Monday, January 16, 2012

Changes at Economic Edge…

It’s my privilege to introduce a new writer to Economic Edge, FredW, who will now be making regular contributions to this site. Fred keeps a very level keel about him while gathering pertinent information from around the globe and commenting on its relevance. He has provided that service for me for quite some time, even prior to becoming a regular commenter here. I trust and respect his judgment, I value his opinion and his time, and think his updates provide a valuable service that you’ll appreciate as well.

Fred has been in the legal profession for many years, primarily taking on cases where he feels he is helping others, and I know that is what motivates him to do this as well. Working by day, look for Fred’s posts to come fast and furious in the early morning hours, some evenings, and on weekends. His inputs will make Economic Edge the go to place to stay abreast of REAL economic news and world events!

I’ll keep making posts as able, and will use the morning post as the Daily Market Thread. On days I’m not able to post the Market Thread, Fred will designate one of his posts for the day’s running commentary. Please feel free to comment on other posts as well, we ask that you please try to keep comments pertinent to the post, otherwise post all other comments inside of the Daily Market Thread.

Please give Fred a big welcome and be sure to thank him for his time!