhile. And it tells us everything about America except why we are proud that we are Americans.”
― Robert F. Kennedy

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Morning Update/ Market Thread 11/10 - R.I.P. Greece Sovereignty Edition…

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Athens, Greece (CNN) -- Lucas Papademos, a former banker and European Central Bank vice president, has been named interim prime minister of Greece, the Greek president's office said Thursday.

Equity futures are zooming this morning as Greece installs a central banker to be its new Prime Minister – R.I.P. the people of Greece, you have my deepest sympathies. You have been captured, you lost a very significant battle for freedom and your future is very bleak as it will be much harder to root out the tentacles sucking the life blood from your country and your productive efforts. On this “wonderful” news, stocks forgot about all the other countries saturated with debt and are celebrating with joy over this central banker coup d’état. The dollar is down, bonds are down, oil is zooming, gold & silver are lower, and food commodities, fellow sharecropper, are higher.

Obviously the central bank won a major victory with L-Pap in control of Greece. If this is their playbook, then the people of Europe are in deep trouble – this is akin to having Jamie Dimon as President of the United States, the very last person on the planet who should hold that office.

Let me make this really clear about Europe and everywhere else – the central banks are perpetuating the big LIE while they use their own turbulence to seize further control. One aspect of the big LIE is that with their debt as money scheme that you can somehow produce more “money” to inflate away the debt! That is a total LIE because IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO INFLATE AWAY DEBT WHEN YOUR MONEY IS BASED ON DEBT!!!

What is possible is to produce non debt-backed money to dilute the debt, but that doesn’t work either because you wind up paying back the debt in inflation instead of directly paying it. The only way to truly progress the world’s economy is to cleanse out the debt, replace large portions of it with sovereign money – but as long as the debt is there, the people of the world will continue to be slaves to and victims of the central banks.

Say it with me, “I, ___________, NO LONGER CONSENT TO THE LIES!” Trust me, say it enough times and then act on it, you will not only feel better, but you will CLAIM YOUR FREEDOM by no longer supporting the central banker box.

Now it’s time to distract ourselves with manipulated minutia from box perpetuating agencies... i.e. “economic data.”

Jobless Claims fell by 7,000, not the 10k touted by the media because they take the revised higher orange from last week and compare it to this week’s trumped up apple. Here’s Econocomplicit:
Jobless claims are edging lower in what is a positive indication that businesses are expanding their workforces. Initial claims for the November 5 week fell a convincing 10,000 to 390,000 for the lowest level since April (prior week revised 3,000 higher to 400,000). The four-week average, down 5,250 to 400,000, is also at its lowest since April.

Continuing claims, in data for the October 29 week, are down 92,000 to 3.615 million and are at their lowest level of the recovery. The unemployment rate for insured workers is unchanged at 2.9 percent.

There are no special factors distorting the data and there's no significant market reaction to the report, which however may boost demand for risk through Thursday's session.

Love this “risk demand” terminology – what manure. Hey, it takes numbers below 350k on this weekly report to even start indicating any job growth whatsoever – it is not there and it’s been years and years since we’ve been there. When you saturate the economy with debt, you destroy real productivity and you increase joblessness:


Mean Duration of Unemployment Vs. Base Money:

The chart above depicts the Mean Duration of Unemployment in blue. Note first the correlation between money production and unemployment duration – keep in mind how your money comes into being, as a debt. Also note how the current “recession” that, according to the lies, ended awhile ago, has produced a rise in the Mean Duration of Unemployment that is double anything since WWII. That is showing you that what is occurring now is on a much higher level than previous recessions. Again, once the debt saturation point is reached, the stimulus effect of credit production reverses to become an economic anchor. Now is NOT the time to be installing central bankers into government!!! Of course there is NO TIME where that’s appropriate, ever, it is the ultimate conflict of interest!

The Trade Deficit for September came in at -$43.1 Billion, down from -$45.6 B the month prior. While better than the $60 Billion+ deficits we were running at peak, these levels are still insane and completely not sustainable in the long run. When economic “analysts” have nothing real to say, they tend to revert to a vast array of numbers to baffle you with their lack of understanding – so, instead of printing all of Econoday’s minutia in this report, here are just the first and last paragraphs, note the hmmm topic of discussion:
The U.S. trade deficit unexpectedly improved in September but a significant part of it appears to have been related to flight to safety to gold during September's weak financial markets. The September trade gap shrank to $43.1 billion from $44.9 billion in August. The latest shortfall was narrower than analysts' expectations for a $46.3 billion deficit. Exports gained 1.4 percent after edging up 0.1 percent in August. Imports rose 0.3 percent in September, following a 0.2 percent decline the prior month.

About half of the unexpected improvement in the deficit came from gold exports. Still, exports were moderately strong otherwise and imports were mixed. Given weakness in Europe, the report is encouraging even after discounting gold movement.

