Monday, January 9, 2012

Morning Update/ Market Thread 1/9 - Rehash the Rehashed Hash Edition!

Good Morning,

Equity futures are up… while I hate to assign a reason other than massive money from nothing and manipulation, the media chimps are touting more meetings in Europe as the reason, LOL times several trillion. The dollar is lower, bonds are slightly lower, oil is lower, gold & silver higher, and food commodities are higher… as if they weren’t already high enough to choke a horse.

There is very light economic “data” (misinformation and lies) this week, and none to be reported today.

I must say that to my thinking we are caught in a central banker induced Ground Hog Day. Indeed, we are trapped by their debt as money to control you – this creates an environment where it is very difficult for the populace to take the steps necessary to change it. Their jobs, their homes, their healthcare, their children all depend on supporting a now completely corrupt system. Thus there will be no real or meaningful changes in the near term, just talk, lies, platitudes, meetings, and more money from nothing to enslave the world schemes.

Of course in the background the real cost of food soars, the cost of education soars, the cost of energy soars, the cost of healthcare soars – the things you NEED soar in price, while the things you hold as “assets” deflate or at best hold steady on paper but lose massively in real terms. Of course incomes are stagnant while unemployment rages against a backdrop of manipulated numbers and more lies.

So we wait for the “other events” to occur because we are too captured to take matters into our own hands. But sooner or later the disconnect will catch up to all of us… it’s creeping at us from the margins, you can see the tent cities growing, you can feel and sense the disconnect. People may not be able to verbalize it, but the population is on edge, heads are on a swivel as most sense that something’s not right – they instinctively know that “other events” are on the way. Thus we look to the news and wonder… will Iran execute that American spy, and will we react?

My take is not yet, it’s an election year, silly! Obama can’t allow a war to start when he’s taking credit for “ending” the war in Iraq. Thus the Iranians could do almost anything and it will be ignored, for now. Wars start at times when it’s politically expedient to do so. If a central banker’s puppet, I mean President, is viewed as weak, then he will have to flex his muscle to up his ratings with “conservatives” who don’t think for a second about what it costs America in terms of real freedom or in how it indebts our people to the central bankers, thus enslaving us. Bankruptcy and debt slavery is not security, it is not freedom.

But then again, what do I know? War could break out this afternoon; the inequities in the world are ripe for those other events.

Debt saturation has killed any real growth, and for now we are just another Japan. M1 was up 31% last year, bet your income wasn’t anywhere near that. Last reported inflation, meanwhile, was 3.4% year over year on the CPI – as if that is acceptable and not mathematically horrendous over time. And yet if we look at the “Fed’s” own charts, year over year overall CPI is currently running 7.5% - but where are those reports in the media?

CPI Percent Change Year over Year:

Note on that chart that only once since the 1950’s has reported inflation been negative. Of course these numbers are trumped and have no comparison across time as they have been manipulated and massaged with the sole purpose to distort reality and your perception of it.

Of course none of the reality matters until it does. And so it goes… rehashing the hash, but you cannot escape the math.

I, Nathan Martin, no longer consent to the lies.