Hmmm. Gold exports high enough to comprise half the “improvement.” Think in terms of money when you read all these reports and they will make more sense – all of it is measured in money. Debt money. Gold flying around the world and zooming to the bizarre level of $1,800 an ounce… Now take another look at the chart I posted above with money Vs. unemployment. The problem IS our money! And specifically, the problem is WHO it is that was wrongly given the ability to make it from nothing while indebting everyone else!

This whipsaws everyone with waves of earnings robbing inflation and asset stripping deflation! Speaking of which, Import and Export Price inflation is slowing, the latest Import figure fell to -.6% in October, while Import Price inflation fell from +.4% to -2.1%, and the year over year figures are coming down significantly although still very high:
Inflation pressure from imports is easing with import prices down 0.6 percent in October, following a revised no change in September and a 0.4 percent decline in August. The headline decline reflects a third straight decline for petroleum prices which fell 1.0 percent in the month and which pulled a host of petroleum-related categories lower including industrial supplies which fell 1.4 percent. Yet in isolated but still important signs of pressure, import prices for consumer goods excluding autos jumped 0.7 percent following a run going back to June of 0.3 percent gains.

Export prices like the headline for import prices also fell, down a sharp 2.1 percent in the month and reflecting a 6.5 percent drop in agricultural prices. Export prices for consumer goods excluding autos, in contrast to the import side, fell 0.3 percent.

Year-on-year rates of inflation slowed with imports at plus 11.0 percent and exports at plus 6.3 percent. Today's report should boost confidence that inflation is a diminishing threat to the economic outlook especially given ongoing strength in the dollar tied to the debt crisis in Europe

Waves of inflation, waves of deflation, but with each step it is inflation that is the long term trend, and it is inflation that destroys currencies and nations. Along the roller coaster of the waves, it is the people furthest from the production of money that suffer. Money is a human construct and it should never be constructed in such a manner as to benefit the few at the expense of the many.

That is NOT socialism talk, that is the natural rule of law regarding common currencies – common currency MUST come into existence in a manner that does not advantage one over another. Once in the system equally, then TRUE competition can occur! It’s NOT competition, capitalism, or “free market” when a few private individuals create money from nothing indebting the rest of the population! A nation is not Sovereign, it is NOT FREE when it is in debt, and there is no reason it ever should be.

You are not free when you are in debt. You are not secure when your nation is bankrupt. Pursue FREEDOM and you will find true security.

Private Central Bankers as Prime Ministers or Presidents? The people are losing the real war that is humanity versus those who enslave them.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Market Thread 11/9

Good Morning,

I'm out of the area this morning, but will be back later in the day. Please use this post as today's Market Thread to keep each other informed on today's news. Thank You, and have a good day!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Morning Update/ Market Thread 11/8 - Perpetuate the Box Day Edition...

Good Morning,

Equity futures are higher this morning after yet another miracle rumor fueled nothing-real spike higher yesterday. Remember, the “market” is no longer comprised of a really wide swath of real people trading, it is now controlled and manipulated by a narrower and narrower few, the big players of which make money from nothing and use it to fuel their HFTs. They will run the markets in the direction to suit them, at your expense, that, and the expectation of further money from nothing around the world create the fluff that just is. The dollar is lower, of course, bonds are flat, oil is higher (now pushing $97) thus making you pay for it, of course, gold & silver are flat, while food commodities do the linguini at the top of the recent range.

The Italians are meeting today to “vote” on how to manage their budget and completely impossible math. That is to say they want to perpetuate their broken system by taking loans from A-holes who produce money from nothing, while forcing austerity on their people, all designed to rob their productive efforts and funnel the wealth from the bottom to the few self-anointed world bankers. Again, when exactly did you, or anyone else on the globe, vote for the “Fed,” IMF or World Bank?

So, it’s no vote at all, only a charade like the activity in Greece where the media reports on the puppets without even talking about the plain as day debt strings used to control them. Of course this construct is complete nonsense, pitiful and shameful, really. That’s because none of it is real, it’s all a figment and fabrication of the 1% - a giant LIE. And all that really has to happen to fix it is for the 99% to no longer consent to the lie!

Hey, look over here! All that has to be done is to tell the world’s self-anointed bankers to go to hell where they belong, and to begin producing non debt backed truly sovereign money (with the proper controls on quantity of course)! That’s it, that’s THE key.

Once you take your mind out of their false box, their lies, then true answers come forth. Don’t be diverted, gold as or behind money is just another way for a few to control the masses.

Of course those self-anointed in power won’t give it up easily, I’m very sad to say. Thus we can expect that the road will not be an easy one. Today is election day, how do you vote? Do you vote for the lefty or the righty, both of whom are financed by the same people?

My take is that the only meaningful elections are to vote for local politicians who you know are not corrupt. Once you get above the small town or county level, you must assume corruption. I have not seen a politician in America in my adult lifetime who is not a puppet and perpetuator of the giant LIE. Just listen to Bill Clinton talk about “economic solutions” while he sells his new book – OMG, puke! He can’t utter two words that make any sense whatsoever, and he is light years from acknowledging reality, just like all who are financed by the lies are.

At the Occupy rally I attended this Saturday, the subject of moving money out of the big banks came up again. Several expressed their concern about doing so because “they really like the very nice people working there.”

Boo, hoo. Here’s the reality. Employees who work inside of evil institutions may appear to be “nice” on the surface, but all are complicit in supporting the evil and the big LIE. Most probably don’t realize either the evil or their own complicity, but ignorance is no excuse! Ignorance of the law is no excuse, and neither is standing by without action while your country rounds up and executes genocide on a particular race of people. If you are ignorant, but support evil, are you nice?

No, my take is that employees at the big banks and banks that comprise the “Federal Reserve Bank” wear the Scarlett Letter and should be treated as such. Can’t go there mentally? Welcome to servitude where your children work their lives away paying interest to feed the evil instead of moving humanity forward – is that the legacy you want? Is that the ripple into time that you want your life’s energy to cast?

Trust me, you pull your funds from the big banks without guilt – those “nice” employees can then find employment in the credit union that moves in to fill the void that’s left. Then they will be truly nice, supporting a non-evil institution.

And so each of us must look at ourselves and our role in feeding the big LIE. Is casting a ballot really going to fix the root of the problem at this point? Or is casting a ballot within a broken system consenting to the LIE? Something to think about – me personally, I no longer consent to the lies. I refuse to work to support it, and I refuse to vote to support it. I don’t want to tear the system down, NO, I want to repair the system by tearing out the root problem, WHO it is that produces the money! Do that, and the spokes around the hub have solid support for repair.

The only meaningful economic report today comes from the NFIB Small Business Optimism Index which gained a smidgen but still resides in depression territory. The only negative in the month of October was hiring, but the rest of their measurements were mostly flat. Note the tone of the report here, why can they talk in a tone that reflects reality, but most cannot?
The Index of Small Business Optimism gained 1.3 points, nudging the Optimism Index up to 90.2, below the year-to-date average of 91.1 and only slightly better than the average since January 2009 of 89.1. As was the case in September, the “gain” in the Index was primarily a result of less negative views about the prospects for real sales and business conditions. Hardly the basis for strong economic growth.

There are a lot of good charts in their report – most clearly show the collapse, a bounce, but now another downturn:

NFIB Small Business Confidence November

Sorry, but I know that most people want to believe the impossible math and other problems can be addressed from within the system, I used to be there too, but fully realize how difficult it will be to root out those who have anointed themselves with the power to create money and use that money to corrupt all the branches of government. Separating money from politics, by the way, is just one spoke on the wheel, the hub of the wheel is WHO controls production of our common currency. “Other events” are coming, they are going to rattle the world and distract the masses from the real target. Sorry but there is only one true war, and it’s not the “war on terror,” or the “war on drugs,” it’s the war of humanity versus those who enslave them.

Claim Your Freedom, Claim Our Security.

I, Nathan Martin, no longer consent to the LIE.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Morning Update/ Market Thread 11/7 - Amazon of Answers Flow Outside the Walls Edition…

Good Morning,

Equities are slightly lower this morning, but regaining losses incurred over the weekend. The dollar is slightly higher, bonds are a little higher, oil is pushing the ridiculous and economy destroying $95 level, gold is racing back towards the unbelievable level of $1,800, silver is higher, and food commodities refuse to break down to reasonable levels due to the obvious speculation and money explosion where people look for anything real, even if doing so literally chokes the life out of people.

No economic releases today and a very light week for economic disinformation – it’ll be nice to take a break from the lies.

Just got my home’s tax assessment in the mail, according to the county, my house lost about 10% of its value since I bought this one last year – yippee! That’s exactly what I told the real estate agents, and the person I bought it from, would happen and steadfastly refused to buy anywhere near asking price knowing that I needed to buy at a price a year or two down the road – had I not gotten that price, I was serious in that I would not have purchased. King County just reported home prices down 15% year over year. No, it’s not over, but the downward pressure should begin to ease over time now that we’re past the peak in Option-ARM resets.

The really terrible aspect of property taxes is that even though home values go down 10% across the county, the county still collects the same amount of taxes (or more)! This is because they manipulate the rate of tax by working backwards from their bloated budgets to calculate how much they need to collect. The only thing your property value does is to apportion the tax relative to all the other property! This is sick as it fails to limit growth in government and during waves of property deflation further pressures the 99%.

Of course what we have now is the worst of both worlds – deflation in the things we hold as “investments,” and rampant inflation in the things we need. The deflation is caused by the debt as money scheme foisted on us by the bankers, and the inflation is caused by the money explosion that only benefits the bankers who create it and then use it to speculate commodity prices higher. Everyone else is caught in the middle, with very few safe places to hide.

Gold has certainly been the place to be for the past decade, below is a one year daily chart of gold where you can see that the first up sloping trendline held and now prices are zooming again:

There’s been a lot of speculation about how the failure of MF Global will impact the markets. I liken it to the failure in 2006 of New Century Financial, the first subprime lender to go under. At the time I mentioned that it probably marked the beginning of the end for the housing bubble, and boy, was I right. Of course it took well over a year for the stock market to get it, but get it it did.

Now I think the same thing about the derivatives bubble – the failure of MF Global probably marks the beginning of the end for that bubble. I liken derivatives to margin – while neither are considered money by most, they act like money because they allow people to have more of an underlying asset than they would otherwise, and that equals leverage. This is why I say that derivatives are “moneyness,” that add to the overall amount of money in existence.

Of course a derivative is anything the maker says it is – it is a complete fantasy construct of the imagination. In my opinion there are very few legitimate uses of derivatives, they are nothing but both a form of gambling and they give the creator the effective ability to make money(ness) from nothing.

To those who believe derivatives should be allowed to act as a “hedge,” my response is that a hedge is nothing but a form of insurance, right? So, if you need insurance, then there is a regulated insurance industry just for that purpose. And it should be regulated, because if you don’t, then people like Warren Buffett will turn their “insurance” into the same game as derivatives which leads to “moneyness,” which again is something that individuals should only possess under strict license, a privilege issued to them by the people – a privilege that can be easily revoked should it be abused.

And I don’t buy the airline/oil hedge argument either – here’s why. Because the way an airline hedges the cost of fuel is to buy oil futures. What does buying oil futures (moneyness) do to the price of oil? Uh huh, and there you have it, they don’t even realize that their gambling in the markets is making the very thing they are “hedging” against happen.

One particularly damaging form of derivative I want to address again is the explosion of ETFs. An ETF is a derivative – one that is being sold to common people as a good way to “invest.” BEWARE, ETFs are designed to take your money and to enrich those who produce this form of “moneyness!” They fail to track the underlying derived item and slippage makes long term holding of these theft devises a guaranteed lose proposition for those who buy them – DO NOT BUY ETFs, THEY ARE A DERIVATIVE DESIGNED TO TRANSFER YOUR MONEY TO THOSE WHO MAKE THEM.

Because derivates are a form of moneyness, they absolutely should be heavily regulated by government – again, producing our money and controlling the quantity thereof is THE most important responsibility of government, of your representative. A nation’s money must be sovereign, that is to carry no debt to anyone, and it must be created in a way that favors no one. A responsibility Congress unbelievably relented to private individuals with the creation of the phony and traitorous “Federal Reserve Act.”

On that day, our nation surrendered our sovereignty and ceded control to the “1%.” And ever since that day they have used the power of money creation to capture laws and our political system for their gain.

I participated in the local “Occupy” demonstration again this weekend where again I attempted to keep people focused on this key issue because I know that all the other issues revolve around WHO it is that produces our money. The people are pissed – and they want to take action. But the truth is that they are so easily pulled off target that it’s obvious we are a long way from taking the appropriate action.

Many people want to pick a key issue or two and work on that – for example one nice lady got really focused on the fact that our judicial system and government now treat corporations like people – she feels that fixing that is the key.

No, that is a symptom – it is but one of many symptoms that to me are like spokes on a wheel… all those spokes emanate from the hub. The hub is WHO controls the production of money! Fix that, and then the issues that emanate from it can be fixed. Fail to address the hub, and you will forever be chasing the symptoms.

Another in the crowd spoke strongly that the Occupy movement should ally ourselves with one of the two major political parties! After all, he reasoned, we stand no real chance of creating change if we don’t get one of the parties to back our cause! Of course I spoke out strongly against this thinking, reminding everyone that both parties are corrupted by the key issue and therefore real change will not occur from the inside in that manner. Just look at what happened to the Tea Party to see what happens when you sell out the primary issue. If that happens to Occupy, then the movement will die and it will be up to the next movement to get closer to the target.

My feeling is that while a lot of people get what I’m saying, those who have not gone through the learning process for themselves have a difficult time being catapulted to the root problem. I think it’s like anything else – it’s a process. The beginning of the process is to recognize and acknowledge that something isn’t right. That recognition then opens your mind to begin to look for answers and solutions. But it’s a journey, one where you must cast aside a lifetime of walls built to box your mind in, those walls are built upon lies and meant to control you. You must free your mind to step outside the walls; there you will find a river of answers.